What The Colour of Your Front Door Is Telling the World
2nd February 2020

What The Colour of Your Front Door Is Telling the World

Do you know what the best front door colour is for you?

Every decision we make in life has meaning.

We are forever signalling to those around us our personality traits, whether that be consciously or subconsciously.

The clothes we wear, the food we eat and even the colour of our front door.

Believe it or not, psychologist argue that all these decisions give glimpses into our psyches.

The focus of this article is to highlight the significance of different front door colours, accessing what each colour tells the outside world about the owner.

We all know that front doors are important for kerb appeal, but they reveal much more than we can even imagine.

It turns out front doors aren’t just a portal into our home.

They’re also a portal into our mind!


Red front door


A traditional colour for a traditional home.

Red is a staple British colour seen on London buses as well as telephone and post-boxes.

It offers a feeling of not only tradition but also hospitality and welcome.

The vibrant colour also suggests the owner is both outgoing and confident, implying that a lively, friendly host lives behind this door.

Red also indicates that the owner is someone full of energy and is certainly a strong colour choice for your door.


Black Front Door


There’s no colour more sophisticated and stately than black.

A black front door exudes style and projects a very strong image of the owners.

The simplicity of a black door is synonymous with an elegant, well designed interior.

Often associated with success and power, a black door tells the world this home is refined and sophisticated.

Black doors are also coupled with authority, giving the illusion that this house is well protected.

Considering all of this, black is certainly one of the best front door colours.


Blue Front Door


A blue door is reflective of a fair summers sky or sparkling blue sea.

This imagery certainly gives a good first impression of a homeowner, creating an image of a calm, peaceful individual.

It also suggests that the person living here has a great imagination.

The colour blue represents a feeling of safety but also a sense of understanding and a grounded nature.

Blue is certainly a favourable colour for a door, representing owners who is true to themselves.

Green Front Door


Green is without doubt one of the best front door colours.

This colour suggests that the house holds traditional values, with owners who care about both their home and community.

A green door also indicates a desire for personal growth, this person is ambitious and will always strive to be the best version of themselves.

It is said that people with green doors are perceived as trustworthy, a good trait to have!

Green is also inherently linked with money, suggesting the homeowner is very good with their finances.


White Front Door


A very common colour, white offers a clean-cut option for homeowners.

Associated with new builds, white doors still give clues as to the sort of household that lies beyond.

White is natural associated with cleanliness (when properly maintained) and gives the impression that the rest of the house will be uniform.

Simplicity is key!

A white door is an indicator that this home is simple and organised, there’s no drama beyond this door!

White is also very popular due to its dismissal of negativity.

Bright, clean and organised, there should be less negativity in a house with a white door.


Yellow Front Door


With yellow, creativity is key.

If your front door is yellow, you are almost certainly a imaginative individual with a positive outlook.

You are putting this positive energy out there through your front door for all to see.

It is shown that yellow doors inspire happiness from those who see them, especially when looking to buy a house!

Psychologists believe that an individual with a yellow door is most likely very confident and optimistic and enjoys meeting new people.

Whilst yellow is certainly a bold choice, this preference indicates the person is confident with their optimistic outlook on life!


Brown Front Door


A natural wooden or brown door can reveal a lot about a home and is arguably one of the best front door colours.

The natural tones of a brown/wooden door express a sense of warmth and homeliness, very good qualities for a home.

As well as these features, a brown door can convey stability through its natural feel.

Wooden and brown doors certainly ooze comfort with their rustic, almost country feel, you’ll feel at home in a house with this door.



A very colourful choice, purple doors are few and far between.

If you are the owner of a purple door, you probably have no problem standing out in a crowd.

The colour indicates that this person is a free spirit and does not restrict their life to any social ‘norms’.

It is also suggested that a home with a purple door implies that the person living there is very compassionate and enjoys making new friends.

Common belief amongst experts shows that a homeowner with a purple door welcomes new experiences and is open to a variety of opportunities.


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