Top 10 Reasons to Avoid ‘Man and Van’ Removals Services
16th March 2020

Top 10 Reasons to Avoid ‘Man and Van’ Removals Services

If you are moving to a new house in 2020, we have compiled a list of the top reasons to avoid ‘Man and Van’ services and instead opt for a professional removals company.

According to Barclays Bank, the average cost of moving home is now around £8,885.

With lots of ‘Man and Van’ services offering lower prices and even some moneyback guarantees, its easy to see why many people get drawn in.

It is very important to consider why their services are cheaper.

When moving to a new house you are entrusting all your valuable possessions to the removals team.

Both the efficiency and professionalism provided by a removals company is unrivalled, it’s what they do!

We’ve put together the top 10 reasons that you should avoid ‘Man and Van’ removals men services and why a removals firm can make your move more manageable.

Man lifting heavy boxesLess Lifting

Moving to a new house is a physically draining process and requires a lot of hard work.

‘Man and Van’ services may offer to load all of your goods onto their vehicles.

However, they are often not interested in assisting with heavy lifting or packing these items.

Due to a lack of experience and training they may also be ill equipped to assist with removing difficult items, such as furniture, from those trickier locations.

Choosing a reliable removals company can help to take the worry of these stressful task away.

The services of a removal company will ensure an organised move, resulting in no threat of injury to yourself and far less stress.

Rubber Stamp Certified


‘Man and Van’ removal men can often be untrained, happy to do the minimum work to get your items from A to B.

A lack of experience and training means that it isn’t uncommon for items to be damaged due to a lack of care.

Therefore, it is very important to investigate the services of a trustworthy removals firm.

The removal companies staff have to undertake lots of training.

This ensures staff preform at the highest level.

The best removals firms will belong to an association, in the UK this is the British Association of Removers (BAR).

BAR certifies its members, ensuring they uphold the highest standards within the industry and provide customers with the best service possible.

With BAR companies you can be sure to receive the highest level of professionalism.

Efficient Moves

‘Man & Van’ services often use smaller vehicles, that you could have in fact hired yourself.

As a result of these smaller vehicles, moving all of your items to your new location could take a number of trips.

This could be very expensive and waste a lot of valuable time.

Highly regarded removals firms will own their own fleet of vehicles.

These vehicles come is all shapes and sizes, ensuring that all your goods can be transported in one easy trip.

Two mover load van with furniture boxesBigger Moves

‘Man and Van’ removal men are often not prepared to carry out big jobs.

As well as this, they may only cover small region.

Removals companies will have a far wider scope, making national or even international removals a possibility.

Lots of removals companies will also offer specialist services.

This may include anything from helping to move heavy gym equipment, awkward dinner tables or your comfy super king sized bed.

Set of boxesPacking Experience

Many ‘Man & Van’ services will demand that you provide boxes for your items to be moved in, if you are lucky they could use old boxes from a past move.

It is very important to consider that most damages and breakages arise because of the type of packaging used.

Removals companies will go out of their way to ensure your items arrive safe and sound.

They will provide you with the highest quality packing services to ensure this happens.

Removals companies have the best packing tools and can pack items for customers, taking yet another stress from the move.

If you avoid ‘Man and Van’ removers, you can remove some of the stress from packing.

Insurance are you coveredInsurance

This is a very key factor and yet another reason to trust a removals company and to avoid ‘Man and Van’ removers.

Standard liability insurance and a variety of other coverage is provided by the best removals companies.

This is the best way to safeguard yourself.

‘Man and Van’ removers shift the blame when items are broken.

To avoid this, selecting a removals company that offers insurance will protect you.

Double check what is included in your coverage.

The more informed you are the better.

Fixed Price

The average cost of moving house in 2020, according to Barclays Bank, is £8,885.

To ensure you keep your finances in order, you will want to receive a fixed price in your quotation.

This gives you a firm grasp of how much money you will need and ensures no nasty surprises.

‘Man and Van’ removers frequently encounter delays, burdening the customer with not only more stress but also increased costs!

To avoid any unwanted extras it is worthwhile to collect quotes from various removal companies.

This means you are aware of the services you are getting before the move as well as the price you are paying.

Man Taking InventoryImportance of Inventories

A huge issue that arises with ‘Man and Van’ services is items going missing.

When this happens, they are often quick to note that they never saw the item, not knowing where it is.

Often left unsolved, it is a tricky situation to deal with.

To avoid this, removals companies will provide an itemised inventory.

The company you choose will provide you with the inventory and allow you to check the contents match your move.

This safeguards you, giving you the comfort that if something goes wrong you have a physical record.

A Committed Service

‘Man & Van’ services may provide a cheap alternative but the costs are lowered through frantic efforts to ensure all of the tasks are achieved in one day.

The process may feel rushed or worse, might not be achieved within this period.

This could subsequently lead to additional charges or a search for another removals provider.

Removals companies will commit themselves to your job.

Your move is likely to be one of only two jobs on the day.

This ensures dedication to the works, allowing everything to go smoothly.

Should an unexpected incident arise, there is more time to rectify the problem and get things back on track.


There are lots of chancers that use various professional industries for a quick pay day.

The removals industry is certainly vulnerable to this.

‘Man and Van’ removers and individuals posing as companies take advantage of the stressful time that is moving house.

These removals men are not certified by the BAR and offer services they have no intention to uphold.

To avoid these fraudsters, always look for a reputable removals company.

Check to see if the company has a website, industry approval and a fixed company address.

It isn’t always easy to spot so look for things like BAR accreditation.

Whilst it is important to check reviews of a company, don’t take these as concrete evidence.

It is easy for fraudsters to produce reviews of themselves, giving them false accreditation.

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