Living in Folkestone – 7 Reasons to Move Here
29th August 2023

Living in Folkestone – 7 Reasons to Move Here

Are you considering living in Folkestone?

When living in Folkestone, you can expect a wide selection of properties, some excellent schools and an ideal location in the county of Kent.

Folkestone is a port town on the English Channel in southeast England and offers a stunning shoreline and unique history.

Living in Folkestone provides good transport links.

Easy access to France with the Eurotunnel.

Moving to an unknown location can be difficult.

Gathering plenty of information is essential to help plan your move.

If Folkestone is your destination then explore this page.

We hope to provide you with essential information to help make living in Folkestone a smoother process.

Folkestone a Beautiful Place to Live

The captivating beauty of Folkestone’s coastline is a daily luxury for its residents.

Miles of pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs, and breathtaking sea views provide a stunning backdrop to everyday life.

Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll along the iconic Leas Promenade or exploring hidden coves, Folkestone’s natural beauty never fails to inspire.

Property Market

House prices concept
Folkestone is one of the more affordable places to buy in the South East. Image credit: Depositphotos

If you are considering living in Folkestone there are properties for all tastes and purses.

With a selection of properties to meet your budget, there is sure to be an ideal home waiting for you.

The average cost of properties sold in Folkestone in the last year was £299,456.

There is plenty of choice with around 407 properties having sold in the twelve-month period.

If you are seeking a terraced home, the average price is £276,753.

The average cost of a semi-detached property is £374,131, flats cost an average of £194,719 and a more expensive detached property will set you back an average of £566,597.

Property price statistics from Zoopla and are liable to change.

Renting could be appealing whilst you make a decision on the most desirable place to buy in Folkestone.

If you are unsure of the area or need to be near a particular school, renting while waiting for the perfect house location is ideal.

Folkestone currently has 100 rental properties of varying accommodation types, with 29 of these listed in the last two weeks!

The average rental cost in the town is £1,208 per month.

Rental costs for a room property in Folkestone sit at an average of £754 per month.

For one of the 35 two-bed properties you will be looking at an average cost of £1,161 per month.

Renting is certainly a good option if you want to sample what living in Folkestone is like!

Cost of Living

Cost of Living
Living costs in Folkestone are far lower than in the capital. Image credit: Depositphotos

Living in Folkestone is generally cheaper than living in London especially when comparing rental prices.

Rent prices are approximately 66% lower than London’s.

Consumer prices do not show such a stark contrast with grocery prices being 16% lower.

As a general summary, these are the costs you can expect to pay for various types of food when moving to Bury St Edmunds:

  • 1 meal at a cheaper restaurant-£17.40
  • 3-course meal for 2 people at restaurant-£ 60.00
  • 1 combo takeaway meal-£6.00
  • cappuccino or latte-£3.25
  • 1 litre of milk-£1.18
  • a loaf of bread-£1.31
  • 1kg chicken-£6.25

Statistics from Numbeo.

Best Schools in Folkestone

Education facilities in Folkestone range from nursery through to secondary level and beyond.

Offering an “Outstanding” rating at primary age are St Eanswythe’s Church of England Primary School and Seabrook Church of England School.

The Folkestone School for Girls is an Academy at secondary age (11-18) with an “Outstanding” rating.

Folkestone college provides a higher education facility for school leavers and adult education.

Further afield in surrounding Kent and Sussex towns are various Universities providing a good degree level education.

Folkestone’s Rich History

Folkestone’s rich history dates back centuries, and it’s evident in the town’s architecture and landmarks.

From the historic railway station, a gateway for cross-channel travellers, to the vintage charm of the Old High Street, history enthusiasts are sure to be enthralled by Folkestone’s heritage.

Things to do in Folkestone

Leas Cliff Hall, The Leas, Folkestone, UK
There is plenty to do in and around Folkestone. Image credit: Unsplash

Living in Folkestone will provide a wide array of activities to fill your spare time.

The Creative Quarter houses over 100 artistic ventures.

The Leas provides a mile-long cliff-top promenade.

Have a picnic on the beach at Lower Leas Coastal Park.

For an ideal spot to dine try Folkestone Harbour Arm, with its variety of food, drink and entertainment venues.

For a historic excursion visit the Martello Towers stretching from Folkestone to Sussex.

The Kent Battle of Britain Museum houses a large collection of memorabilia and Artefacts.

Nearby Hythe and Romney Marsh are well worth a visit, with a ride on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway sure to please the family.

Transport Links

Eurotunnel Folkestone Terminal
Eurotunnel Folkestone Terminal. Image credit: Wikipedia

Living in Folkestone you will have easy access to many transport facilities.

High-speed trains will take you to St Pancras International station in London in just under an hour.

Taking your car through the Eurotunnel from Folkestone will see you arrive in Calais in just 35 minutes.

The nearby Port of Dover provides ferry routes to France.

The M20 motorway provides a good link to the M25 which services many major motorways.

Gatwick airport, for your flight travel needs, is approximately 72 miles from Folkestone.

Ready to Start Living in Folkestone?

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Are you thinking of moving to Folkestone?

Whether you want to make the most of the choice of good schools or excellent properties, Folkestone is sure to appeal.

There is surely a home for you when living in Folkestone.

GoodMove will make your move to Folkestone an easy and stress-free process.

We take great joy in ensuring everything runs smoothly and flawlessly, helping you to settle into your new home right away.

As well as our competitively priced removals package, we can also offer extra services such as temporary or long-term storage facilities should you need them.

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1. What are some popular outdoor activities in Folkestone? Folkestone offers a range of outdoor activities, including coastal walks, hiking in the Kent Downs, and various water sports.

2. How is the transportation system in Folkestone? Folkestone’s transportation system is well-developed, with high-speed rail services to London and easy access to the Eurotunnel.

3. What is the Creative Quarter in Folkestone? The Creative Quarter is a vibrant area filled with galleries, studios, and shops, showcasing the town’s artistic and creative side.

4. Are there good schooling options for families? Yes, Folkestone provides excellent schooling options, including primary and secondary schools, as well as the University Centre Folkestone for higher education.

5. How does Folkestone maintain its sense of community? Folkestone maintains its sense of community through events like the Folkestone Triennial and Christmas markets, fostering interactions among residents.