The Comprehensive Guide To Moving House When Pregnant
16th August 2019

The Comprehensive Guide To Moving House When Pregnant

The challenge of impending parenthood is daunting enough, let alone moving house when pregnant.

Moving house allows parents the opportunity to upgrade their current living arrangements and find somewhere to live which offers more space for their growing family.

Sometimes it’s a necessity where a lease has come to an end or the current house simply is not fit for purpose.

There has been lots of stories in the news this past month fretting about the minor risks posed to women moving house in the first trimester of pregnancy. Much of which was linked to interruptions to healthcare providers and the physical strain of moving.

However, it’s important to note medical experts have clarified the warnings (based on studies in America) were minor and perhaps more importantly, wholly avoidable.

Moving house when pregnant is admittedly not the ideal, but it need not be stressful or pose any threat to mother and child.

Here’s what to expect when you’re expecting:

Try to plan ahead

Getting organised and planning ahead will help reduce any anxiety or stress associated with moving house.

Write to-do lists and checklists that you can tick off as you go along and try not to leave anything to the last minute.

There will be lots of paperwork and people you will need to notify, including doctors and local councils, so ensure you do this in plenty of time.

Start packing items away in good time and ask for help. Whether that be friends, family or hired help.

Don’t lift any heavy items

Moving House When PregnantIt goes without saying not matter what stage of pregnancy you are at you ought to avoid living any heavy items.

If you are going to move anything stick to smaller, light items.

Avoid odd-shaped boxes or anything which is awkward to move or requires bending down, pushing or pulling.

Remember lots of removals companies can offer packing services in addition to removals that can drastically reduce the burden of moving house when pregnant.

Label your boxes

Pregnancy can have an effect not just on the body but the mind also.

Packing everything away using a coherent and logical labelling system lessens the risk of having left something important behind.

If you’re worried about items getting lost or broken when not handling them yourself mark boxes that are fragile or require specialist instruction.

Labelling will also speed up the process of settling into your new home, allowing you to unbox the contents of each room one at a time.

Keep an essentials bag to hand

If you’re close to your due date ensure you have everything you need within easy access.

Keeping an essentials bag to hand on your moving date with any medication you are taking and anything else you might require in an emergency.

If you’re at a stage where sitting down for long periods of time is uncomfortable bring comfort items like neck pillows and blankets.

Update doctors/register with a new GP

Elevated View Of A Male Doctor Using Sonogram On Female Patient In Examination RoomConsistency is key to a stress-free pregnancy and you will want to maintain regular contact with your GP and any other healthcare professionals you are working with.

If you’re moving further afield you should check and register with your new GP and inform your existing one of any changes.

You can find a list of GPS online using the NHS Service Finder.

Research where you are moving to

In addition to registering with doctors surgeries check out your new neighbourhood and ensure you have access to everything you need.

Where the local hospital is and the easiest route to get there should be your first though just in case the baby comes early.

Get associated with the area as soon as you move in by taking a walk to the local shop or introducing yourself to the neighbours. This will help you adjust to the new home and put your mind at ease.



Last but certainly not least, relax and take it easy.

In the run up to your move take some time to yourself and do something you find enjoyable.

Whether it be catching up with friends over coffee, going for a walk in the park or participating in a prenatal class.

Takeaways might not be the more nutritious meals for us but sometimes the quick and easy options or creature comforts can help us to relax and take some of life’s stresses away.

Let your removals company take care of the moving aspect.

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