Living in Basildon – Essex’s Affordable Commuter Town
1st November 2020

Living in Basildon – Essex’s Affordable Commuter Town

Are you thinking of living in Basildon?

The Essex town is one of the cheapest commuter locations in the whole of the UK.

Living in Basildon ensures residents benefit from a combination of affordable properties, superb transport links to the capital and well price rail costs.

Basildon boasts excellent transport links to larger towns in and around the area.

The town benefits greatly from its placement on the C2C train line.

The line conveniently operates between London Fenchurch Street and Shoeburyness, meaning quick and easy access to the capital!

Alongside excellent links to England’s capital, the town also offers residents a wonderful rural location.

Living in Basildon gives locals access to the stunning Essex countryside.

Most of the area surrounding the town is rural with several coastal towns also easily reached by road or rail.

Moving to a new area is never straightforward.

Before you start your move, it is vital to gather as much knowledge about an area as you can.

If you are considering living in Basildon, this article is for you.

We hope to provide you with all the top tips for those looking to move to Essex’s affordable commuter town.

Covering everything from property prices to the best schools in the area, we hope to provide you with a thorough guide to the area.

If you are thinking of living in Basildon, here is our guide Essex’s commuter town.

Row of new residential houses in suburban neighborhood

House Prices

Living in Basildon is a great choice for a range of different buyers.

Basildon’s fantastic commuter links to London ensure that the housing market remains popular and continues to boost popularity with buyers.

According to Zoopla, the current average house price in November 2020 is £278,036.

Property prices in Basildon represent fantastic value when compared to the average price in Essex.

As of October 2020, house prices in Essex were sitting at an average of £367,381.

House prices in Basildon also represent great value when compared to other major areas of the UK including London.

As of October 2020, the average price for a home in London sat at a shocking £653,965!

Providing residents with excellent transport links to both the capital and the wider Essex area, living in Basildon is a perfect choice for commuters.

So, if you are considering living in Basildon what price should expect to pay for different property types?

The average price of a detached home in Basildon is currently £456,753, with the average price of a semi-detached home currently £309,397.

If you are thinking of buying a terraced home, the average price in Basildon is £245,194, with flats currently averaging at £167,810.

As with many locations across the UK, house prices in Basildon have been impacted dramatically throughout the pandemic.

However, properties have seen a 3.70% increase in the last three months.

This truly indicates the excellent property market that living in Basildon offers.

With more uncertainly set to come, it is safe to assume prices will vary in the coming months!

Be sure to check Zoopla’s website to keep up to date with the latest property prices if you are thinking of living in Basildon.

living costs

Cost of Living

Living in Basildon ensures residents have a great choice of eating options.

Like most major towns and cities in the UK, Basildon offers a variety of restaurants and supermarkets.

When you move to a new area, it is suggested that you gather a comprehensive understanding of the prices you should be paying for food, particularly when eating out.

With a wide varied of choices prices may vary across different locations.

As a general summary, these are the prices you can expect to pay for food when living in Basildon (Numbeo.)

Meal at an inexpensive restaurant-£ 13.50

Meal for 2 mid-range restaurant-£55.00

Fast food meal-£5.49

Cappuccino or latte-£2.70

1 litre of milk-£1.08

A loaf of bread-£1.02

1kg chicken-£7.94

There are also several popular internet sites and apps to help you choose between the many takeaway and restaurant options.

The most popular choices include Just Eat, Deliveroo and TripAdvisor.

Keep in mind that these sites may not be fully operational during the pandemic.

Be sure to check availability beforehand.

Basildon also offers locals all of the big-name UK supermarket brands.

If you are not a huge lover of eating at restaurants, Basildon ensures that cooking at home is very affordable!

In fact, the cost of living in Essex is currently a staggering 12.99% lower than in London!

Generally, living costs in Basildon are exceptional, particularly when contrasted with the capital.

Be sure to visit Numbeo for even more in-depth prices.

You can evaluate the cost of several everyday items and compare them to other towns and cities in the UK and across the world!

Staying up to date with what you should expect to pay every month if you are thinking of living in Basildon will go a long way to helping with your move.

Things to do in Basildon

Living in Basildon provides residents with a range of excellent activities.

The town’s location lends a host of outdoor activities.

The Nature Trail, starting at Dunton Hills, is very popular with joggers, walkers, and families.

Offering 450-acres of countryside it is the perfect spot to enjoy a weekend walk.

Another popular outdoor location is Langdon Hills Country Park.

Boasting stunning views of the Thames, it is an attraction that is certainly worth the visit.

If you are looking for some indoor fun be sure to head to the Festival Leisure Park, situated in the north of Basildon.

Known locally as ‘Bas Vegas’, the leisure park is home to a 12-screen cinema, David Lloyd health and fitness club, Hollywood Bowl and a range of great restaurants.

Living in Basildon also allows great access to the rest of Essex and London!

A popular attraction in Essex is the popular seaside town of Southend-on-Sea.

Located just 11 miles away, Southend-on-Sea is bursting with fun activities.

Be sure to check out our in-depth article here.

Living in Basildon allows easy entrance to London.

Residents can reach the capital in just 30 minutes by train!

Accessibility to London ensures there is a wealth of exciting entertainment to suit everyone.

You will have no problem finding something fun to do when living in Basildon.

Train on Tracks High speed


Living in Basildon ensures locals have quick and easy access to an extremely wide area.

Rail links in the town and surrounding area are excellent!

As well as Basildon station, residents have access to two more train stations, Pitsea and Laindon.

When living in Basildon locals can make the journey to London Fenchurch Street, Shoeburyness and Southend Central.

Commuting to London is easy, with the trips taking just 35 minutes!

Living in Basildon also provides some excellent road links to London.

Both the A127 and A13 service Basildon, linking the town to London.

Both roads also provide convenient access to the M25, making longer journeys easy.

Living in Basildon is a great choice for those who often travel abroad.

A handy 24-minute drive will see you arrive at Southend Airport, providing flights to a range of European locations!

For those travelling further afield head to London Stanstead.

The international airport provides flights to over 150 destinations and is only a 40-minute drive from Basildon!

Working in Basildon

Historically working in Basildon has been far from ideal.

However, the town has certainly changed this narrative.

Living in Basildon now offers a host of employment opportunities.

The town has an economy that is certainly on the rise.

Basildon’s local council has announced several ambitious plans to enhance development.

These include the construction of including new homes, facilities, and improved infrastructure.

More investment into the town is attracting new business into the region, providing employment opportunities for residents living in Basildon.

Home to the Ford Dunton Technical Centre, Basildon houses the largest automotive design facility in the whole of the UK.

This creates an array of jobs for encompassing mainly those with engineering experience.

Basildon’s location within Essex also ensures a host of work prospects.

Essex is an economically strong county.

It is home to businesses from a wide range of industries, including engineering, financial services and tech companies.

School with pupils

Schools & Education

Students attending both primary and secondary schools in Basildon are very well accounted for.

New families with young children living in Basildon will find that the town has an excellent choice of primary, secondary schools and even day nurseries to choose from.

There are 9 secondary schools which serve students living in Basildon and the surrounding areas.

The best three as rated by the consist of King John School, Beauchamps High School and The Appleton School.

Another highly regarded school in the area is Great Berry Primary, which received an Outstanding rating from Ofsted.

The town is also home to three colleges.

These consist of South Essex College, New Campus Basildon and PROCAT (formerly Prospects College).

Basildon offers residents a great choice of schools, guaranteeing that children living in the area are given the best choices possible.

An easy commute to the wider Essex area and London also ensures university students are given ample choice.

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Ready to Start Living in Basildon?

Are you thinking of living in Basildon?

Whether you want to make the most of the transport links, find a great deal on a new home, or enjoy a day out exploring the Essex countryside, Basildon offers something for everyone.

Living in Basildon presents a great area with a range of outstanding property types, meaning there is certainly a home for you.

GoodMove will make your move to Basildon a smooth and simple process.

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