Moving Abroad With Pets
7th November 2022

Moving Abroad With Pets

Are you going to be moving abroad with pets?

It can be a challenging process to move your family from one country to another, especially if you plan to bring your pets with you!

Many changes associated with moving abroad can be traumatic for pets, as they must adjust to a lot of different things at once.

The process need not be stressful, as long as you are fully prepared and plan carefully.

Your pets can acclimatise to their new environment in your new home safely with our guidance!

The following tips will assist you in the process, including specific information about moving abroad with pets!

Health and Safety of Your Pet

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It is important to first check the fitness of your pets to travel, regardless of how they will be transported to your new home.

To begin with, you should have them examined by a veterinarian and obtain copies of all their health records.

This is an essential step in moving abroad with pets and should always be adhered to!

In addition, registering with a new vet before you leave will allow you to transfer your pet’s records smoothly, and they will be able to receive care immediately should they need it.

Things to do on Moving Day

Make sure you plan ahead if you are going to be moving abroad with pets.

It’s likely that you’ll have plenty on your plate on moving day, so being fully prepared is key!

A collar with your details engraved on it is a good idea for domestic pets like cats and dogs. Veterinarians can easily microchip your pets and will often offer this service at the same time!

If possible, pack up the room where your pet sleeps and spends most of its time last on the day of the move.

Please inform your removals team of this and ensure your pet has access to food, water, a basket or bedding, and a favourite toy.

This will ensure they remain calm during the hectic moving process!

When moving small aquatic pets such as fish, clean out their tanks ahead of time, and ensure you use sturdy moving boxes and bags.

Upon arrival, set their tank up quickly and reintroduce them as if they were arriving home for the first time, with pumps and filters already installed and running at full capacity.

Keep Your Pet Safe

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Travelling with some types of pets is not always practical.

You might consider arranging in advance to have your pet(s) looked after by a kennel or a family member/friend while you are in the process of moving.

Once settled, you can pick them up or have them transported to your new residence.

In general, the faster you do this, the more quickly your pet will be able to adjust to its new surroundings.

Moving abroad with pets is never straightforward but this could ease some of the stress that they feel!

Questions to Ask When Moving Abroad with Pets

It is important to keep in mind several additional considerations if you plan on moving abroad with pets.

It is often necessary to obtain the appropriate documentation and have them vaccinated before travelling.

You will need to ask the following questions before moving abroad with pets:

  • Is there any paperwork I need to provide for my pets?
  • What vaccinations are they in need of, and if appropriate, what are they missing?
  • Are there any special arrangements my pets need when travelling?
  • How many pets will be travelling?

Know the Law

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Import requirements will vary from country to country when moving abroad with pets.

A number of requirements may need to be met, including import permits, microchips, mandatory vaccinations, and blood tests.

In some countries, such as Australia, quarantine laws are extremely strict, and arrivals are subject to mandatory quarantine periods.

Your pets will need to be picked up at the other end by the relevant authorities in such instances.

You may also need to satisfy other countries’ import requirements if you are travelling overland, such as through France to reach Germany.

Make sure you check before you travel!

Moving abroad with pets can become more complicated when you aren’t aware of the legal requirements.

So be sure to know what is required of you!

Coming Back to the UK

Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows dogs, cats and other common pets to enter the UK without quarantine from certain countries.

To qualify for this, you first need to get a Pet Passport before you leave.

In addition, a rabies blood test should have been performed prior to moving abroad with pets.

A pet returning from an ‘approved country’ does not need to go through quarantine in the UK if these rules are followed!

Ready to Move Abroad with Your Pets?

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