The Definitive Guide To Home Removal Surveys And How To Get An Accurate Quote
16th May 2019

The Definitive Guide To Home Removal Surveys And How To Get An Accurate Quote

Once you have decided to move house you will quickly need to find a local removals company who can help move your household possessions to your new home.

The removals company will send round a surveyor to your home to assess what needs moving and provide you with a removals quote.

To receive a fair and accurate removals quote you need to inform your surveyor of everything you need moving.

Bring to their attention any specialist items which might require extra care or specific packing methods. Items such as paintings, pianos, china cases all need to be accounted for.

There’s a lot to remember and you need to make sure you cover all bases otherwise you could be left footing a high bill.

In this post we’re going to look at the process of removal surveys, what questions you should be asking and what you can expect to be asked in return.

We’ll then take a look at some of the other commonly asked questions which crop up during the removal surveys.

How long do home removal surveys take?

Measuring furniture with a tape measurerThe time that it takes for a surveyor to conduct a full review of your home will depend on several factors. Namely,  the size of your home, the type of contents being undertaken and what questions you have.

Generally, this should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Don’t be afraid to ask more questions.

Remember these are your precious household possessions. You want to be left with the full confidence that the surveyor has understood everything you have said.

What times do home removal surveys take place?

Most removal companies are flexible and will work around you. They can call round in the evening when you return from work or during normal office hours.

Some will even come round on weekends if required so it is worth asking when you call.

How many home removal survey quotes should I get?

There is no definitive answer to this question but we normally suggest at least three.

Getting multiple quotes from different types of removal companies allows you to compare prices, what’s on offer and what package is best for you and your budget.

What should I ask the surveyor during the home removal survey?

Loader Moves PianoIt is recommended that you ask as many questions as possible.

Remember this is an opportunity for you to figure out not just what services can be provided but which removals company seems right for the job.

What you ask the removals company will depend on your own circumstances but some of the most important questions include:

  • How is the day structured and what timescales are you working to?
  • What dates can you conduct my move on and are you flexible at all?
  • What happens in the event that my morning house move is delayed to the afternoon, or even the next day?
  • What insurance policy do you have and what is covered? (Remember to ask for a copy or link to their exact terms and conditions)
  • Will you be completing all the work yourself, or do you sub-contract?

What kinds of questions will the removals company ask me?


Two Delivery Men Unloading Furniture From VehicleAccessibility is one of the biggest issues for removals companies during house removals. They will want to ensure they have the right vehicles and equipment to ensure they can carry out your move with minimum fuss.

As such expect to be asked questions about:

  • Any limitations in accessing your current and prospective property.
  • Parking provision outside and the availability of permits .
  • Any lifts or stairs involved (remember removals firms cannot typically venture into attics and other small spaces).


In addition to accessibility the surveyor will also likely question you on your budget.

This is not to trick you out. But helps them get a full picture of what needs prioritising and how they can help.

You don’t have to disclose how much you are willing to pay. However,  it is a good idea to let them know what is most important in your move.

For example, if you’ve got a grand piano that needs shifting. This should be discussed in full and a solution offered tailored to your budget.

Children and pets

Small maltese dog prepares for travelThey might also ask about any special requirements or obstacles to them carrying out their work.

If you have small children and pets they might ask that you make arrangements for them or help you work around them.

Additional services

You might also be asked by the person conducting the survey whether there any additional services they can offer.

Secure and clean storage facilities can come in handy for those moving short term, or in the event of an unforeseen delay.

It is also worth investigation what packing and unpacking services they offer as these can significantly lighten your load.

The surveyor hasn’t given me a quote straight away is that normal?

Sometimes the surveyor will need to go back to the office or check with his peers. Particularly if it requires various hard to move items or those which require specialist packing.

Don’t be worried therefore if they haven’t given you a quote there and then on the spot. They should however always explain the reasons for the delay and give you an estimated time to get back to you.

You should make your decision based on various quotes and so its in the removal company’s interests to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Our service isn’t restricted just to your moving date either.

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