Moving House During the Second COVID-19 Lockdown
22nd November 2020

Moving House During the Second COVID-19 Lockdown

Will you be moving house during the second lockdown?

Throughout England and the rest of the UK, a string of new lockdown limits are in action.

Restrictions on moving will differ reliant on the area of the UK in which you reside.

This blog will explain the up to date rules and help to examine what moving house during the second lockdown will look like.

With the lockdown in full effect, health and wellbeing have never been more essential.

This article aims to highlight the ideal procedures to follow when moving to a new property.

Upholding high safety levels when moving is our focus.

Adhering to our advice will go a long way to guaranteeing moves conducted in the second lockdown will be safe for all.

United Kingdom national flag flying

Latest Rules in the UK

The latest house move rules will differ depending on what part of the UK you live in.

Measures regarding COVID-19 vary in each country, with each putting forward its own rules.

Below are the most accurate and up to date rules:


England has enacted new lockdown limitations. These began on the 5th November and will remain in place until the 2nd of December.

Any ensuing rules will be agreed on a smaller, regional level subsequent to this date.


Scotland has launched its own five-tier system.  Scotland’s 32 local authorities will be sorted via a tier system, with placement in tiers dependent on current risk. All 32 of Scotland’s local authorities are currently in tier 1, 2, or 3.


Wales ended its ‘firebreak’ lockdown on the 9th of November. The Welsh government have announced an update to their guidelines that included various recommendations. These include:

  • Stay out of each other’s homes, except in very limited circumstances, limit the times you leave your home, and the distance you travel
  • When you do leave home, please try and be restrained in how many different people you see. It is better to see the same one or two people regularly than to see lots of different people occasionally
  • Maintain social distancing, including outdoors
  • Meet people outdoors rather than indoors where possible, even in circumstances where the law allows you to meet indoors
  • Work from home if you can

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown which saw the closure of pubs and restaurants ended on the 13th of November. Despite a loosening of rules, there are still a number of strict restrictions in place. These include:

  • People from different households in Northern Ireland are still not allowed to mix indoors
  • There are some exemptions, with “bubbling” allowed with one other household of any size
  • No more than six people from two households are allowed to gather in a private garden (children under 12 are exempt)
  • From Friday 27 November, restaurants, cafes pubs, and bars can only offer takeaway, drive-through or delivery
  • All takeaway businesses must close by 23:00
  • All takeaway businesses must close by 23:00

Moving House

Can You Still Move House?

House moves in England are permitted to go ahead despite the national lockdown.

Government announcements ensured that the housing market would continue to be open during the month-long lockdown.

Both buyers and renters can move under current lockdown limitations.
Removals companies and estate agents are also permitted to continue working.
Employees from these sectors are still able to enter customers properties.
All estate agent and removals services can go ahead, subject to social distancing measures.
Recent changes to rules mean individuals living in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are also authorised to move.
In-person viewings are also still allowed in these countries, again emphasising social distancing measures.
Whilst house moves are still approved, there are several tips you can follow to safeguard your health and safety.

Fogging Machine Services

When moving house during the second lockdown, there are several services customers can utilise to ensure the best safety levels.

GoodMove are happy to announce the introduction of our new sanitising fogging machine.

Our quick and easy service can thoroughly disinfect rooms, which you can access 15 minutes after completion, ensuring that the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation are maintained.

Our V2 Antiviral Disinfectant corresponds with European Standard BS EN14476, BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13697 and kills 99.99% of germs and viruses, guaranteeing the process is both safe and effective.

This service is available to all customers moving with us.
It is also offered as a separate service for local businesses.

It is the ideal sanitation service for any public venues, including, but not limited to, pubs, bars, and restaurants.

As the nationwide lockdown continues, we believe it is of paramount importance to remain vigilant.

GoodMove are sticking to this by following the governments’ health and safety protocols and establishing new wellbeing-based services.

Video Surveys

Video Surveys

When choosing your removals company, it is important to establish if they are providing video surveys.

Video surveys became an important service for removals companies during the first lockdown, ensuring customers were able to receive the highest levels of service and safety.

The technology ensures removals companies are able to conduct house surveys without neglecting safety measures.

Video surveys allow removals companies to establish all of the necessary information for a move, completely remotely.

Choosing a removals company who offer this technology will limit your interaction with people from beyond your bubble.

Virtual video surveys have become cemented as an essential wellbeing tool, limiting physical interactions in your move.

Video surveys have proven to be essential in supporting removals companies with house moves during the second lockdown and will remain a key service in the future.

Prior to your move, find out if your chosen company are providing video surveys.

Adhering to social distancing rules remains of the utmost importance.

Video surveys are a vital service to ensure these measures are maintained.

Removals Companies

Choosing the right removals company for your house move during the second lockdown is a key consideration.

Removals companies are allowed to remain open during the course of the lockdown.

The knowledge and capability of a reliable removals company will help to uphold safety, making your move as stress-free as can be.

Make sure your removals company are fully operational throughout the second lockdown.

There are a few things you can ask your chosen company before you move.

Important questions include:

  • Should you or a family member display symptoms of COVID, what happens?
  • Are you functioning fully in the second lockdown?
  • Are health and safety guidelines being followed?
  • Can you perform house moves straight away or are there delays to services?
  • Are there are any extra safety procedures being followed?

Raising these straightforward questions will give you a better grasp of how the best removals companies are currently operating.

social distancing

Social Distancing

Social distancing rules outlined by the government recommend remaining 2 meters apart from individuals from beyond your bubble.

Prior to the pandemic and national lockdowns, it was routine to greet movers, family and friends to help with your move.

Nevertheless, upholding social distancing rules and ensure safety is of primary importance.

The nature of removals understandably means social distancing is no small task.

Whilst not a straightforward change, there are a number of things customers can do to ensure that safety is ensured.

PPE Masks

Using PPE

If you will be in contact with a removals team, ensuring you can make use of your own personal PPE is essential.

The necessary PPE comprises of wearing both face masks and disposable gloves.

PPE must be used when in close proximity to anyone from outside of your household or bubble.

Following these PPE guidelines and obeying to social distancing rules will help to make your move runs as safely and efficiently as it can be.

Ensure you maintain high levels of hygiene when meeting with anyone from beyond your bubble.

Whilst you will be wearing disposable gloves, it is still vital that you frequently wash your hands.

Especially when you take the gloves off!

Providing removals teams with an area to wash their hands is another great way to ensure safety.

Government guidelines highlight the importance of workers washing their hands, indicating that it will help to preserve the best levels of hygiene.

The website will show you all of the latest rules surrounding coronavirus.

Be sure to check out the website and find out how to remain safe when moving house during the second lockdown.

Feeling Unwell?

Moving house during the second lockdown has been permitted.

However, it is important to appreciate that the pandemic persists.

Should you or an individual from your bubble or home begin to feel ill or display any symptoms of COVID, you must postpone your move and self-isolate for two weeks.

Notify all of the relevant parties ASAP.

This includes your removals company.

The earlier you can notify the necessary companies, the sooner your move can be rescheduled to a more appropriate date.

This will by no means be a convenient procedure.

Nevertheless, ensuring your safety and the wellbeing of other is of chief importance.

Delaying your move will help to reduce the spread of coronavirus and will safeguard staff and other customers.

Shielded and medically vulnerable individuals should take the time to consider your options.

You should seek medical advice before you commit to moving house during the second lockdown.

If you are moving house during the second lockdown, do not take any chances.

If you feel unwell, let us know!

We will be happy to help ensure your move is rescheduled.

Goodmove truck

Moving with GoodMove

Regardless of if you are moving house during the second lockdown or are simply preparing to move in the future, understanding the impact that the coronavirus has had on moving to a new house is important.

The removals industry is continuing to adapt to the uncertainty that has been generated by the global pandemic.

Being well organised for your upcoming move is essential!

If you are moving house during the second lockdown make sure to choose a reliable removals company to perform your move.

Whether you decide to move now or in the future, it pays to have a flexible removals company that can accommodate these new, exceptional circumstances.

GoodMove are here to help make your move as safe and stress-free as possible.

We have over 35 years’ experience handling removals throughout the UK and Europe.

Our customer-driven approach to removals has earned us critical acclaim. We believe our written testimonials, which can be found on Reference Line, are our testament to the service we deliver.

We also offer flexible self-storage options to our customers.

Either as part of a tailor-made removals package or as a standalone service.

GoodMove are also offering our new video survey service.

Using this new technology, we can gather all the information we require to assist with your move, from the comfort of your home.

Video surveys will help you save valuable time and maintain safety in this unique time.

To find out how GoodMove’s removals service can work for you contact us on the number listed above or use the quick quote form.