What is The Best Day to Move House?
24th February 2020

What is The Best Day to Move House?

Friday has long been considered the best day to move house.

There are many reasons for this days popularity.

But could a midweek move be the way forward?

During the hectic time of a house move, deciding what day is best to move is just one part of a long list of decisions that needs to be made!

We’ve put together this handy guide to help speed up this decision.

Highlighting some important factors to consider when deciding what day of the week to move house.

Included are some of the key factors you will need to consider.

We’ll also look at why a mid-week move could help to avoid some costly delays.

Ultimately naming what we think is the best day to move house.

It's FridayFriday’s Popularity

Being so close to the weekend, Friday is indeed the most popular day to move house.

Moving day statistics drawn from removals quotes from the past 12 years (2007-2018), reveal that 28% of movers opt to move on a Friday.

Saturday was the second most popular day with 17%, followed by Monday on 13%.

If you are a fan of statistics, Friday is the out and out winner.

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Why Is Friday Popular?

There are three very important factors that make Friday moves so popular.


You will only have to take one day off work for a Friday move, moving on a Friday allows for a good compromise of work and life commitments.


You will have the weekend to unpack and settle in, the two day weekend break means you have some time to sort everything out.

The house chain

The popularity of Friday moves means there is far less disruption to the chain.

Frustrated man in carNegatives of Moving House On a Friday?

Despite the popularity of moving on a Friday, there are a host of downsides to consider.

Estate agents and solicitors can close early.

Problems to the chain often occur when estate agents and solicitors’ close shop for the weekend.

Banks traditionally close early on Fridays, meaning transactions take longer to clear which can lead to delays.

Friday is often the busiest day, meaning lots of removals companies will be booked up in advance.

Due to the demand for Friday moves, some companies adjust their prices, making it the most expensive day to move.

With people commuting and moving up and down the country to get away for the weekend, roads are often very busy on Fridays.

The Financial Times revealed £85m has been stolen by hackers in the past 18 months as part of ‘Friday afternoon frauds’ as this was when solicitors most often moved client money.

Piggy Bank and CalculatorCosts of Delays

One in five homeowners encounter moving day delays because of funds not arriving on time or sellers vacating their homes late, according to a poll commissioned by YouGov.

More than one in four incurred several costs as a result.

These include waiting charges from removal companies, storage fees, removal company cancellation costs and emergency accommodation costs.

Of these, 14% suffered costs in excess of £1000.

Are Midweek Moves Better?

Because of thee complications, moving midweek could be superior in a number of ways.

Because of the extra costs that can be incurred due to delays, there is a greater chance of avoiding disruption with a midweek move.

Moving midweek allows for more chances to correct any problems that may arise, be it in the housing chain or with the solicitors.

Because of the popularity of Friday moves, booking slots are more abundant and priced more competitively.

There is also less demand on a removal company’s schedule midweek.

This means companies can take longer with these moves and are more likely make alternative.


The Best Day to Move House

The moment you’ve been waiting for.

Our pick for the best day to move house is Thursday.

With a Thursday move, you get all of benefits of a mid-week move mentioned above.

Choosing Thursday means you benefit from more competitive prices.

You’ll profit from three days to get sorted in your new home as opposed to two with a weekend move.

If there are any hiccups, you also give plenty of notice to ensure everything is ironed out.

Other Days to Consider?

Whilst we have suggested Thursday may be the ideal day to move, you may not always be possible to get your chosen day to move.

So, it is certainly worth mentioning that there are plenty of other alternatives.

Monday is another of the best day to move to a new house.

There are some great advantages of Monday following the end of the weekend.

You have the entire weekend to pack and prepare for your move allowing for the rest of the week to sort out any issues.

If you prefer a weekend move, Sunday could be a great option.

Some removal companies offer weekend removal services and they can be far cheaper than other days, so it absolutely worth asking.

GoodMove TruckChoosing Your Removals Company

Whilst we can voice our opinion of the best day to move house, the decision will ultimately be made by you!

There are so many factors that could influence your choice, make sure you choose the possible day to suit you.

One important decision you can make is to choose a reliable removals company.

Whatever day you choose, it pays to have a flexible removals company that can adapt to your unique situation.

GoodMove are here to help you move safely and stress-free.

We have over 35 years’ experience handling removals throughout the UK and Europe.

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