Six Money Saving Tips When Moving House
25th October 2018

Six Money Saving Tips When Moving House

There’s no doubt about it, moving house is an expensive process. From estate agent and conveyancing fees to paying stamp duty, the costs of moving can soon escalate.

The Telegraph reported earlier this year that the average house mover could expect to pay around £10,000 in costs to move house in 2018.

And that’s all before you’ve even started looking at the cost of moving your belongings from A to B.

Removal companies typically calculate the costs of moving based on the ‘volume of effects’, but will also factor in distance travelled among other things. For example, a three-bedroom property with around 750-1,000 cubic footage of items is likely to cost in the region of £660-£880.

The cost of removals when moving home need not be a cause for concern if you plan your move in advance. If you want to move house without spending a small fortune it’s important to carefully consider your moving options.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of six simple and easy ways to save money when moving house:

Book early

Booking your removals company early allows you to establish a clear picture of the total cost of your move and save costs.

Just like booking a holiday or hotel, the further in advance you plan, the higher chance your dates will be available and at a lower cost.

If you don’t yet have a fixed moving date for moving house you can still plan ahead by getting in touch with different removals companies and arranging home surveys. Aim for at least three different companies.

Once you have a date in the calendar you will then avoid having to go through the whole process and can reach an informed decision.

Compare quotes

When receiving different quotations from removals companies be sure to check it thoroughly, item-by-item, to ensure you are aware what exactly you’re being billed for.

Check for hidden costs and that standard items like parking and loading are included. This will put you in a better position to negotiate.

If there is a service which is already included that you have requested to do yourself inform your removals company. Assembling and reassembling furniture yourself is an easy way to cut costs.


As the cost of moving house is calculated on the total ‘volume of effects’ an easy way to reduce costs is simply to move less items.

Have a thorough declutter of all your personal belongings before you move. Take the time to assess your home, room-by-room, to see if there are any items you can sell, donate or simply throw away.

It is difficult but try to remove emotion from the process and think practically about what you will actually use at your new home. If you are simply moving an item from one loft to another, this is a costly process.

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Get organised

Don’t leave tasks to the last minute. This will only cause stress and can mean additional costs if your removals company is delayed or forced to wait.

Get on top of your move early by using a planner or moving checklist as a visual aid. It’s good practice to make a detailed checklist of everything you need to do, from ensuring access for the removals team on the day to packing an essentials kit for your first night.

Once you complete a task you can simply tick it off your list. Not only will this help clarify the process but it will give you additional peace of mind that you’ve covered everything and reduce stress levels.

Take a look at our step-by-step moving house checklist for extra tips and guidance.

Consider moving off-peak

Another way to reduce the costs of moving house is to pick a less busy time or day. Removals companies are often booked up in months in advance for summer holidays and half-term. Moving in autumn or winter if you move permits could be a sure way to save costs.

When it comes to moving house, Friday is the most popular day. But the day can actually be fraught with difficulties if something goes amiss, for instance, failing to exchange or payments not going through.

Be cautious of bank holidays also. It may appear practical but if not planned for properly can cause extra difficulties. For instance, if banks are closed or if you can’t access someone you need.

It is recommended to choose a mid-week moving day if you want to save costs and ensure your house move goes through without a hitch. Book extra days off work if possible and make prior arrangements for children and pets.

Buy proper packing materials

Coming from a removals company this may sound more like a sales pitch than advice on saving costs. But when you consider the risk of damage or loss it really does pay to use quality packaging materials.

If you are saving costs by packing yourself, be aware that you will need to do this in good time and purchase proper packing materials.

Although it might be tempting to use second hand packing materials, if they are not suitable this can lead to additional costs.

Make up and prepare boxes for your move and check they are sturdy enough to hold the contents. Some additional tips for packing include:

  • Reinforce all boxes with gaffa tape
  • Check each box for damp or suspected damage
  • Label each box and its contents
  • Fill spaces so that there is no room for items to fall around

Remember if you are going to be moving special care items, such as portraits or pianos it is always best to discuss this with your removals company first. More often than not, they specialise in this area and have tailored equipment to deal with these awkward or heavy items.

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