Living in Cambridge – Top 9 Moving Home Tips
11th January 2024

Living in Cambridge – Top 9 Moving Home Tips

Are you thinking of living in Cambridge?

Known across the globe as the home of one of the world’s best universities, Cambridge offers something for everyone.

Sitting in the idyllic county of Cambridgeshire, life in Cambridge is unlike any other location!

With punting students in the River Cam, the historic University buildings and the cyclist-friendly pedestrian centre, the city feels truly unique!

Moving to a new area is never easy.

Before you move it is important to gather as much insight into an area as possible.

If you are thinking of living in Cambridge, you are in the right place!

Our article highlights the top tips for those looking to call Cambridge home.

Covering everything from property prices to the best restaurants, we aim to provide you with a thorough guide to the city.

So, if you are thinking of living in Cambridge, here are our top 9 moving home tips.

An Introduction to Cambridge

King's College Chapel Cambridge
King’s College Chapel Cambridge. Image credit: Unsplash

Located on the River Cam 55 miles north of London, Cambridge is the county town of Cambridgeshire.

Whilst Cambridge was only given city status in 1951, the history of the region dates back far further.

Evidence of settlements dating back to the Bronze Age has been found on the site of Fitzwilliam College!

Cambridge became a key trading area throughout the Roman occupation until 410 AD, with this established status living on after they left.

Cambridge’s renowned university was established in 1209.

The city now has an estimated population of 129,000, including 25,000 students.

This makes Cambridge the second-largest city in Cambridgeshire and the 54th-largest city in the U.K.

Walking around Cambridge you will immediately notice the influence of the university.

The city’s skyline is dominated by university buildings, creating a truly distinctive feeling in the region.

Alongside the city’s reputation as a leader in education, Cambridge is also distinguished in the technology industry.

Home to a high-tech centre known as Silicon Fen, focusing on the bioscience and software industries.

It is no surprise that Cambridge is emerging as a world leader in technology, with many students looking to stay in the area.

Clearly, Cambridge has a rich history and an exciting future!

If you are thinking of living in Cambridge, you will become part of this exciting city’s future.

Best Places to Live in Cambridge

Regardless of the reason you are considering living in Cambridge, the city is sure to have the perfect home for you.

Whilst the city is relatively small, it is bursting with great homes suited to all.

The county town is full of fantastic areas!

Understanding what defines each different area within the city is very important before you finalise your move.

If you do not already live in the area it may be tricky to get a sense of what each area offers.

We have put together a short list of some of the best locations within Cambridge to help you pick the perfect area.


Sitting on the banks of the River Cam just over a mile to the northeast of Cambridge Station is Chesterton.

One of Cambridge’s best suburbs, Chesterton made The Time’s list of best places to live in the UK back in 2018!

The Cambridge suburb has been praised for its great location, range of amenities as well as excellent transport links afforded to locals.

A short walk to the centre of Cambridge ensures that Chesterton’s residents are never too far away from the action.

Whilst the city centre is in easy reach, so is the countryside!

Chesterton provides locals with a perfect balance of city and rural living.

If you are thinking of living in Cambridge, Chesterton could be the perfect location for you!

Milton Road

Milton Road is a great option for city lovers.

The area is a key road in the city, passing through Chesterton and King’s Hedges and heading north out of Cambridge.

Beginning at Mitcham’s Corner and leading northwest for about two miles, Milton Road connects Cambridge with the A14.

Major redevelopment in the area was initially met by many sceptics.

However, better routes for cyclists and a new pedestrian-based design means the area has seen a boost in popularity.

Newmarket Road

Ideal for young professionals, students, and lovers of inner-city life.

Newmarket Road is right in the thick of the action.

Situated a short walk from the centre of the city, Newmarket Road provided residents with a perfect central location.

Locals are never far from all of the best restaurants, shops and bars making it the ideal location for those who frequent these spots.

Located in the centre of Cambridge, just a stone’s throw from the city’s shops, restaurants, bars, theatres, museums, and colleges, Newmarket Road is right at the heart of the action.

Naturally, residents of Newmarket are provided with excellent transport links throughout the city allowing easy commuting and quick access to the cities various campuses and colleges.

House Prices in Cambridge

Houses in Cambridge
Houses in Cambridge. Image credit: Depositphotos

Living in Cambridge is a great choice for a variety of different buyers.

Cambridge’s world-renowned university ensures that the city is a household name and subsequently a popular location for buyers.

Cambridge is also particularly popular with students as well as alumni who fall in love with the city during their studies.

According to Zoopla, the current average house price in Cambridge is £567,360.

Whilst there are certainly cheaper locations in Cambridgeshire, including Peterborough and Ely, Cambridge’s reputation and stature ensure that it provides residents with a lot of provisions that other locations do not.

The current value also signifies a great price when compared to other major areas of the UK such as London and Brighton.

In fact, the current average price for a home in London sits at an eyewatering £735,221!

Providing residents with excellent transport links to both the capital and further north, world-class education, and some spectacular historic properties.

If you are thinking of living in Cambridge what price should you expect to pay for different property types?

The typical price of a detached home in Cambridge is currently £1,109,020, with the average price of a semi-detached home sitting at £618,620.

If you are thinking of buying a terraced home, the average price in Cambridge is £571,750, with flats currently sitting at £322,590.

The housing market has seen some huge changes over the last for years so expect prices to fluctuate.

Be sure to check Zoopla’s website to keep your finger on the pulse of property prices if you are thinking of living in Cambridge.

Cost of Living

Cost of Living Cambridge
Cost of Living Cambridge. Image credit: Pixabay

Cambridge is home to a variety of eating options, as you would expect from a diverse student city.

When living in Cambridge, it is a good idea to understand the prices you can expect to pay for food, especially when eating out.

Remember, with so many options prices tend to vary at different locations.

As an overarching summary, here are the prices you can expect to pay for food when living in Cambridge (statistics from Numbeo.)

  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant-£ 15.00
  • Meal for 2 mid-range restaurant-£70.00
  • Fast food meal-£7.69
  • Cappuccino or latte-£3.36
  • 1 litre of milk-£1.36
  • A loaf of bread-£1.64
  • 1kg chicken-£8.13

There are several popular websites and apps to help choose between the massive variety of takeaway and restaurant establishments including Just Eat, Deliveroo and TripAdvisor.

Cambridge also presents all of the big-name UK supermarket brands.

If you love eating at restaurants Cambridge ensures that homemade meals are very affordable with food bills being particularly low in Cambridge.

Groceries are over 2.9% cheaper on average compared to the equivalent cost in London!

Overall, living costs in Cambridge are exceptional, especially when compared to the capital.

Head over to Numbeo and check the cost of various everyday items compared to other regions.

You may be shocked at how cheap Cambridge is!

Be sure to stay up to date with what you should expect to pay every month if you are thinking of living in Cambridge.

Restaurants in Cambridge

Cambridge is a relatively small city with a population of just 136,000.

Despite the close-knit feeling of the city, there are seemingly endless fantastic restaurants to choose from.

TripAdvisor has compiled the ultimate list, highlighting all of the top places to eat out in Cambridge.

The top five restaurants include:

  • Golpo Bengal Cafe & Restaurant
  • Taj Tandoori
  • Namaste Village Cambridge
  • Jade Fountain
  • Restaurant 22

For a fantastic meal combining seafood and champagne, head to Trinity!

Located in the thick of the city centre, Trinity is the sister restaurant of the popular Varsity.

Ideal for a pre-theatre meal, birthday, or any other occasion!

They are only open Thursday to Sunday so be sure to book a table at Cambridge’s premium oyster bar!

Working in Cambridge

Working in Cambridge
Working in Cambridge. Image credit: Pexels

Cambridge has a rapidly growing and extremely diverse economy!

The city has thriving sectors in research & development, pharmaceuticals, software consultancy, engineering, and various creative industries.

The area has a residential population of around 265,000 people, 180,000 employee jobs and over 10,000 businesses.

These numbers are expected to rise further as Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire councils continue to plan for the future.

Proposed new housing developments are also in talks.

These will see thousands of new homes built in the area.

This proposed expansion of the housing market will bring an estimated 44,000 additional jobs into the area.

The city’s workers benefit from average earnings of £37,000-a-year.

This is far higher than elsewhere in the country, with unemployment rates being one of the lowest across the UK.

Cambridge’s workforce is extremely well qualified.

In excess of 40% of the workforce have received a higher education qualification, over double the UK average.

Shopping in Cambridge

Cambridge is the place to be if you are partial to the occasional shopping spree.

Several locations throughout the city cater to every style.

If you are looking for all of the big-name retail brands, Cambridge City Centre Grand Arcade is the place for you!

Boasting a flagship John Lewis, the shopping centre spans three floors.

With over 60 popular stores and restaurants, you are sure to snag a great deal on the latest fashion, technology, or anything you desire.

The stunning Trinity Street in the heart of Cambridge is a spectacular location for shoppers.

This historical area is brimming with fashion boutiques and big-name brands.

You will be sure to have a great shopping trip full of one-off items and all of your essentials!

Fitzroy Street and Burleigh Street provide shoppers with a selection of specialist shops.

The perfect location for boutique gifts, be sure to check out this location if you are seeking a more unique shopping experience.

Schools in Cambridge

Schools in Cambridge
Schools in Cambridge. Image credit: Unsplash

Cambridge is renowned for its excellent education.

It should be no surprise that this high level of learning has transferred to lower education.

Cambridge is home to excellent schools at both primary and secondary levels.

The best primary schools throughout Cambridge include Histon and Impington Brook Primary School, St Alban’s Catholic Primary School and The Spinney Primary School.

All three achieved the coveted ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted.

The highest-achieving secondary schools in Cambridge include Parkside Community School and St Bede’s Inter-Church School.

There are also several excellent independent schools in Cambridge.

Notable mentions include The Pearse and The Leys.

If you are considering living in Cambridge, education is well provided.

Transport Links in Cambridge

Cambridge Train Station
Cambridge Train Station. Image credit: Wikipedia

Cambridge provides residents with a host of excellent transport options and links.

For those thinking of living in Cambridge and commuting to London, you are very well provided for.

Cambridge is particularly popular with commuters to the capital.

Direct trains from Cambridge Station to London’s Kings Cross depart the station every half hour!

The journey to the capital takes less than 50 minutes, making commuting extremely viable.

Cambridge is also well connected to both Brighton and Gatwick.

The average journey between Cambridge and Brighton takes 2 hours 30 minutes.

There are typically 33 trains taking passengers from Cambridge to Brighton every day of the week.

The journey time between Gatwick Airport and Cambridge is currently around 2 hours 9 minutes.

On an average weekday, 41 trains travel from Gatwick Airport to Cambridge.

For other international travel options, residents have easy access to Stanstead Airport.

Located only thirty miles away from the city, Stanstead is accessible by car, train or taxi.

Residents who need to travel by bus or coach are also well accounted for.

Drummer Street’s bus station provides various routes to locations across the UK as well as more local buses that travel throughout the city.

Many residents of Cambridge make the most of the compact size of the city.

Because of this convenient size, cycling is extremely popular.

Cambridge has more cyclists than any other UK location!

Several parks and ride services provide commuters with excellent travel provisions from nearby locations.

Ready to Start Living in Cambridge?

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Whether you want to enjoy the excellent commuter links to London, study at one of the best Universities in the world, or explore the city’s captivating history, Cambridge has something for everyone.

Cambridge presents a host of wonderful areas and a variety of exceptional property types, there is undoubtedly a home for everyone.

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