Living in Ipswich – 26 Reasons to Move to Suffolk
29th November 2021

Living in Ipswich – 26 Reasons to Move to Suffolk

As the major hub for Suffolk, living in Ipswich is a fantastic option for buyers in 2021.

The town is certainly not the most garish or extravagant location in the UK.

Life is more peaceful here.

But don’t be fooled, Ipswich is not dull, in fact, it is Suffolk’s liveliest town!

Reinvented by investment in its extremely popular waterfront region as well as the introduction of the University of Suffolk in 2007.

One of the fastest-growing economies in the UK, Ipswich is certainly making a name for itself and is emerging as one of the best places to live in the country in 2021.

Here are 26 fantastic reasons to consider living in Ipswich in 2021!

Ipswich Property

Living in Ipswich provides buyers with an excellent range of property types, with prices to suit all buyers.

Ipswich’s average property value currently stands at £292,770, comfortably below the national as a whole which has now reached £264,000.

The area you decide to live in has a key role in house prices.

This certainly will change from buyer to buyer

Those who need to be nearby to good schools or near to the train station for work have a choice of areas.

One highly regarded area is Christchurch Park.

This sought-after neighbourhood boasts some lovely period properties and is popular with young families.

You can expect to pay approximately £433,599 for a detached home, £252,799 for a semi-detached, £211,784 for a terraced home and around £157,672 for a flat.

Listed Buildings

Ipswich is one of the UK’s oldest settlements.

Due to this vast history, the town is home to in excess of 650 listed buildings!

Listed Buildings are properties or structures which the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport has deemed to have special architectural or historic interest.

Some popular listed buildings in Ipswich include Ancient House and Christchurch Mansion.

Both sites are popular tourist attractions, providing a valuable insight into the towns history.

When living in Ipswich, be sure to check out some of these protected properties.


Christchurch Park Church

Ipswich is home to numerous feudal churches.

There are currently 7 active medieval churches in the town and its suburbs.

One of the most interesting of these is St Margaret.

Built in the 1300s, the exterior of the church is a sublime example of historical architecture and is certainly worth visiting.

The oldest church in Ipswich is St Peters.

Erected in 1130, it isn’t in the best condition, this is unsurprising considering just how old the church is!

Enjoy a River Cruise

River cruise

An exciting way to enjoy Ipswich, the river Orwell provides some of the best views across the region.

Numerous different companies provide river tours, Tripadvisor distinguishes Sailing Barge Victor as the pick of the bunch.

The traditional 19th century sailing boat is equipped with modern facilities.

Popular amongst those looking for a relaxing experience, with the chance for a spot of bird watching.

Another popular river cruise is offered by Allen Gardiner River Cruise Restaurant.

A more tradition river cruise experience, the tour comes with a hot meal and could be a good day out for those living in Ipswich.


Beautiful mowed lawn park

Ipswich is home to an abundance of beautiful parks.

Christchurch park is the most popular greenspace in the town with over 540 5 star reviews on Tripadvisor.

Covering over 33 hectares in the centre of the town, t is also the oldest park in the area, opening in 1895.

The park offers some fantastic facilities including a bowling green, table tennis set and a children’s play area.

It has gained even more popularity since its £4.5 million refurbishment in 2008.

Other popular parks amongst those living in Ipswich include Bourne and Hollywells park, both boasting popular kids play areas.


Shopping bags

Whether you prefer shopping in popular retail stores or more niche boutiques, Ipswich has the perfect shop for you!

If you enjoy indulging in a shopping centre, Buttermarket is the location for you.

Home to popular stores such as New Look and Superdry, the shopping centre also offers visitors a choice of different restaurants, sit down and fast food alike.

Visit All About Ipswich for a comprehensive directory of all the shops Ipswich has to offer.

The Saints

Most of the more unique shops are in the Saints area of the town.

Comprised of St Peters Street and St Nicholas Street, it is clear to see the origin of the areas nickname.

One of the town’s oldest and most historical areas, Saints provides the perfect backdrop for some interesting shops.

There is lots of very convenient car parking in the area, making a trip to the area easier than ever.

The Saints area is perfectly located only five minutes from the town and waterfront and is thus a thriving hub within the town.

Ipswich Maritime Festival

Yachts in Ipswich marina
Yachts in Ipswich marina, Suffolk.

This annual festival has been running in Ipswich since 2010.

Introduced by the Ipswich Borough Council, the event has become extremely popular with over 65,000 visitors.

Located along the waterfront, the festival will take place from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd August 2020.

Expect a whole host of fun activities ranging from live music and naval demonstration to some delicious street food.

The best thing about the festival? It’s free to go!

So, if you are living in Ipswich during this time be sure to take a trip to the festival.


With such a long, interesting history, it is no surprise that Ipswich is home to several museums.

The most popular museum in the town is undoubtedly the Ipswich Transport museum.

Displaying a collection of over 100 major transport and engineering items, all made or used in the Ipswich area.

Popular displays included Ipswich very own buses, fire engines, bicycles, police cars and even lawnmowers!

Other popular museums in the town include the Ipswich Museum and the previously mentioned Christchurch Mansion.


If you consider yourself a bit of a culture vulture, living in Ipswich will provide you with some exceptional theatrical experiences.

The town offers numerous theatres, with the most popular venue being the New Wolsey Theatre.

Established in 1979, the theatre can seat 400 spectators and plays host to annual pantomime and various local productions.

It is a fantastic community venue, striving to support local actors by providing the perfect platform for them to shine.

The largest theatre in Ipswich is the Regent Theatre.

With over a 1,500 capacity, you can expect to see larger productions and live music in this venue.


If you prefect the big screen to the stage, Ipswich has a cinema for you!

Cineworld Ipswich has 11 screens, with a total capacity of 500.

It is everything you have come to expect from a typical cinema, showing all the latest releases.

The newer Empire cinema is also a great option.

Ranked the highest in Ipswich on TripAdvisor, it offers customers the perfect balance of comfort and value for money.

If you are interested in more niche flicks, the Ipswich Film Theatre is for you!

Beautiful Walks

If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, Ipswich and Suffolk have some fantastic walks to savour.

You can choose to stay within the town, with some beautiful walks along the waterfront.

Surrounding Suffolk is home to some of the most spectacular walks in the UK.

Priestly Wood is considered one of the best examples of an ancient woodland in the UK.

The region has a spectacular array of different flora and fauna.

Another very interesting walk in Suffolk, Rendlesham Forest, is home to the UFO trail.

A 1,500-acre area of woodland near the Suffolk coast, the woodland is synonymous with the 1980 UFO sighting.

You can relive the incident yourself with detailed information boards scattered along the walk.

If the kids aren’t captivated by the tales from outer space, there are plenty of play areas to keep them occupied.


music festival

Ipswich and the wider region of Suffolk plays host to the one of the largest range of festivals in the UK.

Whether its one of the popular food festivals, renowned music and arts events or even a Brazilian culture celebration, the region has something for everyone!

Latitude Festival is one of the biggest music events in the UK.

The winner of the Best Major Festival Award in 2017, Latitude Festival has proven itself to be one of the best festivals in the country.

Featuring a mix of literature, comedy, theatre, dance, poetry and some of the world’s greatest musicians.

Latitude simply has it all, the gorgeous lakeside setting on The Suffolk Coast isn’t to shabby either.

One of the newest foods and drink event, Newmarket Food and Drink Festival is in the centre of Newmarket.

The festival offers displays by celebrity chefs, tastings, live music and plenty of original food and drink found nowhere else.

Living in Ipswich certainly provides a host of exciting events to enjoy.


Assorted Beers
Assorted Beers in a Flight Ready for Tasting.

Suffolk is famed as the home of one of the UK’s biggest brewers.

Greene King was founded in 1799 in Bury St Edmunds and is still a household name to this day.

This tradition of brewing in also still celebrated in Ipswich, with various brewers hosting tours of their facilities.

With tours starting at just £10, Briarbank Brewery is a fascinating experience.

The guided tour includes and taste test and your choice of beer or soft drink in the bar afterwards.


If the breweries section peaked your interested, then this is likely to interest you as well.

Ipswich is home to some of Suffolk’s highest rated pubs.

The Fat Cat pub were named one of the top ten beer pubs in the country in the 2019 Good Pub Guide.

Described as a beer lover’s dream, the Fat Cat is very popular amongst the locals living in Ipswich.

The pub stocks a huge range of up to 18 real ales from across the UK as well as serving food all day.

Some other fantastic pubs to consider visiting include the Arcade Street Tavern and the Greyhound.


Ipswich waterfront

The stunning Ipswich waterfront has emerged as the beating heart of the town.

Once the most rundown sector of the town, massive investment and a vision has seen it rise to such Olympian heights.

On a nice day, you can enjoy a stroll by the marina moseying at the lovely boats that are often moored here.

The waterfront is, as mentioned, an integral part of the town.

It is home to some fantastic bars and restaurants such as Bistro on the Quay, as well as hosting the annual Maritime festival.


Container Ship

The port of Ipswich is located at the head of the River Orwell, 12 miles from the sea.

It is a short sailing time from the North Sea shipping lanes.

Managing over three million tonnes of cargo each year, it is a very busy water way and important to the economy of the area.

One of the main imports here are timber products from Scandinavia and the Baltics.

With such a huge port so close to the town, Ipswich has thrived as a result of the port.

Historic Figures

One of the most famous people born in Ipswich’s long history was the Tudor Thomas Wolsey.

The archbishop of York, Wolsey became adviser to Henry VIII from 1509 when he rose to the most prominent figure within the church.

There are still schools and pubs named after the famous clergyman who hailed from Ipswich.

Another famous individual, artist Thomas Gainsborough worked in the town.

Lord Nelson become steward of Ipswich in 1557, similarly to Wolsey there are various pubs named after the famous naval figure.


girl sitting in front of desktop

Since it opened in 2007, the University of Suffolk has been a significant provider of higher education in Ipswich and Suffolk as a whole.

The University has over 5,000 students, representing over 68 different nationalities.

It prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and being a home away from home for its students.

The opening of the University is very significant for Ipswich, not only attracting an increased student population, but also ensuring the highest level of education is provided.



If you are a fitness fanatic, Ipswich has you covered!

The town cates for all, with several different gyms and leisure centres to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one.

Ipswich Sports Club is fantastic option.

With a top-notch gym, the facilities also cater for fitness classes, squash, tennis and hockey, making it a great choice.


The very popular Ipswich Cycling Weekend is an event that takes place every August.

With a range of routes all the way up to a 100-mile cycle, the stunning Suffolk Scenery is the perfect location for any cycling enthusiast.

There are several different cycle clubs within the town itself.

The most popular of these is Ipswich Bicycle Club who cater for training children, off road and various other cycling traditions.

If you are a cycling enthusiast living in Ipswich, be sure to check out some of these events and clubs!


female runner running on seaside boardwalk during sunrise

If you prefer the fresh air and changing scenery when exercising, Ipswich is a great location for a run.

With a range of both urban and rural landscape only a stone’s throw away, there are plenty of place to explore.

If you are channelling your inner Mo Farah, Suffolk has some spectacular scenery, including the coast region and some of the lovely woodland.

Be sure to track where and how far you have run, apps like Strava give detailed feedback and you can save your favourite routes!

Football Club

Formed as an amateur club in 1878, Ipswich Town F.C is the pride and joy of the towns football fans.

Although not at the pinnacle of the domestic game, Ipswich Town still draw large crowds and it is always a good day when they win!

If you are living in Ipswich be sure to support your local team.

You can purchase merchandise and tickets from the official club website!

Famous People

George Orwell Plaque

Ipswich and Suffolk have been home to a whole host of celebrities down the years.

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, originally born in Halifax, West Yorkshire moved to Framlingham, Suffolk at a young age.

The star began writing songs during his time at Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham, which is around 30 mins from Ipswich town centre.

The English writer, George Orwell, who penned works such as Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm was from Suffolk.

He is considered one of the 20th Century’s best narrators of English culture.

Star of the IT Crowd, actor Richard Ayoade was also raised in Ipswich

Sister Town

Sister City relationships aim to increase cultural understanding, knowledge and forge goodwill between the people of cities and countries.

Ipswich is twinned with Arras, France.

A relationship that has been established between the two cities since WW1, when the Suffolk Regiment fought in the French town!

With regular school trips to the sister town, there is a fantastic bond between the two.


Salary variation.

It is an exciting time to be living in Ipswich.

In 2018, the town was found to be the second fastest growing economy in the whole country, behind only Cambridge.

The report revealed that Ipswich had the second highest GVA growth rate in the UK in the first three months of the year, at 2.5%.

Another Suffolk location, Norwich also made the top five, with recorded rates of 2.4%.

This growth is expected to continue, with both regions expected to stay within the top 10 fastest growing economies for the next decade.


One of the most important factors to consider when living in Ipswich with a young family is schools.

The town has 31 primary schools, of which 4 have been deemed ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Two of these outstanding schools, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School and St Mark’s Catholic Primary School are the top performers in the town.

Secondary education is provided to the town by 11 schools.

The pick of the bunch being Copleston High School, given a ‘Good’ score from Ofsted, it is above the national average for grades achieved.

Looking to Move to Ipswich?

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