Living in Westminster – A Guide to Life in Central London
20th July 2021

Living in Westminster – A Guide to Life in Central London

Are you thinking of living in Westminster?

Living in Westminster provides locals with excellent transport links, coupled with an outstanding location in the heart of the capital.

Westminster, which sits in the lively heart of central London, has been a particularly popular location for some time!

Living in Westminster offers outstanding fantastic links across the whole of the capital.

It is this, along with several other enticing considerations that have seen Westminster maintain its status as one of the most desirable areas in London!

Moving to a new area is never simple, particularly when you do not know much about the region.

Prior to organising your move, it is essential to gather as much knowledge about the area as you can.

If you are considering living in Westminster, this is the blog for you!

We hope to provide you with all the information you might need when considering living in Westminster.

Discussing everything from house prices to the cost of living in the area, we intend to provide you with a comprehensive guide to living in Westminster.

If you are thinking of living in Westminster, here is your guide to life in Central London!

House Prices

House Prices and Renting in Westminster

Whether you are a prospective buyer or you are looking to lease a home for a period of time, Westminster is one of the most iconic places to live in London and the beating heart of the capital.

Being located right in the centre of the city means you can expect to pay top dollar for a home here.

It is well known as an incredibly sought-after area to live for the wealthy and contains some of the most expensive properties in the world.

As an affluent area of London, the average house price in Westminster is £1,059,618. However, homes can be bought from £250,000 for a studio with one-bedroom apartments selling from £335,000.

There are currently over 1050 homes on Westminster’s property portfolio with two-bedroom dwellings being the most desirable. Costs range from £1,088,462 – £1,277,116.

Of course, if price is no issue, head to areas such as Pimlico, Little College Street and Barton Street because it is in these areas that you need to be a millionaire to afford a home. Values start from £3,000,000 upwards to the most expensive property in the area which is selling for £16,250,000.

Renters also have a good assortment to choose from with 1336 properties readily available to lease.

Although the average rental goes for £4,743pcm, there are plenty of cheaper options.

At the lower end of the market, single room tenancy’s start at £520pcm and studios £650pcm.

One and two bedroomed homes are the most in-demand and these can be rented from £1248pcm for one-bedroom and £1400pcm for a two-bed property.

Shopping reciept

Cost of Living in Westminster

Everyone knows that the cost of living is more expensive when you live in London and particularly so when you live in one of the cities prime localities such as Westminster.

Entertainment, eating out and of course, the cost to own/rent a home are all that much more costly and need to be factored into your monthly budget.

Despite the cost, millions of people are able to successfully live and work in our capital city, and the population continues to grow every year.

Unless you are exceptionally rich, keeping a firm hand on our outgoings, although rather boring is something we all need to be aware of.

There are plenty of great savings to be made when you live in Westminster, which will add up over the year.

Here are some clever money-saving ideas

  • Shopping at the local Sainsbury’s, Lidl, or Tesco rather than upscale grocery stores can save you money every week.
  • Make your own packed lunch – rather than spending on average £50 per week on takeaway lunches, with minimal effort and less cash you can make your own food and save £s.
  • Change your utility provider. Money Super Market and uSwitch are energy comparison websites to help you choose the utility company which is the most reasonably priced.
  • Make good use of the internet. You can search for “cheap eat” places where you can enjoy a meal out but at a great price:
  • Whether you are driving, taking public transportation, or cycling, you will also have to factor transportation costs into your budget. Buy a monthly Oyster Card, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel around the city. For prices visit:
  • Becoming ever more popular as a mode of transport are the Santander Cycles. Dotted all about the city they are a relatively cheap form of transportation, and you pay as little as £2 for 24 hours.

Financial planning is crucial and sticking to that plan will ensure that you can not just live in our wonderful capital city, but you can thrive and make the most of the experience without having to worry unduly about affordability.

The Houses of Parliament

Things to do

Few places can match Westminster for its range of attractions.

Whether you enjoy gallery hopping from the Tate Modern to the National Gallery to see the latest exhibitions, or you prefer a peaceful Sunday walk around St. James’s Park or a lively weekend with a drink at the Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden, there is always plenty of things to do in this busy district.

You will find a great assortment of eateries.

Although you do not have to spend a fortune, there are some outstanding restaurants that offer fine dining at its best.

Roux at Parliament Square, Kerridge’s Bar & Grill and The Cinnamon Club are all popular choices amongst locals.

You may even expect to see a famous face or two across the room!

When it comes to good old retail therapy, everything is at your fingertips. Cardinal Place and Victoria Place, as well as the world-famous Oxford Street are all within striking distance.

Is hard not to forget that Westminster is home to many of London’s most iconic attractions which attract millions annually.

This includes the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Join a tour of The Palace of Westminster – more commonly known as the Houses of Parliament – one of London’s four World Heritage Sites.

Head up to Westminster Abbey’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries which chart the 1,000-year history of the religious building.

Pay a visit to the statues in Parliament Square, including Suffragettes Milicent Fawcett, wartime leader Winston Churchill and South African icon Nelson Mandela.

Although it is a bit of a cliché, Westminster truly does “have it all” when it comes to world-class attractions.

Best Schools in Westminster

If you are thinking of living in Westminster with a young family, this is the section for you!

Locals will find that that Harrogate has a very good range of state-funded schools and colleges as well as some highly regarded independents.

All of the primary schools in Westminster are deemed to be “good” or better by Ofsted.

The standout schools that have achieved the desirable “outstanding” grade including; Millbank Academy, St Peter’s Eaton Square and Pimlico Primary.

Students at secondary school age also have ample choice of great schools.

Westminster City is deemed as “good” by Ofsted.

The two “outstanding” secondary schools are Grey Coat Hospital and Pimlico Academy.

Those living in Westminster may choose to send their children to a private school.

The renowned Westminster boys’ school is conveniently located in the area.

The name may give this away!

For higher education, Harris Westminster Sixth Form stands out with its ‘outstanding’ Ofsted report.

This institution provides education for students ages 16 to 18.

This makes it a top choice for A level students living in Westminster.

London Underground

Transport Links

Living in Westminster ensures locals have access to some of the best transport links in the UK!

The area offers residents three Underground stations: Westminster, St James’s Park and Victoria.

All three stations are part of the District and Circle lines.

Westminster Station is also conveniently placed on the Jubilee line.

This allows easy access to Canary Wharf, North Greenwich and Wembley!

Victoria station is also well connected via the Victoria line, connecting travels to the popular Oxford Circus.

When living in Westminster, all local stations are located in Zone 1.

This means an annual travel card will cost £1,296.

Another transport option when living in Westminster is the Thames Clipper.

This service runs from Westminster Pier and provides connections to London Bridge and Canary Wharf.

Locals who choose to start living in Westminster are also provided with excellent links across the whole of the UK.

Nearby Victoria rail station connects the area to south London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Victoria coach station ensures Londoners can travel across the country via coach.

Some coach services even connect Westminster to major European cities!

Goodmove truck

Ready to Start Living in Westminster?

Are you thinking of living in Westminster?

Whether you want to make the most of the commuter links, the choice of good schools or you are looking for a job in London, Westminster is sure to have for you.

There is a range of outstanding properties available in the area!

Meaning there is surely a home for you when living in Westminster.

GoodMove will make your move to Westminster an easy and stress-free process.

We take great joy in ensuring everything runs smoothly and flawlessly, helping you to settle into your new home right away.

As well as our competitively priced removals package, we can also offer extra services such as temporary or long-term storage facilities should you need them.

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