10 Things Most Removal Companies Won’t Move Which We Can (And 4 Things We Can’t Move)
1st April 2019

10 Things Most Removal Companies Won’t Move Which We Can (And 4 Things We Can’t Move)

There are lots of items which removals companies won’t move.

This may be simply because they don’t possess the right equipment or have the knowledge.

In this article we’re going to look at seven common items most removals companies won’t move which we can help you with.

We won’t tell you that we can move everything.

This is because there are certain things that no professional removals company can move because of either the law, personal safety or other reasons.

We’ll conclude by listing those items so you can plan and prepare for your move properly and ensure nothing gets left behind.

10 Things Most Removal Companies Won’t Move Which We Can

When it comes to moving house we like to think we’ve learnt a thing or two during our 35 years serving the needs of the Essex community and beyond.

Our highly trained staff have moved a lot of large and heavy items in that time and even some strange ones along the way.

Using specific tailor-made equipment and we can move a range of difficult to move items, including:


Lots of removals companies are reluctant to move large flat screen and wall mounted TVs that are worth a lot of money (without charging a lot of money in return that is).

To protect the delicate flat screen, we’d recommend using foam wrap or another protective material that we can supply.

It’s important to guard against scuffs and scratches and having a removals company that knows how to dismount and move TVs and which can provide a suitable packing box will be indispensable.

King Size Beds

Two Delivery Men Unloading Furniture From VehicleBig and bulky King Size Beds, particularly those on stands can prove cumbersome.

If you don’t want to leave them behind then we can plan how to move them out of your home or apartment.

It might mean engineering a route through windows or other access points.

Our removals team can dismantle bed frames and hoist mattresses through even the most tight of spaces using specialist equipment.

Gym Equipment

If you’ve got any large or heavy gym equipment, such as squat racks, leg presses and weight benches we can pack these away in sturdy boxes with padded protection.

If you’re going to dismantle the items yourself read the instructions carefully or wait to receive help from our removals team who can assist you with disassembly and transfer onto the truck.


Loader Moves PianoGot a grand piano that needs moving?

Pianos are difficult items because of their weight. As such many removals teams will not run the risk as they can be tricky to move and expensive to repair.

Movers are usually used to lifting no more than 25-30kg loads individually at a time. As most pianos far exceed this in weight it is unsafe for them to do so, even in teams.

Fortunately, we have specialist equipment, including trolleys and straps which can help assist with the process.

We can devise a plan of action and even prepare made to measure crates to guard against any damage.

Statues and Ornaments

It doesn’t need to be on the antique roadshow to be of value.

Whether it’s an expensive statue or decorative ornament acquired at auction it’s worth taking your time over it and getting it right.

Glass and china items can be wrapped in special protective paper and packed in double-thickness cartons ready for transfer.

Antique furniture

From vintage sideboards to Victorian dresser tables we’ve got extensive experience moving antique furniture.

Using onnly the finest quality protective materials we will design a plan of action to ensure the smooth transportation of your belongings.

We can also create made-to-measure wooden crates for items requiring specialist care.

Art Work

Art work is another item that can fall into the list of ‘too expensive’ to touch.

Or worse still you rely on a man and a van removals solution that does not know how to correctly pack and transfer your precious works.

Framed pictures can be put protected with bubble wrap, corner protectors and put in bespoke boxes to ensure they do not fall around while in the removals truck.

Snooker & Pool Tables

Don’t let a silly little thing like moving deny you the opportunity to be the next Ronny O’Sullivan.

Pool and Snooker tables can appear daunting to move at first because of their weight and bulkiness.

A professional removals company like GoodMove can dissemble the pool table, taking apart the smaller components like the legs using the right tools.

We can then slide the table onto our removals van using moving blankets or sliding mechanisms.


Certain items such as pistols and rifles are tightly regulated and require a permit to own.

Removals companies generally avoid handling possessions of this kind unless the correct documentation and means of storage is provided.

We can carry guns and ammunications provided they are separate and licenced.

Any paperwork or permissions will need to be obtained and specific arrangements made for.

Confidential Data and Information

Any computers or devices that store sensitive or personal information should be backed up beforehand.

GoodMove offers a separate commercial moving service for businesses which are moving between different premises.

And 4 Things We Can’t

Removal companies pride themselves on their ability to take the stress of your shoulders during a house move.

But there are some things even we can’t move for legal, safety or other reasons. These include:

Hazardous materials

safely dispose of oils & solventsHazardous materials like explosives or chemicals need to be disposed of correctly and cannot be handled by your removals company.

You’ll need to find a way of disposing of these safely and in an environmentally friendly way ahead of your move.

The bathroom and kitchen are some of the worst offenders in this regard. This is because they are often home to lots of opened products that you have accumulated over the years.

For more help and guidance on disposing of hazardous materials correctly see the relevant government guidance.

Pets and other live animals

Cat in moving boxAs tempting as it may be to place your pets in cargo your furry and feline friends cannot be transported by a removals company by law.

To some it’s a matter of common sense, but transporting your family and pets is your sole responsibility.

If you are moving abroad your pets will need to be checked by a vet. They will also need to be microchipped and in some cases placed in quarantine.

For more guidance on moving abroad with pets see this article from the Telegraph.

If moving locally it might be a good idea to leave your pets with a minder. You could also use a kennel and collect them once settled in your new home.

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There is generally a common-sense approach to important valuables like passports, marriage certificates and expensive jewellery.

Those items which are irreplaceable are normally best kept with you during your move.

GoodMove can’t move certain valuables but will werap and pack them for you to transport.

Perishable Food

Donation box with food on red background close-up

Movers won’t move anything that will spoilt which means perishable foods are off limits.

The reason for this is that they cannot guarantee that the products will keep while in transit. It  would run a health risk if they were later consumed by humans.

Removals trucks do not have temperature controls. They  have no way therefore of maintaining the levels needed for food items.

This includes frozen food and other food kept in containers which isn’t sealed.

How Can GoodMove Help With Your Move?

Good Move Branded TruckHave you got something you need to move which isn’t included on either list above?

As part of the home survey process a member of our team will call round personally.

This gives you the opportunity to discuss the moving of any specific item or address any questions you may have.

A full solution will be tailored to your time and budget and our experienced packers can be responsible for preparing and packing as many or as few of your possessions as you wish.

Fill out a form or give us a quick call to discuss your requirements and see how GoodMove can assist you.