GoodMove Backs Colchester Student Safety Education With Charity Pledge
25th June 2019

GoodMove Backs Colchester Student Safety Education With Charity Pledge

GoodMove has teamed up with the Children’s Safety Education Foundation to help support a local school here in Colchester to provide health, safety and wellbeing education to students as part of the charity’s Respect’ programme.

Shocking statistics from the child victim charity, Embrace show that around one in four primary school children and one in three secondary school children are bullied at some point in their school life.

The Children’s Safety Education Foundation (CSEF) is a charity engaged by schools and local community groups to help provide children and young people with the education and resources they need to seek help should they ever feel under threat, whether that be physically or mentally.

Since the CSEF’s inception in 2014 they have helped over two and a half million young people with safety education and training in both formal and informal settings.

They provide written resources on everything from fire safety to anti-bullying and have also hosted a range of workshops, including:

  • Classroom based learning linking academic work to a combination of physical activities at safety events
  • Theatre and drama productions
  • Using interactive digital media technology

GoodMove Supports CSEF’s ‘Respect’ Programme

A total of 15 children at St Georges Newtown Junior School in Colchester will be recipients of a financial pledge from GoodMove to receive safety education and training as part of CSEF’s ‘Respect’ programme.

The scheme will help the school to provide safety education across a range of areas, such as:

  • first aid
  • personal safety and the dangers of fire
  • internet awareness and staying safe online
  • domestic abuse, and
  • road safety.

GoodMove is proud to support the local community, and the CSEF joins the list of several local charities we have pledged our support to. You can read more about the other charities we support here.

George Christinis, branch manager at GoodMove Moving & Storage said:

“We are very happy to support worthwhile programmes such as these which make a real difference in our local community and help equip young people with the skills and training they need.”