6 Reasons to Start Living in Sittingbourne
24th October 2022

6 Reasons to Start Living in Sittingbourne

Are you considering living in Sittingbourne in 2022?

A wide variety of buyers will find living in Sittingbourne is an excellent choice!

There are excellent schools and fantastic properties in the area.

Thanks to its excellent transport connections, Sittingbourne in Kent has become an increasingly popular place to live.

Those living in Sittingbourne have excellent connections to both the county of Kent and the capital city of London.

In turn, the region attracts a wide range of buyers and investors.

The process of moving is never easy.

If you are unfamiliar with a new area, moving can be extremely challenging.

As much information as you can about the area should be gathered before you begin planning your move.

Here’s your guide to living in Sittingbourne if you’re considering it!

You will find all the information you need about living in Sittingbourne in our guide.

From house prices to local living costs, here are some reasons to move to Sittingbourne!

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House Prices

Living in Sittingbourne or the surrounding area offers you a wide selection of great options.

Whether you are looking for a brand new home in one of the brand new housing developments, a Victorian townhouse or a classic family home, there are many options available for you.

For those seeking a rustic lifestyle, Sittingbourne and its surrounding villages offer a variety of period-style properties and barn conversions that fit the area’s rural heritage.

Property prices in Sittingbourne are particularly attractive when compared to those in the surrounding region.

The average price of properties in Sittingbourne is £307,134.

When you compare this price to London’s average of £727,743, living in Sittingbourne becomes an easy decision!

In Sittingbourne, terraced properties sold for an average price of £253,751 during the last year.

The average price for semi-detached properties was £323,083, while detached properties are sitting at an average of £479,550.

Stats as per RightMove October 2022.

Cost of Living in Sittingbourne

Living in Sittingbourne in 2022 will ensure locals have a great choice of eating options.

A variety of restaurants and supermarkets are available when living in Sittingbourne, like in most UK villages, towns and cities.

A good way to prepare for a move is to gather a good understanding of the prices you can expect to pay for food, both out and at home.

There is a wide variety of options, so prices can differ from location to location.

The following is a general overview of the prices you will pay for food in October 2022 in the UK.

  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant-£ 6.00

  • Meal for 2 mid-range restaurants £50.00

  • Fast food meal-£6.00

  • Cappuccino or latte-£2.46

  • 1 litre of milk-£1.04

  • Loaf of bread-£1.07

  • 1kg chicken-£5.25

Save Money

Saving Money in 2022

Despite the fact that the cost of living varies widely from area to area in the UK, those who live in Kent know that it is expensive.

Living costs are rising not just in Sittingbourne, but all over the country!

There has been an increase in food and energy bills as well as transportation costs across the UK.

When living in Sittingbourne, what can you do to reduce your costs?

Here are some tips to help you save money:

  • It’s important to understand where your money is going. It will give you a better understanding of how to save money in the long run!

  • Choose a new provider. It should be easy to switch utility providers, which can save you hundreds of pounds per year.

  • Consider transferring your credit card debt to an account with 0% interest.

  • Don’t buy anything but the essentials. By purchasing only what you need, you can reduce waste and save money.

When you live in Sittingbourne in 2022, hopefully, you will be able to start saving money using these simple ways.

Commuter on train

Transport Connections

Commuting is made easy when living in Sittingbourne.

Locals have some great options when it comes to getting around

Taking the high-speed train from Sittingbourne to London St Pancras will take less than an hour, and going to London Victoria will take just over an hour.

This makes living in Sittingbourne extremely attractive for commuters needing a quick link to the capital.

Locals are also provided with excellent links via road.

The A2, A249, M2 and M20 are all easily accessible, making it simple to reach London as well as the Kent coast.

Clearly, living in Sittingbourne offers residents some handy transport links.

Things to Do When Living in Sittingbourne

If you live in Sittingbourne or the surrounding area, you can enjoy plenty of fun activities.

Fitness classes, gym equipment, sports halls, climbing walls, and swimming pools are available at the Swallows Leisure Centre.

The idea spot to stay in shape when living in Sittingbourne.

Milton Creek Country Park has a charming estuary landscape and pathways to stroll along.

The site was formerly a landfill, but now it’s home to vital wildlife habitats and a natural play area for kids.

There are also two heritage railways in the area: the Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway and the Bredgar and Wormshill Light Railway.

Both offer excellent days out for all the family and are sure to appeal to families living in Sittingbourne!

Locals can also find out what the Island of Sheppey has to offer.

The Kingsferry Bridge leads to traditional seaside towns and beaches with both shingle and sand beaches available.

Living in Sittingbourne provides a range of excellent things to do for all of its residents!

School Concept

Education in Sittingbourne

For families living in Sittingbourne or anywhere else, good educational provisions are essential!

Sittingbourne is part of the Kent Local Education Authority.

Families moving to Sittingbourne will be able to access both primary schools and academies.

This town is home to a number of highly regarded primary schools, as well as some excellent nurseries and childcare centres.

There are also plenty of great options when it comes to secondary schools!

Fulston Manor School, Sittingbourne Community College, and The Westlands School are the main secondary schools in the area.

Students also have the option of two grammar schools, Highsted Grammar School for girls, and Borden Grammar School for boys.

The University of Kent has its main campus in Canterbury.

This means that students considering going to uni have the option of staying close to home for their studies!

Living in Sittingbourne is clearly an excellent choice when it comes to education!

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Ready to Start Living in Sittingbourne?

Are you thinking of moving to Sittingbourne?

Whether you want to make the most of the great education provisions or the range of affordable properties, Sittingbourne is sure to please.

There is certainly a place to call home for you when living in Sittingbourne.

GoodMove will make your move to Sittingbourne an easy and stress-free process.

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