How to Move Home In Just 47 Simple Steps: The Essential Moving House Checklist
26th April 2019

How to Move Home In Just 47 Simple Steps: The Essential Moving House Checklist

Get on top of your house move with our downloadable Moving House Checklist and follow 47 simple steps to smooth the transition to life in your new home.

There’s simply no denying it. Moving house is an anxiety-inducing process, especially when combined with one of life’s most stressful events, such as the end of a relationship.

But the art of moving house itself need not be complex and panic stricken if planned for properly.

Counting down from two months to go right up to unlocking the front door to your new home, we’re going to reveal how you can move house with ease using our essential Moving House Checklist.

6-8 weeks

Couple holding boxes

  • Contact removals companies for quotes – Try to obtain at least five different ones to compare. Ask friends and family or visit the British Association of Removers to see trusted movers.
  • Research storage options – If you are moving lots of items or are only moving temporarily it might be a good idea to check if your removals company offers this or if you need a provider.
  • Start a to-do list – Note down key contacts and important dates that you can tick off as you go along and create an inventory of your contents.
  • Manage your children’s school places – Try to minimise disruption to their schooling and routine. This is particularly important if you are moving to a whole near area.
  • Declutter – save time and money by reducing the amount of clutter you bring with you. Adopt a ‘Use it or lose it’ attitude to items you no longer have use for and try to put sentimentality aside where possible. Consider using apps like eBay and Schpock.
  • Let landlords know – If you are renting a property make sure you confirm your moving date with your landlord.

4-6 weeks

Working on a laptop

  • Contact utilities providers – Arrange for current services to be switched over to your new property.
  • Research removals insurance options – Most removals companies will offer some form of basic liability insurance. But it’s also worth checking/updating your home insurance as often lots of things will be covered.
  • Look for GP surgeries, dentists, banks and other providers – tell your existing providers.
  • Find minders for children and pets – See if family members can look after small children or arrange minders.
  • Book time off work – Let your employers know as soon as possible. Book your moving date off work if moving mid-week.
  • Check for parking restrictions – If the new property  has access issues or is difficult to find  let your removals company know.

2-4 weeks

British red post box

  • Collect boxes – receive boxes and specialist supplies from your removals company or arrange to collect reusable boxes from a friend or donor.
  • Start packing the contents of your house – Begin with the non-essentials and least used areas like basements, garages and attics and move your way through the house.
  • Make arrangements to pay council tax – Inform your local authority if moving away.
  • Redirect your post – You can use the Post Office’s online redirection service to ensure you don’t miss any important mail and bills.
  • Cancel subscriptions and local services – If you have any local services you pay for like milkmen, window cleaners or magazine subscriptions cancel these or redirect them.
  • Plan a route – regardless of whether you are moving round the corner or across the country, plan your route on the day to ensure minimum disruption and delay.
  • Have your car serviced – Especially if you are going to be travelling a long way.
  • Dispose of flammable and hazardous materials – your removals company cannot move dangerous liquids so make sure you dispose of these safely in plenty of time.

1 week to go

Couple sitting back to back

  • Run-down the fridge – start finishing off the last contents of the fridge.
  • Finish your final packing – Most items should be packed and stowed away in boxes ready for the removals team to load.
  • Check metre readings – Ensure you don’t end up paying more bills during the crossover period.
  • Dismantle furniture – Take apart furniture that you are taking with you ready to be loaded onto the removals van.
  • Pack a moving day essentials kit – Put in everything you want instant access to on the day. (Think: Toilet paper, food, medicine, cutlery, tools etc).
  • Collect the key – Arrange a time to collect the keys to your new property from the agent.

Night before

  • Make a note of essential contacts (solicitors, estate agents).
  • Defrost the fridge and freezer.
  • Give the house a quick spring clean to check items haven’t fallen down the sides of sofas, etc.
  • Charge your mobile phone.
  • Inform friends and family of timings.
  • Check for traffic updates and plan out your route to avoid jams and delays.

Moving day itself

Couple leaning on back of truck

  • Strip the beds and pack bedding and linen in your survival kit.
  • Invite your removals team in.
  • Guide them to the boxes and identify fragile items if not clear.
  • Tick off each item from your inventory.
  • Carry out any last-minute checks.
  • Leave keys for the new owners/landlord as arranged.
  • Wave goodbye to your old home!

In your new home

couple viewing property

  • Unpack your moving day survival kit.
  • Get the kettle on for yourself (don’t forget to offer your removals team a brew and a biccy as well!)
  • Direct your removals team as to where each box and items should go.
  • Read utility meters and use your phone to take photos.
  • Make arrangements to pick up kids/pets and ensure the house is suitable for their arrival
  • Settle young children in their new rooms and ensure they are ready and that they are well entertained.
  • Sort out your bedroom – Don’t leave making the bed to the last minute or you might end up kipping on the sofa.
  • Celebrate! Don’t forget in all the madness to give yourself a pat on the back. Crack open a bottle of bubbly or order a takeaway, you’ve certainly earned it!

Download Your Free Essential Moving House Checklist here.