How To Choose The Best Removals Company
11th December 2018

How To Choose The Best Removals Company

When it comes to choosing a removals company many people simply pick the first one that comes up on the Google results page. It’s not uncommon when people are under time pressure to make a quick-fire decision they later regret.

It’s important to consider that each house move is different. To guarentee a stress-free experience it pays to research your options carefully to ensure you not only get the best deal, but also the best removals company.

To aid you in your research we have compiled some helpful tips and pointers for picking the best removals company.

Check their accreditation

How to choose the best removals companyAll reputable removals companies operating in the UK should be registered with the industry regulator, the British Association of Removers (BAR). If you’re moving anywhere in the UK, their advice is to always look for the badge.

The badge or icon should be displayed clearly on the company website. You should be able to click to verify via the Trading Standard’s Consumer Codes Approvals scheme.

BAR removal companies submits to regular audits. This ensures they are up to industry approved standards with regards to training, vehicles, packing supplies, etc. It also guarantees that they are operating from licenced premises.

Another benefit of choosing a BAR registered company is that should something go wrong you have redress via an independent ombudsman. From 1 April 2018, all complaints made against a BAR member are handled exclusively through the Furniture Ombudsman (TFO).

Make sure they cover your area

How to Choose the best removals companyBefore you make enquiries about prices it is vital to check the removals company actually serves your area. Search engines are very good at providing local results, but even they can provide inaccurate or potentially misleading information.

If you’re looking to move from Colchester but your removals company is based in Exeter, this isn’t going to work. Equally, it is frustrating to commit to a removals company who you trust,  only for them to pass on your business because they don’t cover your area.

Make location your mantra. Check where their business or offices are located. A local business that knows the ins and outs of local roads and barriers to access points is indispensable.

Read reviews and testimonials

How to choose the best removals companyAnecdotal evidence is a great way to cut through the marketing jargon and see how good the company really is. Read the reviews and testimonials page on the company website. This way you can see what their customers really think and what level of service they provided.

Be wary of bogus reviews or those clearly crafted to present a ‘utopian’ image. Most reputable removals companies are signed up to an independent reviews provider such as Reference Line, which screens reviews and posts them online.

Compare quotes

As mentioned above, no two moves are the same. That’s why its important to receive a written record of your removals quote.

This gives you a better view of what services are provided and allows you to ask certain questions, such as:

  • What packaging materials are included as part of your quote?
  • Does the removals company pack your belongings for you, or is this an add-on?
  • Can the removals company offer any additional services such as storage or deep cleaning?

Its usually advisable to obtain at least three quotes from separate removals companies. Compare the quotations and weigh up which removals company suits your requirements best. Remember the cheapest doesn’t necessarily equate to the best service.

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Make enquiries about insurance

In addition to breaking down your quote, make sure you know where you stand in terms of coverage for breakages or loss.

Most removals companies offer standard cover for items as part of their main quote. Double-check valuable or difficult to move items to see if they are covered and if not make arrangements.

It’s also worth checking your home insurance cover as more often than not you will be covered for the loss or theft of certain household effects up to a certain value.

Checking that your chosen removals company has adequate insurance coverage will give you that additional peace of mind that your property is safe and secure in their hands.

Why choose GoodMove?

GoodMove has over 35 years’ experience in the removals industry. Operating out of our site near Colchester, we carry out removals in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Our friendly and professional removals team help families move home throughout the UK and internationally.

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Our experienced packers can be responsible for preparing and packing as many or as few of your possessions as you wish and will be on hand to advice you throughout the process.

Should you require it we also offer high quality storage solutions at our site. Many of our customers make use of our storage facilities while they rent out their own properties or carry out refurbishments.

To find out how we can get your home move underway don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Alternatively, fill out a quick quote form above and we’ll be in contact as soon as we can.

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