Advice For Moving Home With Your Pets

Moving house is a stressful event for everyone involved – including any furry friends you are taking.

Cats and dogs are territorial animals.

As such any disruption to their routine can resonate strongly with them.

With a little preparation and planning you can help minimise the impact and help them settle.

Whether you are moving abroad or five minutes down the road, there are some basic fundamentals.

We have prepared some general advice on moving home with your pets below:


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Make Sure Your Pets Are Fit To Travel

Dog medically examined by vets

  • Carry out checks with the vets — Make sure they are not suffering from any undiagnosed illnesses and that they are fit enough to travel.
  • Plan your route — to minimise journey time and maintain suitable comfort and environmental conditions.
  • Never leave an animal unattended in a vehicle — There are often several cases each year of pets having been left in cars during hot days.
  • Make sure they are comfortable — Ensure that they have sufficient ventilation and access to food and water.
  • Allow times for breaks — If you have to travel a long distance to your new home, allow your dog one or two stops along the way to exercise and a drink of water.

Preparing Your Pet For Travel

Small maltese dog prepares for travel

  • Keep a routine –  if you take your dog for a walk at a certain time then stick to it as much as possible.
  • Consider calming products — Prescribed by your vet these may help to make your pet feel more settled. For example, Feliway for cats and Adaptil for dogs.
  • Pack up your pet’s belongings last – try to keep disruption to a minimum.
  • Make sure your pet’s ID tag or microchip details are up to date – if lost they can be easily identified.
  • Register your pet with a new vet – if moving home with your pet to a new area or location.
  • Consider minders and kennels – have a friend or relative look after them for you or use specialist kennels.

Moving Abroad With Pets

Pet Travel

Moving home with your pets is a more complicated and rigorous process if relocating abroad.

There are often strict rules and regulations you will have to adhere to.

Seek advice from specialist pet relocation companies. They can advise you on how to obtain the necessary documentation, vaccinations and pass security checks.

Some of the companies which specialise in this service include:

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