Living in Brixton – A Complete Area Guide to SW2
2nd May 2021

Living in Brixton – A Complete Area Guide to SW2

Are you thinking of living in Brixton?

Living in Brixton provides excellent transport links and an excellent central location in the soul of the capital.

This area of south London has seen a huge boost in popularity in recent years!

Living in Brixton provides excellent commuter links across London and is one of the trendiest places to live in the capital!

Relocating to a new area is never simple.

Before you start your move, it is important to gather as much knowledge about an area as you can.

If you are thinking of living in Brixton, this is the perfect blog for you!

We aim to provide you with all the top tips for those considering living in Brixton.

Exploring everything from house prices to the best schools in the Brixton area, we aim to provide you with a complete guide to living in Brixton.

If you are considering living in Brixton, this is a complete area guide to SW2!

House Prices

Once rather run-down, following a swathe of regeneration projects Brixton’s property prices have increased substantially over the past several years.

Brixton is most popular with first-time buyers who like the busy nightlife, boho atmosphere and the easy commute into central London.

It is possible to purchase a two-bedroom flat for £275,000. Quite a bit cheaper than many areas nearby which are comparatively similar with regards to amenities and location.

The average cost of a home stands at £528,372. Again, this cost is among one of the more reasonable to be had in central London.

Clapham sits a stone’s throw from Brixton and has an average of £716,371 and Dulwich Village, just around the corner £1,712,882.

The most viewed property on the market sits in a modern new development with excellent transport links. A one-bedroom flat, advertised as shared ownership, for sale for £197,500. It has received 1264 views over a four-week period.

The most expensive house for sale right now is a huge 6-bedroom Victorian house. Located in the ‘Telford Park Estate’, complete with a beautiful 50ft Garden and off-street parking. It has a guide price of £1,900,000.

Building in Brixton

Cost of Renting

If you decide to rent a home, what can you expect to pay?

Well, the local letting market is as you would expect, busy and fast-moving, the norm for London.

The SW2 postcode has around 450 homes for rent ranging from £500pcm for a single room up to £6283pcm for a 2-bedroom flat.

Both the most sought after and the most readily available, making up over two-thirds of vacant stock are the areas one- and two-bedroom homes, expect to pay between £676pcm – £1620pcm.

Family sized properties are not so plentiful. As such, landlords are able to demand as much as £3000pcm for a four-bedroom home.

As is always the case, renting for a period of time means you can compromise on space if you know it is only going to be temporary. For a smaller three-bedroom rental you can expect to pay around £1900pcm.

Brixton Market

Cost of Living

Times have been difficult over the last year or so since Covid hit the UK and the cost of living just seems to continue on an upward projectile causing many of us to re-evaluate our spending habits.

Cutting back here and there means we can make our money go further as does changing where we choose to shop.

Have a “brainstorming session”, work out ways you can save a few pounds just by shopping clever.

Brixton is well known for its markets, ideal for saving pennies.

The large Brixton food market with fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish, often sells its produce for a much better price than you’ll find in the local Sainsbury’s store.

There are plenty of unpretentious and affordable restaurants in the area too, so when you do go out for a meal it does not have to be to an expensive place.

The cool vintage clothing stores located in Brixton are a boon when it comes to buying a new outfit on a budget. You can find some real gems if you take the time to rummage for them.

Brixton offers plenty of choice with regard to low-cost entertainment too.

Nearby Brockwell Park, the ideal spot to get some sun and fresh air.

For the children, there is a swimming pool, play area and duck ponds.

For the adults, exercise bunnies and dog walkers in the area, there’s plenty of space across the 125-acre site to walk, jog and ramble.

Click here for ten things you can do either for free or which cost very little in Brixton.


Getting out and about whether for work or pleasure is a breeze in this particular location.

Public transport services are excellent offering residents the choice of travel by overground rail, tube or bus.

Located within Zone 2, Brixton is at the end of the Victoria Line, which almost guarantees a seat in the morning rush hour.

100 metres from Brixton tube and bus station is Brixton train station.

Located on the Chatham Main line, commuters can be at Gatwick Airport in an hour and London City Airport in 50 minutes.

Buy a season ticket which costs around £1400 if you can.

It is definitely the cheaper option for those who travel regularly.

Travel by road is understandably busy and often congested. However, Brixton is located on several main roads when the need to drive arises.

The A203, A204 and A2217 links the area to Vauxhall Bridge and the A23 London to Brighton road runs through the area from the north to the south.

The A205 onto the A20 leads to the main M25, which offers quick routes out of the city and into the surrounding Kent countryside.

school learning


Living in Brixton ensures families have access to some excellent schools!

Parents living in Brixton have a diverse choice when it comes to education.

Ranging from state, independent, religiously affiliated, and special schools.

Brixton ticks all the boxes, the excellent transport facilities ensure schools from a wide area are easily accessible.

There are numerous great choices of primary schools when living in Brixton.

Ofsted rated ‘outstanding’ primaries include Sudbourne, Hill Mead, Iqra, Corpus Christi and St Jude’s.

All are excellent choices for families thinking of living in Brixton.

For secondary schools in Brixton, there is also ample choice.

Standouts schools for those living in Brixton include the comprehensive school Charter which is ‘outstanding’,

Other top schools in the area include Platanos located on Clapham Road, Saint Gabriel’s CofE, Trinity Academy RC and Lambeth Academy in Elms Road.

Living in Brixton also ensures students at higher education level have access to London’s top universities.

The excellent location makes commuting to and from the London campuses a breeze

Things to Do

Living in Brixton is unsurprisingly full of fun activities to indulge in.

The areas excellent location in London ensures that locals have easy access to all of the Capital’s main attractions!

If you are new to London, be sure to get out there and soak up some of the most popular attractions!

However, there is no need to traverse across the capital to find some great things to do.

Living in Brixton means you have access to a host of excellent activities, restaurants, bars and clubs!

For some of the best ideas be sure to check out TripAdvisor!

This up to date list of great things to do when living in Brixton is an excellent jumping-off point.

Goodmove truck

Ready to Start Living in Brixton?

Are you thinking of living in Brixton?

Whether you want to make the most of the commuter links, the choice of good schools or you are looking for a job in London, Brixton is sure to have for you.

With a variety of fantastic properties available in the area, there is surely a home for you when living in Brixton!

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