30th June 2020
GoodMove Are Now Offering Sanitising Fogging Machine Services

As the unique impact of COVID-19 has proceeded to affect the removals industry, GoodMove are committed to ensuring that we provide the highest level of sanitation and safety when conducting our moves. Whilst we have continued to provide the best possible service to our customers, adhering to strict[…]

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19th June 2020
12 Tips to Moving Home During Coronavirus

Are you thinking of moving home during the coronavirus? The international outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge shift in the way that our domestic and business lives operate across the United Kingdom. Adhering to safety practices and the establishment of lockdown procedures across the country[…]

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14th June 2020
Will House Prices Fall After Coronavirus?

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic brought the housing marketing to a grinding halt, as the government restrictions ease, find out how the housing market is fairing up. Since lockdown measures have been introduced meaning that buyers, sellers, estate agents and surveyors were restricted from visiting properties. It[…]

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5th June 2020
10 Best Places to Live in Suffolk – A Guide to Living in Suffolk

Are you considering living in Suffolk? The charming county boasts over 1,450 square miles of space and is home to around 750,000 residents. Suffolk is truly a rural centric county. But don’t let that tag fool you, it is home a variety of fantastic locations, both rural and[…]

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13th May 2020
How we’re responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

Latest Updates 13th May 2020 Following the new guidelines outlined in last weekend’s Government update, GoodMove will resume all removals services from the 13th of May. In agreement with both Government and BAR advice, all staff will be issued with PPE to ensure the highest level of safety[…]

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7th April 2020
GoodMove are Now Offering Video Surveys

Are you planning to move home soon? Unsure of the best way to go about arranging your move during this uncertain time? GoodMove are now offering our customers video surveys. With our new video technology, we can make sure your move goes ahead as smoothly as possible. What[…]

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2nd March 2020
Living in Colchester – 11 Reasons to Move to Essex

As the UK’s oldest town, living in Colchester provides residents with a great balance of rich history and modern lifestyle. Being one of the biggest settlements in the county, the town is thriving in this leading role. Essex is certainly a very popular region with commuters, its status[…]

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17th February 2020
Living in Ipswich – 26 Reasons to Move to Suffolk

As the major hub for Suffolk, living in Ipswich is a fantastic option. The town is certainly not the most garish or extravagant location in the UK. Life is more peaceful here. But don’t be fooled, Ipswich is not dull, in facts, it is Suffolk’s liveliest town! Reinvented[...]

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9th February 2020
Moving House with a Dog: A Comprehensive Guide

Moving to a new house can be a stressful time for both you and your dog. Owners have all the worries of moving to a new home as well as fretting about how their companion will cope with the move. One big worry is that dogs are creatures[…]

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28th January 2020
11 Reasons Why Chelmsford is a Great Place to Live

As the county of Essex’s only city, Chelmsford carries the weight of a whole region on its shoulders. This is a task that the city is tackling with a confidence and enthusiasm that is to be expected from the home of Towie. Towie jesting aside, Chelmsford has long[…]

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