13 Moving & Packing Tips You Need To Know When Moving House
12th April 2019

13 Moving & Packing Tips You Need To Know When Moving House

Packing is never something anyone looks forward to. That’s why we’ve devised a list of sensible packing tips below, including a guide to packing up your house by room by room.

Despite moving house more than four times on average during our lifetimes, one in four of us has said that moving house has made them stressed out.

So much so that in a poll of 2,000 UK homeowners, 40% said the process of moving house was the most stressful life experience, ahead of getting a divorce (34%) or starting a new job (27%).

But the prospect of packing up the contents of your home need not be that stressful with a little planning and preparation.

As part of our list of packing tips we’ve also included a list of suggested items to include as part of your box of moving day essentials.

Sensible packing tips when moving house

Packing Boxes

  • Start early — put together a list of tasks and an inventory of all items.
  • Buy Moving Boxes — get sturdy moving boxes of different shapes and sizes from your removals company or pick up free ones from friends and companies.
  • Approach one room at a time — see below for a detailed breakdown by each room.
  • Start with the rooms you use least —start taking down decorative items a month before your move and pack away the items you use least.
  • Declutter — have a thorough clean out and remember the less stuff you bring with you the less stress and the more money you’ll have.
  • Donate and sell unwanted items — you could always raise extra funds by selling items on free apps like Shpock or Ebay, or simply donate them to charity.
  • Label boxes — devise a colour-coded system and stick to it, making sure your removals team (and yourself) are aware of the contents of each box.
  • Protect fragile items — use packing paper, bubble wrap, or blankets and consider specialist wooden crates for extra heavy items.
  • Fill Gaps — old newspapers and magazines work well as padding in between boxes to keep the contents of glass and chinaware safe.
  • Use small boxes for heavy items — place the heaviest items and boxes at the bottom.
  • Do not exceed weight limits — make sure you don’t overfill boxes or they could fall out or break.
  • Prepare a box of essentials — get prepared for the first night (see below for more details).
  • Place hazardous items in a separate boxdispose of them safely if no longer sealed.

Packing up your house room by room

Approach one room at a time starting with the rooms you use least or which have most items. Lots of people start with the garage or attic but this can be very daunting.

That’s why we recommend starting with the kitchen which can accumulate lots of items over the year.

Kitchen packing tips

  • Pack dishes vertically
  • Use protectors for sharp knives and place with the blade facing away with you.
  • Wrap glass in bubble wrap and place downwards in boxes with the wider part facing.
  • Stack pots and pans but consider placing protective non-stick materials in between.
  • Use acid free paper for silverware, cutlery and other stainless steel.

Bathroom packing tips

  • Clear out of date medicines from cabinets.
  • Dispose of hazardous materials which removals companies cannot move.
  • Clean and rinse all products before placing into moving boxes.

Bedroom packing tips

Bedroom packing

  • Pack away bed and linen and roll into original carry bags if possible.
  • Use stretch wrap and corner protectors to protect mattresses, and exercise caution when taking down stair wells.
  • Consider making use of a wardrobe box to transport the contents of your wardrobe from house to house without having to take them off the hanger.
  • Hire experts to move specialist or hard to move items like antique dressers.

Living room packing tips

Packing away living room

  • Dismantle furniture with care and use protective overlayers to transport.
  • Tape screws, bolts and other loose items to the underside of furniture.
  • Transport your TV in the original box if kept and use bubble wrap and other protective materials to guard the screen.
  • Consider using made to measure wooden crates which can be supplied by your removals team for heavy or specialist items like pianos and pool tables.


Garage clear out

  • Put plants and other outside materials in protective containers and do away with excess soil
  • Dispose of all fertilizers and hazardous substances that are unopened, including tins of paint.
  • Use boxes and padded bubble wrap for garden ornaments.
  • Clean tools and pack away in heavy duty boxes.

How to prepare a box of essentials

Donation box with food on red background close-up

One of the most important moving tips you’ll come across is the packing of a box of essentials.

This box contains everything that you will need (or might potentially require) during the first night in your new home.

Rather than handing this over to your removals team this box will travel with you in the seat of your vehicle.

It should include everyday essentials as well as any specific items your require.

Examples of what it might include are:

  • Toiletries including toothpaste and hygiene items
  • Non-perishable food and dry items like pastas and beans
  • First-aid kit
  • Toilet paper
  • Kettle and tea bags/coffee beans
  • Plastic plates and cutlery
  • Any medication you are taking
  • Cleaning supplies to give the new home a quick spruce
  • Change of clothes
  • Electronics (Laptop, iPad, kindle, etc) and chargers
  • Supplies for children

Aim to pack around half these items and keep space free nearer moving day in case you have any items you want to throw in last minute.

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When to call in the removals experts?

Two Delivery Men Unloading Furniture From VehiclePacking for a house move is not like packing for a holiday or a weekend away in the Cotswolds.

It is a specialist skill that requires the right level of know-how and experience.

GoodMove is a reputable removals firm with extensive knowledge of the removals process having moved families in Essex across the UK for over 35 years.

We pack for freight shipping to destinations across the globe as well as smaller journeys made cross-county.

In hiring GoodMove you’ll not only have access to our wide pool of industry knowledge but you’ll also be able to make use of our extensive range of moving equipment.

We are here to help in any way and can wrap, pack and seal your items ready to go, whether that be straight to your new home or placed into storage.

As part of our service we can supply the following packing supplies to ensure your possessions are safe and secure:

  • Study purpose-made boxes
  • Packing Paper
  • Packing Cases
  • Book Cartons
  • Bespoke Crates
  • Packing Tape
  • Wine Dividers
  • Portable Wardrobes
  • Acid Free Paper (For Silverware)

To find out more about any of our packing supplies or to enquire about one of our removals services don’t hesitate to call us on the number above.

Alternatively fill out a quick quote form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.