10 Best Villages to Live in Suffolk
8th February 2024

10 Best Villages to Live in Suffolk

What are the best villages in Suffolk?

If you are thinking of moving to one of Suffolk’s many excellent villages, this is the article for you.

The county of Suffolk has around 1,450 square miles of space and is home to almost 750,000 people.

Living in Suffolk provides locals with an amazing rural location.

As with all of the best rural counties, Suffolk is home to some truly charming and quaint locations.

Suffolk boasts a riveting history, stunning countryside and some gorgeous villages.

So, what are the best villages in Suffolk?

The county has fast become one of the hottest locations for commuters from the capital looking for a more peaceful lifestyle.

There are some truly amazing villages throughout Suffolk, so it is no surprise that this popularity has grown!

In this article, we will discuss all of the best villages in Suffolk.

We have put compiled a list of our top picks.

Hopefully, we can help you to choose your dream new location!

Here are our 10 best villages in Suffolk.


A historic Tudor manor house in an English villag
Coddenham is a top pick in Suffolk. Image credit: Depositphotos

Sitting in the heart of Suffolk, Coddenham is renowned for its remarkable walks, picturesque views, and charming locale.

This small village was the largest settlement in Suffolk during the Roman occupation of Britain. Today the village is far calmer.

Coddenham’s facilities include a local shop, café, clubhouse as well as a pub and community hall.

Regardless of Coddenham’s rural status, the village is situated just 8 miles away from Ipswich.

Being so close to the town gives locals easy access to a range of shops, pubs and bars.

Be sure to check out some of the amazing walks in the surrounding area.

Coddenham’s excellent location and impressive rural locale makes it a popular spot.

This popularity is certainly reflected in house prices in the village.

The average price for property in Coddenham stands at £362,500 in February of 2024.

This is only sightly higher than the average cost of a property across the whole of Suffolk which sits a £331,171.

Regardless of the increased price, Coddenham is one of the best villages in Suffolk.


Cavendish, Suffolk
Cavendish, Suffolk. Image credit: Depositphotos

The quaint village of Cavendish is located in the Stour Valley and is renowned for thatched cottages and the stunning green landscape, all of which is set against the backdrop of the historic Saint Mary’s Church.

Cavendish offers a great community spirit.

The village has a choice of different clubs and activities that run year now.

Notable clubs include Cricket, Football, Bowls, and Scouts.

The village has a very active Community Council.

Organising events throughout the year ensures the community spirit in the village remains strong.

The biggest events include the Summer Fete and the annual fireworks display.

There is a proud tradition of community that runs throughout the village with its many events and facilities operated by locals for the benefit of the wider public.

The village’s local pub, The George, has a lovely beer garden, a varied menu and an excellent location.

House prices in the villages currently sit at £428,833, which while above the county average, represents excellent value for a community-focused location.

If you are thinking about living in the county, Cavendish is certainly one of the best villages in Suffolk.


Kersey, Suffolk
Kersey offers buyers an excellent village location in Suffolk. Image credit: Depositphotos

Kersey is another of the best villages in Suffolk.

Located in the Babergh area of Suffolk, the village boasts picturesque views, thatched cottages, and a medieval church.

This truly makes it one of the most notable villages in Suffolk

Kersey is a particularly small village with just 350 inhabitants.

However, in the summer months, the area is teeming with visitors who flock to the region for its outstanding beauty.

Neighbouring Kersey Mill offers locals and visitors a host of wildlife and uncommon birds.

Some great facilities round off this popular hotspot, including a charming tearoom, florist and gallery.

With such a small population, property in Kersey is particularly popular.

The average price for a property sits at £631,667, significantly higher than the average price in the wider county.

Clearly, this quaint village is highly desirable!

If you are considering living in Suffolk, Kersey offers an exclusive, quintessential English village location.

Long Melford

Long Melford, Suffolk
Long Melford is a very well-placed village in Suffolk, sitting close to Bury St Edmunds. Image credit: Unsplash

Long Melford is undoubtedly a contender for the best villages in Suffolk.

Located on the border of Suffolk and Essex, the village offers a great escape from hectic city living.

The village lies on the River Stour and is a short 25-minute drive from thriving Bury St Edmunds.

Small community-owned antique shops, cafes and restaurants make Long Melford a great location for a quaint, rural lifestyle.

If you are looking to escape the rat race but still want to enjoy the benefits of a charming community, Long Melford is ideal for you.

Lying on the banks of the River Stour right on the converging of Essex and Suffolk, the village is home to Kentwell Hall and Long Melford Hall, two of the best stately homes in the county.

Local Kentwell Hall is known for its recreations of life in Tudor times.

The local hotspot also play host to various events throughout the year including, open-air plays, concerts and the popular annual Halloween event Scaresville.

The stately home also has some marvellous gardens and maze, making it a great place to bring the whole family.

The average cost of a house in Long Melford is currently £415,192.

Whilst this is above average for the wider Suffolk area, the village offers residents some great amenities, as well as a perfect location to commute to Bury.

It also offers more reasonably priced properties than some of the other locations on our list and is certainly worth considering!


Thorpeness, Suffolk
Thorpeness, Suffolk. Image credit: Depositphotos

Thorpeness is another one of Suffolk’s best villages.

Thorpeness, one of the most distinctive places on our list, has a fascinating history.

The village was once a little fishing community but underwent a transformation after being purchased in 1910.

Stuart Ogilvie, the Scottish owner, transformed the community into a ‘wonderland’.

Thorpeness underwent transformation with the erection of imitation Tudor buildings and an artificial lake known as The Meare.

Today, the village is tremendously sought after.

Thorpeness is home to some of the most different and interesting houses in the entire UK!

Thorpeness is very busy during the summer months, yet it offers a nice combination of lively and quaint living.

This location has to be one of the best villages in Suffolk for its uniqueness and charm.

East Bergholt

East Bergholt, Suffolk
East Bergholt, Suffolk. Image credit: Unsplash

East Bergholt is not only one of the biggest villages in the Stour Valley but also one of the best villages in Suffolk.

The spectacular beauty of the surrounding area is world-renowned.

Located on the northern bank of the River Stour, the village boasts a number of local pubs and ensures residents have access to some great local amenities.

If you are looking for a spot of shopping, living in East Bergholt is great for you.

Lying on the Suffolk-Essex border ensures locals are just 8 miles from Ipswich and 10 miles from Colchester.

The village also provides residents with both a primary and secondary school.

Both have received ‘good’ reports from Ofsted!

Both schools are easily accessible and are within walking distance.

Properties are currently averaging at £427,640.

Whilst this is expensive when compared to the whole of the county, it is clear to see why prices are premium.

East Bergholt offers residents a quaint yet connected home and is surely one of the best villages in Suffolk.


Shottisham embodies tranquillity, securing its place as one of the best villages in Suffolk.

With a small population of 200, the village provides locals with a particularly rural lifestyle.

Encompassed by farmland and stunning rolling fields, Shottisham provides locals with a noticeably slower pace.

In line with the Suffolk tradition, thatched cottages and unique architecture can be seen throughout the village.

The busy summer months add some spice to the village.

The small local campsite is thriving in the summer months, drawing visitors and adding a real buzz to the area.

The average price of houses is currently £423,356, which is slightly above the average for the whole of Suffolk.

Shottisham is certainly worthy of its placement as one of the best villages in Suffolk.

Lake Dedham
Lake Dedham, Dedham Vale. Image credit: Depositphotos

Dedham Vale

Dedham Vale is another deserved addition to the list of Suffolk’s greatest villages.

This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is located on the boundary between Essex and Suffolk.

Dedham Vale, located in the ‘Constable Country’, provides calm rural landscape while remaining close to various bustling cities.

The village is extremely well-linked.

Residents can take one of four trains every hour to London Liverpool Street, which takes around one hour.

Trains arrive in Ipswich in around 13 minutes.

The neighbouring A12 connects the town to the surrounding area.

There are also a range of excellent schools for locals to choose from in the village.

A number of local primary schools have achieved the coveted “outstanding” review from Ofsted.

These include; Nayland, Boxford C of E, Bures C of E and Dedham C of E.

The region offers buyers a plethora of property types.

From timber-framed houses, thatched cottages, and Georgian farmhouses.

The average price of properties in Dedham Vale is currently £615,156.

Although significantly higher than the average in Suffolk, Dedham Vale presents a tremendous location and great facilities.


Somerleyton is the ninth entry to our list of Suffolk’s greatest villages.

This beautiful village is located on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, a few miles from Lowestoft and Beccles.

Many of the dwellings and thatched cottages are located on country lanes, the village green, and a beautiful duck pond in the heart of the village.

Somerleyton is also home to a primary school that obtained a ‘good’ Ofsted report, ensuring the area is ideal for families.

There is also a small post office and a convenient village store.

The Dukes Head is the local pub.

It is located in a converted barn on the Somerleyton Estate and is well-known for its selection of real ales and delicious meals.

The Somerleyton Estate’s pleasure gardens are popular throughout the neighbourhood and are a lovely spot in the summer months!

This public space is an excellent local attraction.

Here you can explore the various iron and glass greenhouses as well as the 70ft pergola.

Moreover, you can also find explore some of the finest yew hedge mazes in Britain, dating back to 1846.


Polstead is the final addition to our list of Suffolk’s best villages.

One of the county’s largest villages, its thatched cottages are a standout feature of the area.

Polstead, located on the banks of the Rover Box, offers breathtaking views of the neighbouring Box Valley.

During the summer months, the pubs are packed with tourists, dog walkers, and city dwellers looking for a break from life in the hectic major cities.

The neighbourhood pond and village green contribute to the area’s overwhelming appeal.

The community offers a variety of excellent local amenities.

These include a post office, a village store, and a village hall.

It’s not surprising that this Suffolk community is so popular.

Property prices average out at £510,000 which is significantly higher than the Suffolk average.

This inflated price is understandable.

Living in Polstead provides residents with a community-centric, rural lifestyle.

If you are thinking of moving to the county, this is certainly one of the best villages in the county.

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