25th November 2023
Living in Colchester – 12 Reasons to Move to Essex

Are you thinking of living in Colchester? As the UK’s oldest town, Colchester provides residents with a great balance of rich history and a modern lifestyle. Being one of the biggest settlements in the county, the town is flourishing in this leading role. So what is contributing to[…]

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18th November 2023
Living in Basildon – Essex’s Affordable Commuter Town

Are you thinking of living in Basildon? There are few cheaper commuter locations in the UK than this Essex town. Having an affordable property, excellent transport links to the capital, and well-priced rail costs are all advantages of living in Basildon. There are excellent transport links between Basildon[…]

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8th November 2023
7 Best Reasons to Use a Removals Company For Storage

Understanding how to identify the best deal for your specific needs can be very tricky. This is especially the case when there are simply so many storage companies to choose from! Regardless of why you need to use a storage facility, there is bound to come a time[…]

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26th October 2023
10 Top Tips When Moving House With Children

Are you moving house with children in the near future? It is widely believed that moving house is one of life’s most stressful experiences. If you throw in crying kids and moody teens, you could be on the fast track to disaster! Don’t believe me? In a poll of[…]

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18th October 2023
9 Reasons to Start Living in Lowestoft

Are you thinking of living in Lowestoft? Nestled on the English North Sea, this coastal town is the civil parish of the county of Suffolk and is the UK’s most easterly residential area! Where is Lowestoft within Suffolk? Whilst Suffolk is home to some larger residential areas, such[…]

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11th October 2023
5 Great Reasons to Start Living in Gillingham

Are you thinking of living in Gillingham? You’re making a great choice by considering living in Gillingham! This area offers excellent properties, excellent schools, and is conveniently located for commuters. Located in the stunning county of Kent, Gillingham’s excellent transport connections and a high number of students have[…]

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4th October 2023
8 Great Reasons to Start Living in Faversham

Are you thinking of living in Faversham? When living in Faversham, residents can expect a choice of excellent properties, some top schools and an ideal location to travel to London. Faversham’s location in the gorgeous Kent countryside, as well as its good transport connections, really adds to the[…]

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26th September 2023
8 Best Kent Coastal Towns to Live or Visit

Are you thinking about living or visiting one of the best Kent coastal towns? Kent, also known as the Garden of England, is considered one of the most desirable locations across the UK. There are numerous reasons that the county is so well viewed. One such reason is[…]

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19th September 2023
7 Essential Tips For Living in Dartford

Are you considering living in Dartford? If you are thinking of living in Dartford you are making a great choice! People moving to the area appreciate a range of excellent properties, great schools as well as the ideal location to commute to the capital. Dartford’s perfect placement in[…]

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11th September 2023
A Guide to Living in Broadstairs

Are you thinking of living in Broadstairs? When living in Broadstairs, locals can anticipate a selection of exceptional properties, some leading educational provisions and a choice of transport options to the rest of Kent, London and even Europe! Broadstairs is located in the gorgeous county of Kent, sitting[…]

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