Top 5 London Commuter Towns
29th November 2019

Top 5 London Commuter Towns

Many who work in London don’t want to live there. This is completely understandable.

Many London workers have family and would prefer to raise them nearer to the countryside, where non-polluted air and outdoor activities are in abundance.

Whether you have a family, you want a shorter commute time or your looking to save some money; there is somewhere for everyone.

Here is a list of the top 5 London commuter towns:

Row of new residential houses in suburban neighborhood

Potters Bar

The travel time from Potters Bar into London is only 19 minutes.

This travel time is only shared with one other location, which is Ebbsfleet (High-Speed Railway 1). However, a season ticket in Ebbsfleet will cost you double that (£2000 more) of Potters Bar.

Potters Bar is located in the county of Hertfordshire and is only 18 miles from Charing Cross Station. This idyllic town offers the best of both worlds.

The name of the town is supposedly related to the sheer amount of roman pottery unearthed here. There are plenty of green spaces and several recreational facilities in the area, including a swimming pool and leisure centre.

Best of all? It’s only 18 minutes away from London, so you have the entire city to explore, just a short distance from your doorstep.



Witham is a 45-minute train journey from London, a 20-minute drive from Chelmsford and, on average, you can save £90,000 when buying in Witham.

Here in Witham, the average property price is £317,669, rising by 3.1% over the past 12 months. There are plenty of gorgeous properties on the market. If you were to live in Chelmsford, you would end up paying £90,000 for the same house in Witham.

It’s for this reason that many first-time buyers look to purchase property here. There are plenty of amazing properties for sale, and a plethora of developments, such as the Southfields Development, means even more homes are being created every year.

Old english architecture


Many graduates will have their first jobs in or around London. For those looking to work in London, it’s almost impossible to live in London as this is their first job.

Reading is not only a fantastic town, but there are plenty of home shares/flats available to rent, and the short commute into London makes this even more attractive.

Living outside the capital gives you the best of both worlds. Jump on a train, and within 28 minutes you’ve made it into London.

On top of this, Reading offers fantastic nights out, and the selection of restaurants and cafes available is simply amazing.

Zoopla states that the average house price is £360,000, and several developments are occurring to improve the town’s infrastructure and industries.

Calverley Grounds - picturesque public park in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells is a great area and there are plenty of reasons why it has made it to the list of best London commuter towns. It offers plenty of activities for all the family and the average property price is £517,286, according to Zoopla. The last 12 months has seen a 7.16% rise in property prices in this area.

If money isn’t an issue and you’re looking for a lovely area in Kent to commute to and from London, then Tunbridge Wells is the place for you, but move quickly in case property prices rise even more.

Tunbridge Wells has a rich history as a spa town. Nowadays, it has been incredibly modernised and offers a range of shopping opportunities and restaurants to choose from.

The main reason for living outside of London is for the natural beauty of the countryside. This town can offer just that, with the surrounding area being awarded an AONB, meaning this area is a dedicated conservation area.

If you’re looking to move with your family, then you want to ensure that the right education is available to them. Tunbridge Wells is served by two brilliant schools, the Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School and the Bennett Memorial Diocesan Academy. Ofsted rated both of these schools as Outstanding.


If you’re looking for a city with less people and just as much history as London, then Chelmsford is the place for you.

For years, London workers have sought the haven of Chelmsford, and set their roots here and have grown their family from here. Fed up of the lack of space, lack of green, commuters have turned to Chelmsford for decades.

The commute is only 35 minutes. The schools are of high quality; the outdoor space is vast; the average price of a house is just under £400,000, and says out to London is more reality than a dream.

Chelmsford is by far the best out of the London commuter towns, offering the best of both worlds, and excellent access to not only London but the countryside as well.


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