9 Great Reasons to Start Living in Sevenoaks
11th April 2024

9 Great Reasons to Start Living in Sevenoaks

Are you thinking of living in Sevenoaks?

Living in Sevenoaks is a great option for a variety of different buyers.

In this article, we hope to explain why it could be the perfect location for you!

No matter where you move to, one thing is definite, it is going to be a huge upheaval.

There is a mountain of things to do so, it makes sense to be sure that the area you are considering is right for you.

Aspects like transport links, amenities, schools and local health providers are all vital factors to consider.

Are you a young single person? Are you a parent with several children? Or are you now able to downsize to a property which is much easier to maintain and clean?

Whatever your circumstances maybe you still need to know a little about the area you are considering.

Perhaps affluent Sevenoaks appeals to you, and you want to know what living in Sevenoaks is like.

This is a general guide to the town and what you can expect if you decide to start living in Sevenoaks.

History of Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks building
Sevenoaks has a rich history to explore. Image credit: Unsplash

It is always nice to have a little historical background information about the place you live in.

Sevenoaks’ name is derived from the Old English word “Seouenaca”, the name given to a small chapel near seven oak trees in what is now Knole Park around AD 800.

The town was and still is considered a key destination due to its proximity to central London 21 miles away and its position on a major 18th-century toll road.

Receiving its market charter in the 13th century now managed by Sevenoaks Town Council.

A general Wednesday market still takes place today in Buckhurst car park next to Sevenoaks bus station.

The famous Sevenoaks School was founded in 1432 and is generally considered to be the oldest secular school in England

Sevenoaks is home to the Vine cricket ground, which may well be the oldest cricket ground in existence, as a match was reported here in 1734.

If you are interested in finding out more about the history of Sevenoaks, the town’s museum is the best place to start.

House Prices in Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks has a higher rate of home ownership than many towns in the UK.

Residents in the area either own their homes outright or via a mortgage, more so than the national average.

Being well known as a popular retreat for London commuters it comes as no surprise at all that housing commands premium prices.

According to Zoopla, the average sold price for a property in Sevenoaks in the last 12 months is £742,005.

Different property types in Sevenoaks have had different average selling prices over the last 12 months.

You need to budget on average £1,192,348 for a detached home, £598,355 for a Semi, £452,763 for a terrace and £295,354 for a one-bed flat.

There are currently 502 properties for sale within a mile of the town so, choice shouldn’t be an issue.

Though averages are high, at the lower end of the market homes are for sale for offers over £135,000. Three-bedroom family homes start from £310,000.

These homes may not be in the poshest of neighbourhoods.

However, it does mean that you can get onto the property ladder with a view to moving on after a couple of years.

Buying a home in Sevenoaks certainly is an excellent investment.

Cost of Living in Sevenoaks

Cost of living in Sevenoaks
Cost of living in Sevenoaks. Image credit: Pixabay

If you’re planning a move to Buckhurst Hill, getting familiar with the local cost of food is crucial.

Prices can vary across different venues, so it’s wise to have a ballpark figure in mind.

Based on Numbeo’s 2024 data, here’s what you might expect to pay for various food items in Sevenoaks:

Dining at a budget-friendly restaurant will set you back about £14.00, while a fast food meal costs around £7.

For those who enjoy a cappuccino or latte, it’s priced at £3.33.

Grocery staples like a litre of milk and a loaf of bread are approximately £1.06 and £1.64, respectively, and 1kg of chicken averages at £7.86.

Buckhurst Hill is well-served by a variety of popular UK supermarket chains, making it convenient and economical to prepare meals at home rather than dining out.

For those considering making Buckhurst Hill their new abode, understanding the cost of living is essential. Staying informed about the ongoing monthly expenses is important.

Numbeo is a valuable resource for keeping up with the latest pricing information. It allows you to compare the cost of living in Buckhurst Hill with other regions in the UK and globally, ensuring you have all the necessary information to plan your budget effectively.

Local Amenities

In a recent survey, estate agents Rightmove found that Sevenoaks is the second happiest place to live in the Southeast of the UK.

Exceptional local amenities contribute to its happiness levels.

Across all levels, you will find that Sevenoaks exceeds expectations.

Good schools both private and state are available.

Transport links are yet another quality aspect of Sevenoaks with high numbers commuting the short 20 minutes into the capital.

Shopping supplies an excellent mix of big brands and independent stores for Sevenoaks residents.

There is a tangle of quaint, shop-filled alleyways in the triangle between the High Street, London Road, and Bligh’s Meadow pedestrianised shopping centre.

The town centre holds regular events and festivals.

Those who live here can enjoy the cafes and restaurants which manage to cover all budgets.

There are also several libraries including Sevenoaks Library.

This library offers computers, Wi-Fi, a children’s library and a local studies centre which is a hub for the community.

Being a market town as you would expect several markets are held each week. To find out more about markets in the area visit Sevenoaks District Council’s website.

Transport Links in Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks station
Sevenoaks station. Image credit: Wikipedia

Sevenoaks boasts excellent transport connections, with numerous roads facilitating easy travel by car, although these can experience congestion.

The M25, circling the town to the west, offers direct routes into London, while the M26, connecting with the M20, provides access to areas east and west of Sevenoaks.

Rail travel from Sevenoaks is notably efficient, with the town hosting two railway stations and two additional stations on its periphery.

The main station lies on the South-eastern Main Line, serving as the endpoint for suburban services to London Charing Cross and Blackfriars, via a branch line through Swanley with stops at the secondary station, Bat & Bal.

For those looking to venture further, trains to Ashford International from Sevenoaks station make journeys to the Channel and the Kent coastline convenient, with a travel time of just over 45 minutes.

This combination of road and rail options makes Sevenoaks a well-connected town, ideal for commuters and travellers alike.

Education & Schools

Sevenoaks boasts an array of highly esteemed private and public schools, making it an attractive location for families considering a move.

Among the top-rated primary schools are Lady Boswell’s C of E Primary School, Amherst School, and Riverhead Infants, each receiving an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted evaluation.

The area’s secondary education offerings are equally impressive.

Knole Academy and Trinity state schools have earned ‘Good’ ratings from Ofsted, reflecting their commitment to quality education.

Walthamstow Hall Senior School, a private institution, has been adjudged ‘excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, highlighting its exceptional educational standards.

Further elevating the town’s educational reputation are Weald of Kent Grammar School and the state Sevenoaks School, both of which have been awarded ‘Outstanding’ ratings.

This concentration of high-calibre schools underscores Sevenoaks’ appeal to families prioritising education in their relocation considerations.

Healthcare in Sevenoaks

Healthcare in Sevenoaks
There are good Healthcare provisions in Sevenoaks. Image credit: Pexels

In terms of health care, there are several small health centres locally.

Sevenoaks Hospital is situated on Hospital Road.

A community hospital offering in-patient care and outpatient appointments.

When you first arrive in the town, it is wise to register with a local GP surgery as soon as you can.

You can easily do this on the internet by visiting the NHS website.

Registering with an NHS dentist might also be a service you need.

As with Doctor surgeries, the NHS is the place to visit online for an up-to-date list of dental surgeries in the area.

Things to do in Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks offers an extensive array of activities to enjoy, making it a fantastic place for spending quality time with family and friends.

For those who like to stay active, the town is equipped with excellent leisure facilities and sports clubs.

Golf enthusiasts can explore two local courses, Knowle Park and Wilderness, both of which boast beautiful greens and are open to new members.

The Sevenoaks Leisure Centre, a favourite among locals, offers a wide range of sports activities.

It has recently undergone a £1 million refurbishment, improving its appeal as a community hub for locals to enjoy fitness and fun.

Cricket fans can revel in the history of the Vine Cricket Ground, one of England’s oldest cricket venues, where teams compete in the Kent Cricket League.

The ground’s website lists the season’s matches for those interested in playing or spectating.

Beyond sports, Sevenoaks is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and green spaces.

The Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, with its 73 hectares of woodland, marshes, and lakes, is dedicated to nature conservation and offers a peaceful escape for locals.

The Kent Downs, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), provides breathtaking scenery from the London/Surrey borders to the White Cliffs of Dover, offering a plethora of walking routes.

The North Downs Way traverses the entire length of the Kent Downs.

Meanwhile, the Stour Valley Walk and the Greensand Way offer additional picturesque trails near Sevenoaks.

For more interesting things to do in the area link to the web addresses below:

Making New Friends in Sevenoaks

If you are concerned that by moving to Sevenoaks you might struggle to make new friends, there are a number of ways you can avoid feeling cut off and lonely.

The town is a very friendly place packed with clubs, societies, organizations, and hobby-related meetups for all ages. These are ideal for getting to know people.

You could try one of the following:

For more information about what happens locally, look out for the local paper, leaflets, and community boards. These are full of information about local clubs, societies and groups that you can join.

Ready to Start Living in Sevenoaks

Goodmove truck

Taking into consideration all that Sevenoaks manages to pack in, combined with its solid reputation and convenient position close to London and you are onto a winner.

Whether it’s for more space to work from home, or simply to be away from a busy city and closer to the countryside, you will have an exciting time if you decide to take the plunge and move to Sevenoaks.

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