How To Get An Accurate Removals Quote
16th October 2018

How To Get An Accurate Removals Quote

Moving home can be stressful enough without any last-minute surprises or hidden costs from your removals company come moving day. New research has found the cost of moving home has leapt by 59% over the last decade with many house movers unsure what exactly they are paying for.

That is why it’s so important to ensure you receive a clear and accurate removals quote that you understand and are happy with.

If you’ve only just started to think about booking in for a virtual video survey but are not sure what to expect, here’s our guide to ensuring you get an accurate removals quote.

Show and tell

The cost of your move will be based for the most part on the ‘volume of effects’ you have to move, although other factors such as distance and additional services will also contribute to the final price.

The surveyor will make it their task to view all areas of your home and note each item. To receive an accurate removals quote it is imperative therefore that you show and tell your surveyor everything.

If you don’t mention anything that you later want moved it could incur extra costs, or your removals company could arrive without sufficient resource to take care of it.

Be prepared

The home survey is an opportunity for the surveyor to call round to your home personally and evaluate what resources they require and how many team members they will need to carry out your move. They will have plenty of questions which you should start thinking about and be prepared for.

These include:

  • When exactly you want to move?
  • What sort of budget you have?
  • Are you flexible with dates or do you have a fixed window?
  • What time do you need to be out of your current home?
  • What elements of your move might you be arranging yourself?

Don’t forget this is also an opportunity for you to ask questions yourself.

Assess add-ons

Ask yourself, will I be requiring any additional services which do not come as part of my main removals quote and if so, can this removals company assist? For example, if you require cleaning services before vacating your property or unpacking help once you arrive.

Movement of large and or valuable items which need specialist care and attention should be addressed as early as possible. Most but not all removals firms will be able to offer made-to-measure crates for items such as pianos and antiques.

Perhaps you are downsizing and need somewhere to store your belongings while you move. A lot of movers are unaware that most removals companies offer storage services at more competitive rates than self-storage units and can even arrange for your items to be redelivered to you.

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Most removal companies will cover you per item under their standard removals insurance, but you may wish to take out additional cover depending on the value/volume of items you are moving.

Its always worth checking what you are covered for in the event of damage/loss so that you are clear on your rights should something go amiss. If you require any additional cover it’s a good idea to bring this up with your surveyor to see if they can offer this as part of your removals quote.

If you are moving internationally the chances of your items getting lost or damaged increases somewhat. There are also likely to be additional rules and regulations regarding liability and so it is recommended that additional cover be taken out to account for this.

Compare removals quotes

Once you have received a few removals quotes from different removals companies it’s time to decide which one will work best for you. The standard advice is normally to obtain at least 2-3 quotes to compare.

When deciding which removals company to go with bear in mind that the cheapest may not always be the best.

Some quotes may exclude certain services which you take as staple, such as parking and packing. The cost of these will be added later in the process and can push the price up dramatically. Additional services, such as dismantling furniture should also be disclosed, and a price agreed upon.

A good removals company is one which is flexible. If things change on the day or you require additional time, its best to have discussed this beforehand. Going with the cheapest could land you in hot water if they are unable to stick around in the event of a delay.

Looking for a free removals quote?

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