Why You Should Choose Professional House Movers over Man & Van Removals
13th December 2019

Why You Should Choose Professional House Movers over Man & Van Removals

Relocating throughout the UK is no easy feat, especially finding a removals company which offers a good removals quote for your move.

In 2019, the average removals price alone is £1181. Add this to the never-ending list of expenses when moving house, and you’re looking at tens of thousands of pounds going down the drain.

Whilst you may think that the man & van option is best suited for you, expenses wise, this is not often the case.

Things can go missing, items damaged along the way or even a miscommunication on the moving date and time, meaning the additional costs will slowly accrue.

This article has been created to show you the difference between a professional removals company and a man & van removals company.

How to choose the best removals company

Accreditation is Essential

When hiring a removals company, you’ll notice that many professional companies are accredited by the British Association of Removers (BAR).

The BAR is an independent voice within the removals industry, which audits its members to ensure they continue to meet the highest standards of customer service.

As compared to a man & van, removals companies with BAR membership will follow strict standards as set by the BAR, ensuring professionalism at all times.

Not only this, but your move is protected! You have automatic payment protection, no matter where you are moving to.

Any disputes? They have a dispute resolution team to attempt to resolve the issue.

Insurance and Add-Ons

BAR accreditation is a good start, but don’t stop there. Make sure, no matter what, that the company of your choice offer insurance policies.

Often enough, you won’t be offered any form of insurance when moving with a man & van. Why risk it when you could lose something very sentimental to you?

With removal companies, the cover is very comprehensive, and they offer multiple insurance policies to find the best fit for you.

Alongside insurance, you may wish to store some items for the foreseeable future, or temporarily while you pack up the house.

Professional house movers will often have storage services available to you. Instead of using two different companies, you can save yourself time and hire just the one.

Very large crane lifting small crane

Advanced Technology

Since the late 1800s, when the pantechnicon became favourable amongst movers due to its inbuilt ramp, specialist equipment has become of high importance when moving-house.

Over the years, technology has surpassed the ramp used within the pantechnicon. Nowadays, reputable removable firms will possess heavy lifting equipment, such as cranes, make moving that 200kg bust of David in your back garden all the easier.

Move these monstrous items incorrectly, and they can be very damaging to your property. Chipped woodwork on the doorframes, scuff marks on the walls (possibly even holes in walls) are all possibilities when you opt for a man & van removals service.

From small boxes to nigh-on immovable items, it’s essential to hire a removals company who will move your possessions safely and securely.

Protect your Valuables

Professional house movers will make sure all your items are protected and safe before moving, meaning you won’t have to worry about your items damaged during transit. This is not the same for a man & van removals service.

Modern-day man & van removals will involve packing the van so tightly that items won’t fall about, and they are unlikely to be wrapped in protective wrapping.

A professional house movers’ sole job is to get you from A to B, ensuring everything is stress-free and runs smoothly.

Put in the extra money, and trust a removals company to protect your items with bespoke packing materials such as double thickness wrap for glassware; made to measure wooden crates for furniture and more.

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How Long Should I Leave to Pack?

Starting the process of packing is often said to b the hardest part. The second hardest is choosing a day on which you’ll be completed and ready to move by.

It could take you days, weeks or months to pack everything up. Therefore, its best to get professional advice from a removals company.

They can advise you how long they think it will take you to pack up, as well as the best way to pack and unpack; including the labelling and sorting of all your precious items.

Make Sure you Both Sign a Contract

While it may be an obvious step for some, many cheap removals with a man & van won’t require written contracts.

This isn’t to say all of them won’t; however, a written contract is a set requirement with a removals company.

Both the customer and the company need to know what is required of them as well as what to expect within the entire process.

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Quality vs Money

Yes, man & van services can be cheap, but removal companies’ sole job is to move your belongings, and there is much competition for this.

Home movers will often be shocked when they find out that removal companies actually offer some of the best deals going, as well as inclusions such as short/long term storage.

They may not be anywhere near as expensive as you would initially think. So before moving, make sure to look around for the best deals available to you.

Professionally Trained

If you’re looking for quality of work more than any of the above, then the clear choice is professional house movers.

When you book with a removals company, especially if they have BAR accreditation, you will be hiring a professional team. They would have been taught how to correctly deal with each and every one of your personal items.

If you’re ever worried about who to go for, research the company thoroughly and ask family and friends.

All in all, make sure you go for a reputable removals company. This ensures stress-free and safe removals without having to worry about anything being damaged or going missing.


Hire Professional House Movers Today!

Hopefully, you see the differences between a man & van and a professional removals company.

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