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16th August 2019
The Comprehensive Guide To Moving House When Pregnant

The challenge of impending parenthood is daunting enough, let alone moving house when pregnant. Moving house allows parents the opportunity to upgrade their current living arrangements and find somewhere to live which offers more space for their growing family. Sometimes it’s a necessity where a lease has come[…]

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1st August 2019
10 Great Reasons To Leave London And Move To Essex

Thinking of relocating to Essex? Here we list all the great reasons to move to Essex. Hello Magazine recently revealed celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was selling up his multi-million pound mansion in Hampstead Heath, London and moving back to Essex. But why many people have asked would he[…]

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17th July 2019
7 Lessons Learnt From ‘Moving Day’ Movies That Feature A House Move

For many people moving house is a first-time experience fraught with anxieties around what to expect and how to plan for the big ‘moving day’. Lots of films over the years have featured house moves as a way of showing not just what can go wrong but how[…]

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12th July 2019
Is Friday The Best Day Of The Week To Move House?

Friday is the most popular day of the week to move house with 30% of all UK moves taking place on this day. Saturday came in a distant second, with only 18% of users opting to move house then, and Sunday worse still, with the lowest number of[…]

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21st February 2019
11 Moving House Nightmares Revealed (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Moving house is often described as one of the most stressful and expensive nightmares many people will ever forego. But with some careful planning and the right removals company moving house nightmares can easily be avoided, as GoodMove explains.

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6th February 2019
Everything You Need To Know About Moving House And Paying Council Tax

Moving house is an admin heavy experience. You’ll have plenty of planning to do and lots of people/organisations you need to inform that you are moving. One of which is your local authority who you pay council tax to. This is important because you don’t want to end[…]

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19th December 2018
Moving House Checklist For Changing Address: Who To Tell When You Move House

Who do I need to tell if I move house? GoodMove shares its definitive Moving House Checklist for changing address.

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16th October 2018
How To Get An Accurate Removals Quote

Moving home can be stressful enough without any last-minute surprises or hidden costs from your removals company come moving day. New research has found the cost of moving home has leapt by 59% over the last decade with many house movers unsure what exactly they are paying for.[…]

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2nd October 2018
How To Declutter Before Moving House – A Minimalist’s Guide

Regardless of whether you’ve moved numerous times before or never at all, one thing you will quickly realise when you move home is that you own A LOT of stuff. In fact, new research indicates the UK hoards five times more clutter than its European counterparts, using 37.6[…]

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19th September 2018
How To Move House In Just Two Months

Moving home is often an exciting time full of promise but it can also prove to be fairly stressful with lots to plan and organise. The whole moving home process can take anywhere from eight weeks to eight months with lots to sort out inbetween, from instructing your conveyancing[...]

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