Top 11 Reasons That Prevent People From Moving Home
10th January 2020

Top 11 Reasons That Prevent People From Moving Home

Before you’ve owned your first home, you dream of what your future home will be like.

10, 20 or even 30 years down the line and the dreams of many have not been fulfilled. There are plenty of reasons why this might be the case.

Some people find themselves very comfortable in their current home. While it may not be the millionaire’s mansion or that 19th-century Victorian house you’ve coveted for the past decade, it is home.

However, there are still thousands of people who want to live somewhere else but feel like they can’t move. This could be one of a million reasons, but it is commonly due to stress, money or not finding the right property.

Below, we have pinpointed the top 11 reasons why people who want to move house, find themselves hesitant. Hopefully, this will help those of you who are struggling to decide whether to move or not.

Here are the top 11 reasons that prevent people from moving home:

money flying out of wallet

Approved Mortgage loan application with house key and rubber stampConstruction at residential house, back deck being recontructed and repaired

Cost of Moving Is Too High

This is the most common reason people say prevent them from moving home. It’s easy to understand why.

It’s all the additional costs that come with moving home. The average stamp duty when selling your house in 2018 was £2300.

Use the calculator above to find out the Stamp Duty Land Tax you will be paying when you move house. The higher the value of your property, the more expensive this will be.

Not only does Stamp Duty make moving house expensive, but also agency fees are the next significant expenditure. These can come in at roughly £3000/4000. Alongside this, things such as remortgaging, conveyance fees, energy performance certificate and the removal company required can cost you another £3000/4000.

This being said, you can factor these into the property ou buy. Going for something slightly cheaper means you’ll have more cash to deal with these fees.

Doing your research to find the right removals company and agency for you is vital.

While this is the prime suspect which prevents people from moving home, it’s an easy one to overcome when you break it down and look at the facts.

Moving Can Be Stressful

Packing every single belonging of yours into a box is no easy task, and definitely not one to be underestimated.

If you’ve pets, then this makes it even more stressful. Moving with pets requires much forethought, and there is a wealth of information out there to aid you on your journey.

Have a cat and you’re moving home? See our article on Moving House with a Cat

There are plenty of ways to make moving less stressful for yourself and your family as well. The first step is to make a checklist on what you need to do and by when. GoodMove have made this step simple by creating the Essential Moving House Checklist.

Next, all your belongings must be packaged safe and sound. Some removal companies offer packing supplies, providing everything you need to make sure you’re valuables arrive safe and sound.

Finally, you forward to your new life in your stunning new home. Yes, it is stressful, but there are things you can and can’t control. Once you’ve done the above and you’re ready to move, then it’s time to relax and get excited once more.

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It’s Too Complicated

With so many steps, agreements, contracts and questions to be answered, it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sadly, this is a common reason why many people avoid moving. You’ll hear the tales and woes of many who have struggled to sell their houses. Sometimes, it’s a streak of bad luck while other times its mistake after mistake.

There are plenty of common pitfalls that prevent people from moving home, and there are many ways to avoid them. There is most definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will be worth going through this process to finally get the humble abode you’ve always wanted.

Lack of Homes Available

Times aren’t like they were 40 years ago.

Statistics show that roughly 150,000 fewer homes are being built every year when compared to the 60s.

Because of this, many people say there is a shortage of homes. However, this is not the case. It may seem hard to find the right property, but it is out there.

The decrease in construction is partly due to more restrictions on property development. This is needed as it aims to keep more green spaces within the UK, something that everyone wants.

Unfortunately, it will require a large amount of research and, with the aid of an estate agent, you may finally find the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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I’ve Lived Here for A Long Time

Honestly, who likes leaving their home. Every time you come back from a trip, holiday, or weekend away, your house is your home. Your life is there.

It’s easy to get used to all the little nooks and crannies of your house and become accepting of all the small things that may be wrong with it.

A new adventure, challenge or task is a great way to feel about buying a new home. Your new home could be something you design yourself, it could be a home that you renovate a vast majority of, or you could find the perfect house!

Don’t worry too much about the bad things that can go wrong; it’ll be more rewarding than you know to find the right house for you and start a new era of your life.

I Like My Neighbourhood Too Much

You know the ins and outs of your neighbourhood

Your next-door neighbour, the family that lives in Number 1, your child’s friend’s parents. Everyone you know lives here.

If it is the area that you are in love with, and not the home, then find the right home within the same area you are now.

It is better to regret something you’ve done than regret something you haven’t done. There is never a perfect time for everything, so sometimes it’s best to take a leap of faith and trust your gut that moving house, no matter the stress, is what’s best for you.

Closeup view of new home keys and house plan during a discussion with a real estate agent

Estate Agents Can Be Tricky

It’s fair to say that estate agents are not always the easiest to deal with.

Without doing proper research, an extensive list of extra bills can pile up in front of you.

A key aspect of moving house is to make sure you research the estate agent properly. This will ensure they do everything by the book and have your best interest in mind.

You want to be advised on any possible way to save money while moving; therefore, it may be best to contact your solicitor or accountant, alongside your estate agent, to see if there are any ways to save on the overall move.

The Property You Want Is Expensive

The property market is unpredictable. Just like with Brexit, we don’t know what will happen; we can only make calculated assumptions.

Many thought that Brexit would have a negative effect on the housing market. While we have still yet to leave the EU, the housing market thus far (over the past 12 months) increased by 1.4%.

It may be that the property you want is expensive, but this means keeping an eye on the current property market is a must. Alongside this, you may find that another property sprouts up which is perfect for you.

Don’t throw your hat in yet, the property market is continuously developing and changing, and keeping a close eye is the best thing you can do when searching for the right place to call home.

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I Don’t Want to Leave My Family

Sometimes generations and generations of a family stay in the same town. This leads to a town/city or village where family surrounds you in every direction.

Some find this almost claustrophobic and move. On the other hand, many like staying and living nearby family. This is a very common scenario that prevent people moving home.

Understandably, you don’t wish to leave family behind. Often you may find yourself wanting more from your life/moving elsewhere for a breath of fresh air or even to become more independent and carve out your own niche in life.

This is a decision which only you can make; however, there are many people in the same situation as you. If you want to move away for a short or long period of time, then why not! It is your life, after all.

I Can’t Get A Mortgage

If you’re looking to upgrade your home in size, depending on your financial situation, it could be difficult to find a new home due to your mortgage.

Another main reason known to prevent people moving home is the inability to obtain a mortgage. If you are consistently unsuccessful, then there are a few key areas that you should focus on.

Improve Your Credit Score

You can check your credit score using Experian or ClearScore, and this will give you an idea of how much you need to improve your credit score by.

Bad credit score can be related to many things such as debts, entering unauthorised overdrafts, or monthly credit card repayments are not met.

Focus on fixing these issues before applying for a mortgage.

Not Registered to Vote

This one is a bit of an oddity for many.

If your credit score is fine, and you have no debts that you’re away of, then have you registered to vote?

If you haven’t, this prevents mortgage loaners being able to confirm that you live at your current address and you are who you say you are.

Stop Applying for Credit

If you repeatedly apply for credit, the lender will search your credit report to see if you’re viable.

This search is also recorded on your credit report.

Do this with enough lenders and you could have far too many people looking into your credit report leaving traces, therefore making it look like you are applying for many different credit loans.

Avoid doing this and do not apply for credit applications for at least 12 months before applying for a mortgage.

Construction at residential house, back deck being recontructed and repaired

Upcycle rather than Move

It used to be far more common for people to move between houses in the UK. However, over the past couple of decades, this has slowed down.

Nowadays, we, as a nation, tend to look towards renovating and ‘upcycling’ rather than selling a home or moving.

Not only is it the ‘fashionable’ approach to changing the style of your home, it is also far cheaper than moving house.

Whether this be through renovation of a room, expanding one room into another, a loft conversion, or an extension. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your home without moving house.

While this is a great way to update your living areas, if the work seems like it could take years, the better option may be to hire a removals company and move house to somewhere nearby with the appropriate space for your ever-growing family.


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