7 Best Kent Commuter Towns
12th February 2023

7 Best Kent Commuter Towns

Are you looking for the best Kent commuter towns?

Kent is considered one of the best areas to live in the UK, making it particularly popular with those who work in the capital.

There are many factors that contribute to the region’s popularity with commuters.

If you have decided to make the move to the county, you will need to know as much information about the best commuter areas as possible.

Seeing as you have decided to move to one of the best commuter locations, it is time to examine which location is best for you.

In this blog, we will consider some of the top areas in the region.

We hope to provide a comprehensive guide to help you decide where to move to.

This is the perfect article for you if you are a commuter thinking of moving to the county.

Here are our 7 best Kent commuter towns!


Chartwell House, Westerham

In the centre of Kent, there is a quaint and attractive village called Westerham.

The community is bustling with activity and is renowned for its extensive history and cultural heritage.

Westerham offers plenty to offer everyone, regardless of whether you enjoy golf, the movies, or are simply seeking a decent meal and beverage.

There is a golf club in the village that offers a beautiful yet challenging course for players of all ability levels.

The Fleapit Cinema Club offers a singular and nostalgic experience by screening vintage movies in a small-screen environment.

Additionally, there are several pubs and restaurants in Westerham to pick from, each with its own special charm, perfect if you’re in the mood for a bite to eat or a drink.

For those interested in Winston Churchill’s life and legacy, a quick drive away is where you can find Chartwell.

For more than 40 years, Churchill’s family lived in Chartwell, which is now a museum honouring his life and legacy.

The house, grounds and studio are open for visitors to tour while learning about the man who oversaw Britain through its darkest hour.

The neighbouring Oxted Station makes it simple and convenient to travel from Westerham to London.

With 6 trains per hour running during rush hours, a 9-minute journey to the station can get you to London Victoria in about 40 minutes.

The last train back leaves at 11.47 p.m., so it is possible to spend the entire day in the city before returning to Westerham in the evening.

The first train leaves at 6 a.m.

In 2023, the cost of a yearly rail season ticket will be £2,580, making it a viable choice for people who frequently go to London.

In general, Westerham is a great place to visit, live, or work.

It is a distinctive and special location due to its blend of natural beauty, cultural legacy, and modern convenience.


For individuals looking for the best commuter locations to live in Kent, Sevenoaks is a popular choice.

Due to the increase in housing costs in London, the town has witnessed a large influx of new people.

It’s one of Kent’s most expensive towns, but it’s totally worth it.

Sevenoaks is a desirable location because of its close proximity to London and excellent transportation options.

Thanks to the quick and dependable train connections, travelling to London from Sevenoaks is a breeze.

Sevenoaks is a wonderful choice for individuals who must travel to the city for business because there are numerous trains operating frequently throughout the day that may get you to London in as little as 25 minutes.

It is simple to get to the city’s centre fast thanks to the trains that leave from Sevenoaks station and arrive at London Bridge or Charing Cross.

Additionally, Sevenoaks is well-connected to important roads, including the M25.

This makes it easy for individuals who prefer driving to travel throughout the county and beyond.

Sevenoaks boasts a variety of stores, taverns, and restaurants despite its modest size.

The town also offers quick access to Kent’s fantastic outdoor activities, making it a terrific spot for young professionals and families to live.



Otford, a quiet village close to Royal Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, is a special place in the UK since it has the only listed roundabout in the entire nation.

Living here offers locals a perfect rural location whilst still providing commuters with good links.

The village hosts a number of sporting activities, such as cricket and football games.

Additionally, Otford is home to a renowned school, making it ideal for families.

Otford residents can easily commute to London because of the speedy 39-minute rail travel to Victoria Station that is offered during rush hour.

The first train to Victoria leaves at 5:46 in the morning, while the last train leaves at 12:07.

Moving to Otford is perfect for those seeking a commuter location in Kent.


The town of Ashford provides a distinctive blend of urban and rural living.

It is a terrific spot to call home because it has a calm and peaceful ambience and convenient access to London’s bustling city.

The town is renowned for its lovely parks and green areas, which are ideal for outdoor activities like picnics and jogging.

Ashford boasts a thriving cultural scene in addition to recreational activities.

A variety of exhibitions and performances are available at the area’s many museums, galleries, and theatres, catering to all tastes.

Local musicians and artists regularly perform in the town’s vibrant music and arts scene, which includes a variety of venues throughout the year.

Thanks to the high-speed rail connections, travelling to London from Ashford is a breeze.

Trains run frequently throughout the day, and it only takes 40 minutes to reach the centre of the city.

This makes it the perfect location for those who frequently go to London for business or pleasure.

It is simple to move around without a car in Ashford thanks to the high-speed trains, numerous bus routes, and other transportation options.

Moreover, Ashford International Airport, a nearby airport, provides flights to a number of locations locally and abroad.

For individuals who choose to drive, a number of significant road networks, notably the M20 and M2 motorways, connect Ashford to the rest of the county.

Because of this, moving to Ashford is perfect for people who frequently travel for jobs or pleasure to other regions of the nation.

With a variety of regional enterprises and international corporations opening shop, the town’s economy is booming. Due to the wide variety of jobs it has produced, Ashford is now a desirable place for both families and young professionals.

Overall, Ashford is a community where everyone can find something to do.

It is one of the best commuter locations to live in Kent due to its convenient location, charming atmosphere, and variety of activities.



For many people seeking a high standard of living without breaking their wallet, Maidstone is a top option.

It is a sought-after place for both families and young professionals due to its reputation as one of the most affordable regions with excellent access to London.

Locals never lack for places to go out to eat or buy because of the abundance of shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Maidstone is well-connected, with frequent trains to the capital for commuters.

Given that the trip takes only around 45 minutes on average, moving to Maidstone is a viable choice for anyone who needs to get to London for business or pleasure.

Furthermore, the town is an excellent area to raise a family because it also offers a lot of reputable schools.

Overall, those who want to strike a mix between affordability and city-like advantages can consider relocating to the commuter town of Maidstone.


The closest train station, which provides frequent service to London Victoria and London Bridge, is only 15 minutes away from Belvedere.

For individuals who must commute into the city for work, Belvedere is a great location because it only takes the quickest trains 20 minutes to get to London Victoria.

Belvedere is also very well connected to the rest of the UK via the M25, making it simple to reach other significant cities and airports.

Belvedere has a lot to offer in terms of neighbourhood amenities.

There are a variety of stores, eateries, and pubs all nearby.

Families and outdoor enthusiasts will especially enjoy the region because it has several parks and open areas to explore.

Belvedere is therefore absolutely worth taking into account if you’re searching for a location that offers a balance between city and small-town life, superb transportation to London, and a variety of local attractions.

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Royal Tunbridge Wells is a top choice for both families and young professionals because it provides the ideal blend of city and rural life.

It is a popular commuter site due to its close proximity to London, where trains normally take only 45 minutes to arrive.

Public transit is the best choice for commuters because of the potential for major traffic congestion outside of London.

For residents, scheduling their daily trips is made simpler by the trains’ frequent service and availability of multiple options during rush hour.

The station also features good amenities, such as parking spaces and a ticket office, to make the trip even more convenient.

To avoid lengthy lines, it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance of rush hour.

With its distinctive combination of urban living and rich greenery, moving to Tunbridge Wells provides a wide range of chances for outdoor recreation.

The town is particularly vibrant, with a plethora of social events and activities. For those looking for a city vibe without the exorbitant price tag, living here is comparatively more cheap than in the capital.

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