7 Reasons Why You Should Use Removal Companies For Storage (Spoiler Alert: It’ll Save You money)
23rd November 2018

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Removal Companies For Storage (Spoiler Alert: It’ll Save You money)

Are you downsizing property or moving overseas and require storage? In this article we’re going to look at the reasons why you should consider using removal companies for storage.

A lot of people are unaware that removals companies offer storage services. As a result, they miss out on the multiple savings they could be making.

Storing your personal belongings with a removals company will save you time and money. You will also have additonal peave of mind  that your possessions are safe and secure.

Below are 7 reasons why you should use a removals company for storage:

removal companies for storage

Save money

The biggest benefit of using removal companies for storage is that it often works out cheaper than using self-storage units.

Many people now rent self-storage long term because their home is too small. Self-storage units look to entice customers in with low prices. However, people often find these costs snowball after the initial ‘honeymoon rental’ period.

Most removals companies offer personalised storage units at very low cost. Many provide this as an add-on service when moving house but they can also offer this as a standalone service. Some even offer storage units for free for the first few weeks if you’ve moved with them.

Self-storage units also have additional facilities and staffing needs that need to be met which can increase costs. Removal companies are not under the same logistical pressures and so can keep costs low.

Calculating storage costs:


Flexibility and easy access

Using a reputable removal company that has its own storage facilities means you can store your items for as long as you want. Self-storage, on the other hand, is more geared around short-term solutions.

Most removal companies will charge on a weekly basis. Many will also have flexible hours of operation which means you can casually call up when you want to access or withdraw certain items.

Self-storage units in contrast will often have strict hours of operation that are written into the contract you sign.

Removals companies pride themselves on providing a human touch. When you rent a storage unit from them, you’re not just getting a padlock and a container, you’re getting a round-the-clock service.

Removals company for storage

Packing and transportation

When you use a reputable removals company for storage you’re also getting the services of professional packers and organisers.

Removal companies can offer purpose-made boxes,  adhesive tape and other bespoke packing materials. Self-storage units may not be able to do this or may only do so at high expense.

Having a trained removals team on hand makes the process a lot smoother. They can advise you on how to pack and wrap everything so that items are well protected and do not get damaged. Some will even throw in a packing service for you!

It’s also a good idea to have a decluter before you place items into storage.

Read our top tips on how to declutter before a big move or placing your items into storage here.

Delivery saves time and effort

Many people who use storage units forget they must actually transport their possessions there. This is often at great time and cost, and for heavier items can include the hiring of expensive vans.

One benefit of using a removals company for storage is their ability to move your possessions into storage (and back out again).

Moving heavy goods and bulky furniture is all in a day’s work for removals companies. They will also be trained in using specialist equipment such as forklifts to take the container off the lorry. This not only reduces the risk of damage/loss but it lowers the risk of personal injury.

Another benefit of using removal companies for storage is that they will also deliver it to you.

This is highly convenient for those low on time and money as it saves you having to rent additional vehicles or take time off to come and pick up your belongings.

Most removals companies will organise for all or some of your belongings to be delivered to your new home at a time convenient for you.

Storage units are safe and secure

There are lots of unscrupulous self-storage units who charge low fees but offer a poor service where items get lost/damaged, or are kept in damp, unhygienic conditions.

Most reputable removal companies offer secure, intrusion and fire alarmed storage facilities that are managed by their own staff. The site managers will be able to answer any queries you have and deal with any special requests.

Choosing a removals company for your storage that is accredited with the British Association of Removers (BAR) ensures you are receiving a service that is of the highest quality.

Most will offer an additional layer of insurance to ensure your goods as well protected. BAR members are signed up to an independent ombudsman scheme. This gives you a clear route to redress in the unlikely event that something goes amiss.

Necessity for moving overseas

Those moving overseas to far-flung destinations such as Australia often require storage while they rent.

Alternatively, you might only be moving overseas on business for a set period of time and need to rent your house out back home. Much will depend on your individual circumstances.

Either way, choosing a removals company that offers storage facilities, or is part of an international moving network, affords you that extra flexibility.

An international removals company might recommend a short period of storage for your belongings. Thereafter it will personally arrange to deliver it to your new home.

When you choose a removals company for storage your goods will be sealed in secure personally-dedicated containers and a detailed inventory will be taken.

Removal Companies storage

You’re moving house anyway

As mentioned above, most removals companies offer storage services in addition to their main movign services.
It makes perfect sense therefore to take advantage of this if you are going to be moving home with them anyway.

Whether you’re downsizing or carrying out refurbishments, having the same removals company provide both services ensure a seamless transition.

Removals companies will also be able to advise you on how to fit new homes correctly. This way you can explore the best ways to transport items into new rooms so that you can better organise yourself.

Why choose GoodMove for storage?

Whatever your moving requirements, GoodMove has the short and long-term storage solutions to match.

We can store some or all of your furniture and personal belongings at our safe and secure storage facility in Colchester, Essex.

Each of our specialist removals vehicles can hold up to five of our specially designed storage containers. Our experienced packers can fill the containers with whatever you need to store and can be as hands on/off as you require them to be.

We can also provide an excellent range of bespoke packing materials to wrap and pack glass, china and other fragile items. Alternatively, we can supply you individually with everything you’ll need to pack yourself.

Whenever you require it, we can arrange for your sealed storage containers to be delivered to your new home at a date and time convenient for you, whether that be in the UK or internationally.

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