5 Most Picturesque Villages to Live in Bedfordshire
31st January 2021

5 Most Picturesque Villages to Live in Bedfordshire

What are the most picturesque villages in Bedfordshire?

If you are thinking of moving to one of Bedfordshire’s stunning villages, you are in the right place.

The county of Bedfordshire is home to almost 670,000 people.

Living in one of the villages in Bedfordshire provides locals with a spectacular rural location.

As with all the best rural counties, Bedfordshire boasts some truly stunning locations.

With gorgeous countryside to explore, villages in Bedfordshire are a gorgeous place to live.

But where are the best villages in Bedfordshire?

The county is developing into one of the most popular counties for a range of buyers!

Bedfordshire is even attracting commuters from London seeking a calmer lifestyle.

There are some truly amazing villages in Bedfordshire, it is no surprise that this reputation has increased!

In this piece, we will discuss all of the best villages in Bedfordshire.

We have put together a list of our top 5 picks!

With any luck, we can help you to choose your perfect new home!

Here are our 5 most picturesque villages in Bedfordshire.


Noted in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Clopelle, which means “tree-stump hill”. Today, Clophill is a thriving little village sitting on the north bank of the river Flit.

As with many areas of Bedford, Clophill enjoys excellent transport links northwards and beyond, making it an attractive place to live work and visit.

Larger towns and villages are nearby; the city of Bedford is 8 miles away, Luton 11 miles, Milton Keynes 17 and London can be reached in a little over an hour by train direct into St Pancras.

This very connectivity offers Clophill’s local population access to a wealth of recreational pursuits, in both rural and city backdrops.

The village is definitely a picturesque one full of Tudor styles homes, and old buildings.
Many, such as the local post office, the Flying Horse pub, St Mary’s church and a number of residential properties are for sale.

Explore the attractive countryside around Clophill!

Following the five Clophill Discovery Walks is a great idea.

A selection of pathways of varying lengths which offer an interesting insight into the village’s past.

Clophill also promotes a good selection of shops and doctors in nearby Ampthill and Flitwick with a reputation as being in a very well-regarded school catchment.

This beautiful village boasting eras of history is a place where you can make yourself at home.

Surrounded by the beautiful English countryside, you will certainly become part of a close-knit community.

Willow Tree, Bedfordshire


Elstow is another of Bedfordshire’s renowned villages and the birthplace of John Bunyan, the writer and Puritan preacher best remembered as the author of the Christian book The Pilgrim’s Progress.

The village has an interesting history.

The sister of William the Conqueror founded a Benedictine nunnery in Elstow in 1078.

The Elstow nuns were from wealthy families and each came with an endowment of money and/or lands. 1538 Elstow Abbey was valued as being the eighth richest nunnery in England.

Much has changed and Elstow is now almost completely surrounded by 20th-century housing, making it effectively, a suburb of Bedford.

Thankfully, the original village was made a conservation area.

It is home to some fine examples of architecture dating between the 13th to 17th-century along with a village green.

Elstow offers a good mix of old and new properties.

It is also within easy reach of many other delightful Bedfordshire villages.

Whilst living in a little secluded village like Elstow has many positives, it is good to indulge in city life now and then.

Both Cambridge and Northampton are a relatively short car journey away.

You can be off in no time enjoying the culture, shopping and visitor attractions only a large city can provide.


Bromham is a relatively small village with a population of just 5,000!

The villages sits just 2 miles from the large market town of Bedford.

This small Bedfordshire village is not only perfectly placed for commuting into Bedford and London, but it also has a fascinating history!

Evidence of this can be found at the sites of four manor houses, three village greens and a Roman Road.

The villages had several variations in its name.

The Domesday Book records a settlement here called ‘Bruneham’, which may mean Bruna’s homestead.

For the greater part, Bromham is enclosed in a bend in the Great Ouse.

It touches the parishes of Oakley, Biddenham, Kempston, Stagsden, Stevington and at its western point, Turvey.

There are a number of notable features to discover in the area.

This includes a flour watermill, the Church of St Owen, and a medieval bridge over the River Great Ouse.

There is a very definite community spirit here where residents are very much involved in what happens in the village.

From raising money for local charities to lobbying for speed cameras.

Many events and activities take place in the Village Hall.

These include Bowls, dance classes and youth groups, Weight Watchers and many more.

These are ideal events where you can meet new friends.

There are a few convenience stores spread throughout the area but as Bedford is literally on the village’s doorstep, the vast majority of people shop there.

The property market is limited.

Just 8 homes are currently for sale, at an average cost of £402,731.

Bromham is one of those areas where people come to live and raise a family in a safe environment but very rarely leave.

Ickwell, Bedfordshire


Nine miles south-east of Bedford, Ickwell is a top village in the county.

Ickwell is three-and-a-half miles from the market town of Biggleswade.

From here locals can arrive at King’s Cross in around 40 minutes!

This means Ickwell is an excellent choice for commuters.

Residents can purchase an annual season ticket for around £4,680.

Whilst this is not the cheapest you are certainly treated to a more peaceful lifestyle.

Ickwell personifies country living.

A traditional, charming and quaint village, Ickwell sits amidst active farmland!

Locals are treated to stunning greenery, thatched cottages, and a local cricket club.

Ickwell is certainly worth considering if you are thinking of living in Bedfordshire.


A very tiny village, home to around 300, Cardington is a parish within the Borough of Bedford.

Best known for its connection with the Cardington airship works founded by Short Brothers during World War I, which later became an RAF training station.

Two huge hangers used to house these majestic airships, which notably was where the well-known movies such as the Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale, as well as other movies including Inception and Pan were filmed.

Sadly, these ships no longer fly, and several bids have been put forward to develop and build hundreds of new homes on the site. Negotiations are still ongoing.

Being set amid the greenery of the Bedfordshire countryside but close enough to Bedford to make use of its wide selection of amenities and attractions, Cardington manages to satisfy all day to day needs.

Not far from the A421 leading onto the main A6, makes getting out and about stress-free.

You can reach Bedford within minutes and Milton Keynes, Northampton and Stevenage with ease.

You will find that there is a host of ways to entertain yourself in the area.

The Barton Hills National Nature Reserves is the place to go if you enjoy walking or cycling, as does the Priory Country Park.

Covering an area of 300 acres, with habitats including lakes, grassland, and woodland.

It includes the Priory Marina and Cardington Artificial Slalom Course.

Small but perfectly formed, Cardington makes a great place to put down roots without having to sacrifice the comforts of modern life.

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