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    Shipping to Germany

    Germany lays claim to having a strong and functioning economy and boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world. What’s more, statistics show that almost a 10th of the population are immigrants, so there’s little fear of feeling excluded here as an expat.

    If you are looking to relocate to this popular European country, you will have much to look forward to. However, before you can start your new life in Germany you must first start planning your move from the UK.

    Allow GoodMove to help lighten the load. We provide full or part load shipping services to destinations all over Europe, including popular German cities such as Munich, Paderborn, Frankfurt and many more.

    We can manage each individual aspect of your move from packaging your belongings to arranging storage facilities should you require it. As members of the industry regulators, the British Association of Removers you can rest assured that in the unlikely event something goes amiss you have someone to turn to.

    To find out more about how we can get your dream move to Germany underway don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Alternatively, fill out a quick quote form above and receive a free home visit and survey.

    Why Choose GoodMove?

    Moving with GoodMove couldn’t be simpler. Our experienced and friendly team will be on hand to guide you throughout the process and will tailor your move to your time and budget.

    We pack your belongings using a bespoke range of packing materials and deliver them right to your new home using our extensive fleet of vehicles. We can supply the following materials so all your items can be packed properly and avoid any damage in transit:

    • Boxes
    • Packing Paper
    • Packing Cases
    • Book Cartons
    • Packing Tape
    • Wine dividers
    • Acid free paper (for silverware)
    • Portable Wardrobes
    • Bubble Wrap

    Once we ascertain the volume of effects being moved we will send you a free no obligation written quotation. If satisfied we will then provide you with a full schedule detailing every aspect of your move, ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day.

    We also offer a range of flexible storage solutions should you wish to take advantage of them.

    Why Move to Germany?

    An economic powerhouse with strong social security and a tuition-free education that is the envy of the world, it is not hard to see why so many British expats are flocking to Germany. The country ranks as one of the most peaceful countries in the world and has been largely spared by major natural catastrophes.

    Germany’s position in the heart of Europe makes it a melting pot for various different cultures who peacefully coexist in its many diverse and wonderful cities and towns. From beautiful scenery, fairy-tale castles to important historic sites and lively festivals, each city has its own distinct feel.

    The largest city in Germany’s federal state of Saxony, Leipzig is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, shaped by music composers like Bach and Wagner. Whilst Munich is famed for its Bavarian beer, bratwurst and lederhosen. For avid naturists, Rugen Island, the largest island in Germany, offers breath-taking scenery and encompasses charming villas and yes, even beaches.

    Germany also offers an extremely varied and attractive range of cultural excursions. Germans are very passionate about their sport. Whether its football, formula one or tennis, the country has produced no shortage of top-notch sportsmen and women: Franz Beckenbauer, Sebastian Vettel and Steffi Graf to name a few. Joining a local sports team or hobby club is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet new friends.

    Working in Germany

    Germany has the world’s fourth-largest economy by nominal GDP, and the fifth-largest by PPP. As a global leader in several industrial and technological sectors, it is both the world’s third-largest exporter and importer of goods.

    As EU citizens, UK residents do not currently require a visa or residence permit to enter or work in Germany.

    Due to a shortage of highly skilled workers in recent years, Germany has sought to plug shortages in certain skilled workforces with British workers. The professions most in demand are IT professionals, natural scientists, engineers, academic professors, and scientific personnel in high technology areas.

    For EU citizens with vocational qualifications that are recognised in Germany, employment prospects are currently good. Since 1 July 2013, citizens from non-EU countries holding vocational qualifications have also been able to take up employment in Germany.

    Currency Conversion

    As a member of the Eurozone, the Euro (€) is the official currency of Germany.

    The International Monetary Fund has estimated there are about 118 ATMs per 100,000 adults in Germany, so you needn’t worry about finding an ATM. With a population of more than 80 million people, that’s almost 100,000 ATMs across the country.

    When you are relocating to a new country such as Germany, making sure you get the best currency exchange rate possible is crucial. Moving large amounts of money, such as when you purchase a new home, could potentially increase your return substantially.

    Property Prices in Germany

    Germany has a very low rate of home ownership and the vast majority of Germans prefer to rent rather than buy a home.

    To cater for this demand, Germany offers a wide range of high-quality rental housing. There are a variety of options before you have found permanent housing. You can expect to pay roughly €500-€1,200 per month for a temporary, furnished two- or three-room flat, depending on its location.

    Now is a great time to purchase property as currently German mortgage rates are low. It has been predicted that there might be moderate increases, but the present tendency of low rates is expected to endure. The purchase prices of houses also remain moderate, though they have begun to rise in some places, such as Munich.

    As a rough guide the cost to purchase a family three bedroomed home in Munich is currently around €300,000 (£264,000).

    Schools in Germany

    School attendance is compulsory in Germany from the age of six.

    A large majority of German schools are run by the state and do not charge for sending your children to attend.

    The individual states are responsible for education policy. This means that the school system will vary somewhat, depending on the region where you and your family are living.

    Children do not always learn the same subject matter in every state, and textbooks may differ as well.

    If you prefer, there are plenty of private and international schools to choose from, most of which follow the universal international baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. Perhaps not surprisingly, these schools are quite expensive.

    Healthcare in Germany

    Germany has the world’s oldest universal health care system, dating back to Bismarck’s social legislation of the 1880s. As an employee, you are covered for health insurance – either under the statutory health insurance system or as a member of a private health insurance.

    If fall ill, health insurance covers the cost of medical treatment, although you should register first. The statutory health insurance system includes the following benefits:

    • outpatient medical treatment, for example in a physician’s office
    • dental care medication
    • remedies and medical devices
    • inpatient medical treatment, for example in a hospital
    • medically necessary rehabilitation services during pregnancy and childbirth

    A pharmacy in Germany is called an Apotheke and are easily identified by a large, red A. There are thousands of Apotheken located throughout Germany and German law requires that an Apotheke be owned and operated by a pharmacist.

    Travelling Around Germany

    For a country famed for its car manufacturers it may come as no surprise to hear that Germany has one of the highest number of cars in Europe. Unfortunately, this can lead to high levels of congestion in its major cities.

    Many of the country’s motorways (known as Autobahns) have no speed limits. To drive legally in Germany, a full valid UK driving licence is required and thee minimum age is 18.

    Germany may well be regarded as a country of cars, but it also has extremely efficient public transport options. You can expect its busses, trains and tram services to be on time, clean, easy to use and reasonable priced.

    Public transport in Germany’s bigger cities such as Munich or Berlin often consists of four different, but interconnected systems. The U-Bahn (underground train) and S-Bahn (suburban express train) are usually the fastest way to get around.

    For up-to-date driving laws and advice for driving in Germany see the RAC website which has useful information.

    Export Packing Removals to Germany from UK

    Throughout your door to door service, your possessions are treated with respect and care. Our experienced team will pack and prepare your valuable, fragile and bulky furniture ready for export.

    We use a modern range of environmentally friendly, purpose-made packing materials and can pack everything for you prior to your move. All china and glassware will be wrapped in special paper and then packed in double-thickness cartons. Furniture can be wrapped in bubble blanket for extra protection. Items requiring specialist care, such as antiques, can be packed in made-to-measure wooden crates.

    Upon arrival at your residence in Germany, our trusted agents will place boxes and furniture in appropriate rooms as directed. They will unpack your belongings onto flat surfaces and dispose of all packing materials.

    Storage Provision

    You may need to store some or all of your possessions for a period of time prior to moving abroad. If so, Goodmove have storage facilities at all our branch depots across the UK. Our depots offer secure containerised storage in personal dedicated storage containers.

    All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European standard BS EN 14873. Speak to our surveyor for further information.

    Our partners in Germany can also offer you storage. You may be renting for a while and not need all of your effects to be delivered immediately. If so, you can arrange for certain items to be delivered and once settled in your new home, the rest can follow. Please note that storage rates may apply.

    Contacting GoodMove

    For further information on removals to Germany, or any other international destination, contact our international office on 01206 809636. Alternatively, complete the form above with your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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