Living in Buckhurst Hill – Essex Golden Triangle Area Guide
5th April 2024

Living in Buckhurst Hill – Essex Golden Triangle Area Guide

Are you thinking of living in Buckhurst Hill?

Those of you moving to Buckhurst Hill can expect a number of great perks.

These include a great choice of properties, some outstanding schools and an excellent location within reach of the capital.

Buckhurst Hill is in Essex’s ‘Golden Triangle’.

This placement within the region has seen the area’s popularity soar in recent years.

Relocating to a new area is never a straightforward assignment.

This is especially true when you do not know a lot about the area you may be moving to.

Before you start planning your move, it is important to gather as much information about the area as you possibly can.

Luckily, GoodMove are here to help!

We have years of experience moving people in Essex, meaning we have plenty of great insights to share.

If you are considering a move to Buckhurst Hill, this is the article for you!

We hope to give you all the crucial information you will need when living in Buckhurst Hill.

Covering everything from house prices to the cost of living in the area, we hope to give you a complete guide to life in Buckhurst Hill!

Cost of Buying a Home

Property Market Buckhurst Hill
You may be pleasantly surprised by the property market in Buckhurst Hill. Image credit: Envato Elements

Buckhurst Hill is a popular choice for many buyers.

According to Zoopla, the current average house price in the area is £588,052.

Whilst this is a high price within the local area, living here offers buyers some excellent properties and a great lifestyle.

Furthermore, it also represents great value when compared to property prices in and around the capital.

The current average price for a property in London is an eyewatering £731,741

With more cost-effective properties readily available, moving to Buckhurst Hill is understandably an appealing opportunity for many people looking to commute to London.

So, what should you expect to pay for different property types in Buckhurst Hill?

Currently, the average price of a detached home in Buckhurst Hill is averaging at £936,538, with the average price of a semi-detached home sitting at £674,462.

If you are looking for a terraced home, the average price in the area is £638,213, with flats sitting at £338,697.

All prices are subject to change, with some substantial increases having occurred over the last 12 months.

If you are thinking of moving to Buckhurst Hill, be sure to keep up to date with the latest average prices.

Cost of Living in Buckhurst Hill

Cost of living in Buckhurst Hill
Cost of living in Buckhurst Hill. Image credit: Pexels

When moving to Buckhurst Hill you will need to know all of the prices you can expect to pay for food!

It is essential to understand that with so many options, prices may fluctuate from place to place.

As a general overview, here are the prices you can expect to pay for different types of food when in Buckhurst Hill (statistics from Numbeo February 2023)

  • meal at a cheaper restaurant-£ 15.00
  • fast food meal-£6.56
  • cappuccino or latte-£250
  • litre of milk-£0.96
  • loaf of bread-£0.98
  • 1kg chicken-£5.62

The area offers local access to all of the popular UK supermarket brands.

This means that making a lovely home-cooked meal is affordable and eating out isn’t necessary the most cost-effective option for most.

If you are considering Buckhurst Hill as your new home is important to find out the cost of living!

Be sure to keep up to date with what you should expect to pay every month.

Numbeo is an excellent tool to keep up to date with the latest prices.

You can use the site to find out the cost of living in Buckhurst Hill and compare these prices with other areas of the UK and the world!

Education in the Area

Parents will be especially happy when moving to Buckhurst Hill thanks to the amazing schools available in the area.

Buckhurst Hill’s schools are cornerstones of the community, celebrated for delivering an exceptional standard of education.

Catering to a broad age range, living in the area provides educational institutions from early years through to senior school, including the esteemed Braeside for older students.

Clearly, for parents in pursuit of excellent educational opportunities, Buckhurst Hill is an ideal choice.

Esteemed institutions in the area include Bancroft’s School, a well-respected independent establishment welcoming pupils aged 4-18.

Other primary schools worthy of consideration include Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School, The Daiglen School, Bright Horizons Chigwell Valley Meadows Day Nursery and Preschool, and St John’s Church of England Primary School.

To get a good grasp on the best fit for your child, it’s advisable to arrange visits to these schools.

Chatting with staff and current parents will offer valuable insights into the learning environment, facilities, and educational programmes each school provides.

Transport Links in Buckhurst Hill

Buckhurst Hill Station
Buckhurst Hill Station provides great links into London. Image credit: Wikipedia

Buckhurst Hill boasts some truly great connectivity, which is certainly a highlight for those considering a move to the area.

This town’s position on the Central line ensures a smooth commute into London’s popular West End, with the ease of public transport significantly enhancing local life.

The locality is served by two London Underground stations: Buckhurst Hill Station in Zone 5 and Roding Valley Station in Zone 4, facilitating effortless local and city-wide travel.

Additionally, for those with the need to travel by road, the proximity of major motorways, the M25 and M11, is a notable benefit, providing plenty of routes for out-of-town journeys.

These excellent transport links are a key factor in Buckhurst Hill’s strong standing in the property market, marking it as an area that offers both the charms of small community living and the advantages of city accessibility.

Best Things to do in the Area

Buckhurst Hill offers endless opportunities for entertainment and adventure.

With the capital just 30 minutes away by train and the rest of the UK easily accessible by car, you’ll never run out of things to do.

But, there’s also plenty to keep you busy right in town.

Here are some of the great things you can do in the area:

  • Eat at one of the many restaurants or visit a local pub
  • Learn something new at Bedford House, home of the Buckhurst Hill Community Association
  • Watch a match at Buckhurst Hill Football Club
  • Spend some time in nature by walking through Linder’s Field
  • Gardening at the Forest Edge Allotments
  • Practising Tai Chi at the Woolard Centre
  • Take advantage of its convenient location with easy access to both the City and West End of London and nearby major highways.

Shopping in Buckhurst Hill

Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre
Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre is easy to get to. Image credit: Wikipedia

Buckhurst Hill’s shopping facilities cater to all tastes, from everyday essentials to more premium items.

Queen’s Road stands as the primary shopping street.

It is packed with well-known retail chains alongside distinctive independent stores, giving shoppers a delightful mix of variety.

The town ensures everyday items are well-covered, with a range of local markets, independent shops, and supermarkets all readily available in the community.

For a more expansive retail experience, there are several major shopping destinations within easy reach, including the popular Westfield Stratford City, Lakeside Shopping Centre, and the Brentwood Centre, each offering a range of retail stores, restaurants and services.

Buckhurst Hill combines the charm of local shopping with the convenience of larger retail complexes, creating an engaging retail environment for a satisfying spree or a leisurely browse.

Ready to Start Living in Buckhurst Hill?

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Buckhurst Hill is a great area with a choice of good value properties, meaning there is surely a great home for you.

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