Living in Hornchurch – A Guide to the East London Suburbs
14th August 2023

Living in Hornchurch – A Guide to the East London Suburbs

Are you thinking of living in Hornchurch?

When living in Hornchurch, residents can expect a choice of properties, some outstanding schools and an excellent location in the capital’s suburbs.

Hornchurch’s popularity, like much of East London, has risen drastically in recent years!

Living in Hornchurch provides great connections across the capital, making it a great area to move to.

Moving to a new area is never simple.

This is particularly true when you do not know a lot about the region you may be relocating to.

Before you start planning your move, it is important to collect as much information about the area as you possibly can.

If you are considering living in Hornchurch, this is the page for you!

We hope to give you all the crucial information you will need when living in Hornchurch.

Encompassing everything from house prices to the cost of living in the area, we hope to give you a complete guide to living in Hornchurch!

House Prices

New House Key
There are some wonderful properties available to purchase in Hornchurch. Image credit: Depositphotos

Living in Hornchurch is a popular choice for a variety of buyers.

The area is a top choice for those seeking a family home.

Living in Hornchurch offers buyers affordable prices and an abundance of property types.

Buyers will find a choice of Georgian and Victorian properties throughout the town.

Furthermore, Hornchurch also has a wealth of 1930s semi-detached properties, with most having been renovated and coming with well-sized gardens.

Properties on the top end of the market can be found in the Emerson Park area.

This neighbourhood has been drastically changed, with new build mansions popping up throughout the area.

Houses in the Emerson Park area start at around £750,000.

Those thinking of living in Hornchurch may be interested in the average prices of different property types.

Overall, the average cost to buy a house in Hornchurch is £487,439.

According to Zoopla, detached houses are selling for around £828,115; semis for £518,555; terraced for £452,010 and flats for £249,471.

All house prices are subject to change, so if you are thinking of living in Hornchurch be sure to stay up to date with the latest prices here.

Best Schools

You will be very well catered for when moving to Hornchurch with a family. Image credit: Depositphotos

If you are thinking of living in Hornchurch and will be relocating with children, schools are an important consideration.

Living in Hornchurch extends a number of great choices when it comes to education.

The majority of the schools in the area perform very well.

Living in Hornchurch offers locals access to several exceptional primary schools.

These include both Scotts Primary School and Nelmes Primary.

Each of these primaries achieved “outstanding” reports from Ofsted.

Among the top secondary schools in Hornchurch are Abbs Cross and The Campion School.

In fact, Abbs Cross has been reviewed as “outstanding”, with the latter seen as “good” by Oftsed.

Living in Hornchurch also offers two colleges, Havering Sixth Form and Havering College.

Both colleges are highly regarded in the area.

Cost of Living

Sadly, many people right across the UK are facing a cost-of-living crisis right now.

Booming energy costs, National Insurance increases, and inflation rises are leaving many people struggling to keep afloat financially no matter where they live.

Hornchurch thankfully is not quite as expensive as many inner London locations it is still relatively close.

So how can you change your normal spending habits in such a way as to cut down on your monthly expenditure when you live in Hornchurch?

There are several ways actually, and some are surprisingly easy to implement.

  • Just by turning the heating down a few degrees and putting a jumper on help.
  • Batch cooking is another energy-saving tip. It takes the same amount of energy and time to cook one meal as it does to cook 6.
  • Water usage is an area we could all improve on. Simply by only using the washing machine for full loads, a short flush on the loo, and quicker showers all contribute to saving water.

We all need to eat but this is yet another area where some savings can be made.

Some shops tend to be much pricier than others and, in a world, where information can be accessed through your fingertips, it makes life much easier to do it.

Saving Money When Living in Hornchurch

Save Money
Saving money when living in Hornchurch. Image credit: Depositphotos

Comparison shopping has become increasingly popular.

Hornchurch has its fair share of budget-friendly food shops NEARBY. Aldi, Iceland, Lidl, B&M, Poundland, are all present in the town.

PriceRunner compares prices and products from your favourite online stores. From DIY to Heath and Beauty items.

All you need to do is enter what you are looking for in the search box and it tells you where you can find it for the cheapest price.

Sell items you no longer use.

Liberty Shopping Centre in Hornchurch as a cash converter shop.

They not only buy almost anything from you, but you can also buy from them at greatly discounted prices.

Another area where it is possible to cut back is entertainment.

Try and do more outdoorsy activities such as cycling, walking, or ball games in the local park. Hornchurch is surrounded by open parks and playing fields.

Hornchurch Country Park and Belhus Woods Country Park are prime examples. There is also the RSPB Rainham Marshes which offers some lovely waterside walks.

Sitting down and getting inventive with how you spend your hard-earned wages in Hornchurch could be the difference between sink or swim.

Here are two handy links for even more ideas to assist you with your quest:

Transport Links

Hornchurch Tube Station
Hornchurch Tube Station is on the District Line. Image credit: Wikipedia

Hornchurch boasts so truly excellent transport links.

The town is accessible by road via the A127 and A124 roads, ensuring convenient travel to nearby areas and the centre of London.

The A127 connects Hornchurch to the M25 motorway, making journeys to other parts of Greater London and beyond a breeze!

In terms of rail links, Hornchurch benefits from its proximity to several railway stations.

Hornchurch has its own station, located just 1 mile south of the high street, providing access to the London Underground’s District Line.

This enables easy commuting to central London and other parts of the capital.

Upminster station, also nearby, offers services on the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway, connecting passengers to Fenchurch Street Station.

Furthermore, the comprehensive bus network enhances local accessibility, with numerous routes connecting Hornchurch to neighbouring towns and areas.

This efficient road and rail network ensures that residents have a variety of transportation options for seamless travel within and beyond Hornchurch!

Shopping in the Area


The Liberty Mall
There are plenty of excellent shopping choices in and around Hornchurch. Image credit: Wikipedia

Hornchurch has a good balance between high street stores we all know and love, alongside a good number of independents.

Variety is the spice of life as they say, and you do get a good assortment of shops in the town.

We have already touched on the low-budget stores available in Hornchurch, however, there are also plenty of higher-end places where you can spoil yourself a little.

The largest shopping centre in the area is Liberty Shopping Mall home to over 100 stores.

Plus, nearby in Romford, there is the Mercury Mall which has around 46 stores. Each also has a range of restaurants and cafes.

If you are a professional shopper, within a 30-minute drive you can reach Bluewater.

Since Bluewater Shopping Centre opened its doors on March 16, 1999, it has set the benchmark for the ultimate shopping and leisure experience and receives hundreds of thousands of eager fashionistas annually. Packed with designer stores it has become THE place to shop.

Tesco and Asda both have superstores close by, ideal for the big weekly grocery shop.

To further retail possibilities can be found in our wonderful capital city. Just a short journey away it provides those who live in Hornchurch with a whole swathe of choices when it comes to retail availability.

Things to do

When you have time to explore the local area, you will find there are some great places to visit.

Using our spare time constructively really makes it feel like we have done something worthwhile with it.

Instead of sitting by the TV or knowing the children are playing on their phones or video games, rather get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Finding some green space in Hornchurch is incredibly easy, there are lots of areas within walking distance of most homes.

Hornchurch Country Park, Belhus Woods Country Park are ideal for immersing yourself in nature whilst areas such as Haynes Park and Upminster Hall paying fields are perfect for young children. They have swings, roundabouts, climbing frames, football pitches, and more. All you need to entertain young children.

For a little more energetic pursuits, head to either the Jump Evolution Trampoline Park or Brentwood Park Ski & Snowboard Centre. Both are located close to the town, and particularly popular with teenagers.

Less energy is required to wander through the pretty Harrow Lodge Park. Lots of lovely walking areas converge onto the wildfowl lake. A café is situated in the centre of the park who also hires out pedal boats on the lake.

Nature lovers will enjoy a visit to the Chase Nature Reserve. A tranquil place offering rare bird sightings and an array of flora and fauna.

Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre boasts a 100-station gym. Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or are new to it, the expert staff will take you through a series of programs to suit your particular ability.

Hornchurch caters to everyone’s interests when it comes to entertainment no matter what age you may be.

Goodmove truck

Ready to Start Living in Hornchurch?

Are you thinking of living in Hornchurch?

Whether you want to make the most of the choice of good schools or you are looking for a job in London, Hornchurch is sure to appeal.

There is a range of outstanding properties available in the area!

Meaning there is surely a home for you when living in Hornchurch.

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