Six Steps To Instantly Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal
18th October 2018

Six Steps To Instantly Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Looking to sell your home?

Many potential buyers have driven on by and not even attended a viewing based on poor ‘Kerb appeal’. According to the latest research, a massive 93% of us are more likely to attend a viewing if the outside of a property is well maintained.

If an online advert doesn’t catch your eye, you’re unlikely to click on it or action it further.

The same applies for selling your home.

When it comes to selling the adage ‘it’s what on the inside that counts’ doesn’t necessarily apply. It’s just as important therefore that your house showcases its potential on the outside as well as in.

What is Kerb appeal and why is it important?

First impressions count for everything. Not only is the front of the property likely to be the first thing a potential buyer sees, the photo an estate agent takes of the front is very often the ‘lead’ photo on online directories. In the age of Instagram a well taken photo can go a long way.

Kerb appeal describes the attractiveness of a home’s exterior and can include anything from front gardens to front doors. Generating kerb appeal for your home is a really good way to showcase its best features, attract serious buyers and even push up its value.

If this all sounds new and strange and you’re worried about the extra costs this will incur don’t fret as we’ve put together some simple and cost-effective solutions to aid you.

1. Brush up

Kerb Appeal
Tidy skirting boards can create an instant ‘cleaner’ fill

According to research from Dulux Weatherfield, almost a third of Brits expect to pay 25% more for a freshly painted home.

A lick of paint to the exterior of your home can make all the difference therefore. If your home is looking grey or the outside walls are suffering from flaking or peeling, a quick paint job could breathe new life into the walls and maximise interest.

We tend to choose lighter or pastel shades for the interior of our homes but the outside is where we have the opportunity to be bold. Darker shades of blue and other neutral colours really install a sense of homeliness and help homes stand out from competitors on online listings.

2. Opportunity knocks

Kerb Appeal
Bright coloured door frames give off a welcoming impression

A drab front door is one of the biggest turn-offs. Thankfully a quick lick of paint and a refurnish can do wonders for your front door and ensure someone wants to knock at it.

Strong, bright colours which contrast with the colour of your home can really accentuate its appeal. Be sure to polish door handles and numbers also for that extra wow factor.

A slightly pricier but worthwhile investment to generate some kerb appeal is to actually change the front door altogether. Stylish and futuristic looking composite doors are all the rage right now.

As well as being securer and easier to maintain they also have the potential to update the entire image of a home.


3. Cleaning windows

Kerb Appeal
Windows should be free of dust and dirt

Grubby, stained or poorly maintained windows can add to bad kerb appeal and give the appearance that the inside is just as poor.

Avoid this common pitfall by giving your windows a once over before viewings. When it comes to washing windows the old advice of white vinegar and water simply cannot be beaten.

See this excellent blog post from Marth Stewart for more useful tips and guidance on how to really give your windows a deep clean.



4. Hit the lights 

Kerb Appeal
Light fittings can be used to illuminate key features

Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of matching lights either side of your front door. Not only will it give your home a more warm and welcoming appeal, crucial for good kerb appeal, but when lit it up theycan also draw attention to its main assets.

Good use of lighting can really give your home that added wow factor. Its important not to go overboard, but a few lights here and there can really change the whole feel of the place.

It can also make all the difference for those viewings being conducted at night time.



5. Treat em green keep em keen 

Kerb Appeal
Well placed garden features

If you have a front garden its important that its well maintained.  And don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed pot plant in terms of kerb appeal.

A vastly overgrown hedge or rows of unkept thorns can quickly turn off potential buyers that only see added work and not the potential of the landscape.

Mow the lawn, preen those flowers beds and cut back those hedges and you’ll have people clambering to get to your front door.

Added accessories such as a front gate and hanging flower baskets give that added wow factor.

6. Tidy up the driveway

Kerb Appeal
Driveways should be kept clear

You’d be surprised just how often ample parking space is the make or break when it comes to people deciding to purchase a property.

We love designs and feature but ultimately, we’re practically minded when it comes to living.

If you have a driveway or a parking allocation close to the property, ensure it is kept clear of rubbish, weeds and leaves. Well maintained driveways and pathways to the house are inviting and help potential buyers visualise living there.

You might also want to consider creating stone pathways or a gravel drive where your budget permits.


Need some help moving or decluttering?

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Be sure to read our blog post on decluttering tips here also.