7 Reasons To Choose A Removals Company For Home Storage
6th September 2019

7 Reasons To Choose A Removals Company For Home Storage

Whether you are a downsizing or renting temporarily between house moves there will come a time in your life when you need some home storage.

Not everyone has the luxury of loft space or lock up garages and many turn to expensive self-storage units as a result.

These can be quite expensive and if you are not sure how long you are going to require their services for, inflexible too.

Below are just some of the many reasons why people use storage:

  • Moving to a new house
  • Renting in between moving homes/change in personal circumstances
  • Carrying out renovations to existing or new homes
  • Travelling round the world
  • Students living in halls or renting short term
  • Passing away of a loved one

If you fit into any of the categories listed above or simply just need to free up some space, it’s worth considering a removals company for home storage. Here’s why:

Affordable rates

Many removals companies operate from large units with lots of space for vehicles and the storing of household belongings.

They often will provide home storage as an additional service for those moving with the, offering flexible or discounted rates.

But you don’t have to be moving house with them to take advantage of these services.

Many will offer home storage as a standalone service and because of their location can offer more affordable rates compared with commercial self-storage units.

What’s more the price is written into the contract, so you won’t get any of the nasty surprises that can come with some self-storage units who leverage the price after the initial ‘honeymoon period’.


Good Move Forklift DriverWith short- and long-term options you can choose the storage package that suits you.

Short term storage is ideal if you’re not moving into a new property immediately.

Your house contents will be secure, allowing you to bridge the gap between homes without the hassle of having to move all your possessions.

Long term storage is used by many of customers moving abroad for an extended period.

Your possessions are handled just the same as short term storage with the containers being sealed by and stored in secure storage facilities awaiting further instruction.


Removal companies can collect, store and re-deliver your belongings at your convenience. This affords you greater flexibility when moving between properties.

Lots of removers are also flexible with access. You can visit your designated unit and take items out during business hours of operation.

This gives you peace of mind that you can visit your belongings when you need to.

If you choose a local removals company you will not have to travel too far away either. As a reuslt you are likely to have a more personable experience.

Opportunity to declutter

If you’re looking to free up space to help sell your home decluttering can be the life-changing difference.

Before you move you can build up a relationship with a removals company and get to know them before moving to a new house.

If they have been trustworthy in looking after your belongings while in storage then it’s likely you’ll have a good experience with them when it comes to moving house.

Carry out renovations

Similar to decluttering if you wish to carry out some renovations, the home storage offered by removals companies can help you reimagine your home and get some perspective.

Whether you are carrying our renovations for personal reasons or to increase the potential return on your home.

Packing materials provided

Packing BoxesMost self-storage units will expect you to provide your own boxes. Hence the phrase ‘self-storage’.

Removals companies can offer an excellent range of bespoke materials from sturdy flat pack boxes to protective materials to wrap and pack delicate items.

Alternatively, they can supply you individually with everything you’ll need to pack yourself.


Purpose built storage facilities offered by removals companies must comply with certain industry standards. You can rest assured therefore that your belongings are in safe hands.

They are safe, clean and convenient to use. A detailed inventory will be taken before they are sign, sealed and shut away until you require them again.

Most units will also come fitted with intrusion and fire alarms for added peace of mind.

Why choose home storage with GoodMove?

Truck Open DoorsAre you downsizing? Perhaps you’re looking to sell your property quickly and need somewhere to store your prized possessions while you declutter?

Whatever your needs, GoodMove Removals & Storage has the home storage solutions for you.

We can store some or all of your furniture and personal belongings at our safe and secure storage facility in Great Horkesley, near Colchester, Essex.

Our units are CCTV and alarm protected and monitored 24/7, giving you total peace of mind.

Access will be restricted strictly to you and you will have flexible access to your unit at a time convenient to you.

Each of our specialist removals vehicles can hold up to five of our specially designed storage containers.

Our experienced packers can fill the containers with whatever you need to store and can be as hands on/off as you require them to be.

To find out more about our home storage service or to enquire about anything else listed above, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

Alternatively, fill out a quick form and a member of our customer services team will be in touch shortly.