10 Free Smartphone Apps For Moving House
29th January 2019

10 Free Smartphone Apps For Moving House

Whether you’re still searching for the perfect property or you need to declutter first, you can bet there is an app for it.
That’s why we’ve listed 10 free smartphone apps to help with moving house.From contacting estate agents to liaising with solicitors, via keeping the kids happy, moving house is one big juggling act.

Thankfully technology has empowered us with the tools we need to move house easier than ever before.

Are you in the process of planning your house?

If so, read on to find and download the 10 free smartphone apps to help with moving house.

#1 Evernote

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You might have a note-taking app already or even a few sticky notes.

But trust us when we say this app is a real life-saver.

Evernote serves as a repository for all your receipts, invoices, contracts, bids, etc. It can then be synced with a separate and secure desktop version of the app for ease of reference.

You can also use Evernote to make a note of what boxes contain what items. Create a Moving House Checklist to list all items together or simply create a note for each box and its contents.

Evernote is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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#2 Around Me

If you’re moving to a new area or country chances are you won’t know where everything is.

Introducing the Around Me app.

Around Me is powered by Google and uses your GPS location to pinpoint the nearest amenities, such as Banks, supermarkets, petrol and health facilities.

Whether you need to find the nearest ATM or the nearest Takeaway, Around Me is the ultimate digital assistant.

Around Me is available on the App Store and Google Play.

#3 Zoopla

The Zoopla app is a must-have for anyone looking to buy or rent a home.

Up-to-date market information allows you to bookmark properties and track any changes in price.

There is also a map-led search which means you can see where the property is exactly and the nearest local amenities, schools, rail links, etc.

One of the best new features is augmented reality which allows a user to point their phone at any property using camera view to display any relevant information.

The Zoopla App is available on Android and iPhone/Ipad devices.

#4 UKMortgages

If you’re searching through Zoopla to buy a property chances are you’ll be needing a mortgage too.

UKMortgages is a really well designed and functional app that allows you to seamlessly search through a range of mortgage providers.

Calculators are included with the app, making it easy to find a local broker and identify a mortgage that’s right for your budget.

Information is also included on how much it may cost you, how much you can borrow and the effects of overpaying on your mortgage.

Quotes are updated twice daily to ensure all information is correct at the time of viewing.

UKMortgages is available now on the App Store.

#5 Google Maps

Most people have already heard and have this one already downloaded.

But it takes nothing away from it being one of the best smartphone apps to help with moving house.

You can use the map to pinpoint where you’re moving to and any other handy locations such as the Post Office, bicycle-friendly roads and of course, the nearest takeaway!

Perhaps its most handy feature is the live traffic updates.

This comes in particularly handy come moving day when planning out the best route to take to minimise disruption.

Google Maps is available on the app store.

#6 Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to search for ideas on how to pack, clean or otherwise organise your items for moving.

You can create different ‘boards’ of ideas to share with your family and friends privately.

It’s a great place to share and draw inspiration on new ways to use old items or make better use of the space you have now or are going to have in the future.

Check it out now on your Android, Microsoft or Apple device.

#7 Schpock

Need to sell things on the quick?

Schpock is the car boot sale app that links you up with local buyers and sellers.

This handy little smartphone app can help you sell your excess clothes and items.

You can even make a little money to put towards your house move in the process.

Schpock is available on all devices now.

#8 Bubble Level

This app does exactly what it says on the tin.

Bubble Level is a handy little app for checking where you can hang posters, paintings and canvases in your new home.

Whether you’re working out where to mount the new TV on the wall or where you can safely put up a new bookcase,

Bubble Level is a must have alternative to the old fashioned tool.

Bubble Level is available on Google Play and other devices now.

#9 Dulux visualiser

Close Up Of Man Painting Skirting BoardDoes the home you’re moving into need a bit of sprucing up.

Perhaps the colour and décor is a bit 1970s and in need of an update.

Fear not for the Dulux Visualiser app makes repainting your home’s walls and ceilings an easy task by seeing how each colour will look first.

Try and test before you buy with the app’s inbuilt colour scheme advisor. Once you find a combination you like simply and buy the relevant paints through the app.

The Dulux Visualiser app is available on multiple devices now.

#10 British Gas App

Got a smart reader or just need to know how much your latest meter reading is.

British Gas’ latest app is a one stop shop for checking your account balance, monitoring your current usage or calling out an engineer.

You can even let them know you are moving house through the app, which makes life that bit more easier for you.

Download the app on the App store or via Google Play today.

Need some help or extra guidance?

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Any handy smartphone apps to help with moving house that you think we’ve missed off? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below