14 Top Tips to Increase Your Property’s Kerb Appeal
11th April 2022

14 Top Tips to Increase Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

If you are thinking of selling your home in 2022, raising your property’s kerb appeal is an essential consideration.

Our helpful article outlining the housing market’s reaction to the pandemic shows the importance of being well prepared for selling your property.

GoodMove wants to help ensure you are as prepared as possible for an upcoming move.

Kerb appeal is a huge factor that has lots of implications when selling a property.

So, what is kerb appeal?

Kerb appeal encompasses the desirability of a home’s exterior and incorporates everything from front doors to the quality of your roof.

Having a greater kerb appeal can go a long way to ensuring your house sale and subsequent move run as smoothly as possible.

Surveys have found that sellers will usually be offered £57,000 less than the asking price if their property has inadequate kerb appeal!

Whilst we are told to never judge a book by its cover, this old maxim does not always apply, especially when selling your home.

First impressions count for a lot when selling your property.

Think of the kerb appeal of your home as an advert.

The first image of properties on most estate agencies’ websites is the exterior of the property.

At a time when more and more viewings are conducted online, kerb appeal has never been more important!

Appealing exteriors will attract more interest and can ensure the price of your property is maintained.

There are several simple, cost-conscious steps you can follow to boost the kerb appeal of your home.

These are our 14 top tips to increase your property’s kerb appeal in 2022.

Front Door Red Brick House_

Refresh Your Front Door

As the entrance to your home and often the first thing buyers notice, your front door sets a precedent for the rest of the property.

A dull or downtrodden front door is one of the biggest deterrents for potential buyers.

A survey conducted by Finder indicated that signs of peeling paint and mould can turn buyers off immediately.

Luckily, reinvigorating your front door is relatively straightforward.

Simply deep cleaning can give your front door a new lease of life!

Applying some metal polish to worn out fixtures helps to remove rust and can make an older door look rejuvenated.

Redecorating with a lick of paint can give your front door a much cleaner look.

Choosing a new colour for your front door can also go a long way.

The colour of your door will give a real impression of the rest of your property.

For a better idea of what colour to go with, you can read our in-depth article which outlines the meanings of different door colours.

If you feel your front door needs an upgrade, a new door could be a worthwhile investment.

Whilst a more expensive option, a new door can add some much-needed kerb appeal.

Ever popular composite doors are a great option.

Not only do they improve security, but they will also go a long way to revitalizing the exterior of any property.

Door Accessories

If you have opted to spruce up your current door, a new handle, letterbox, or house number can really add appeal.

Try to stick to a common theme and ensure all your new door accessories are matching!

A modern door handle, letterbox and matching house number will give your front door a whole new look and add to kerb appeal.

It is also worth considering installing a new doorbell.

Wireless doorbells are extremely easy to install and offer some sleek designs.

Upgrading the hardware of your front door can be achieved on a small budget but will really stand out to prospective buyers!

Beautiful old cottage with thatched roof

A Well-Kept Exterior

Properties can have a number of different exteriors.

Whether your home has wooden cladding, brickwork, or stone, ensuring the exterior is in tiptop shape can really improve kerb appeal.

Completely renovating cladding can cost a pretty penny.

But there are certainly some cheaper alternatives!

Adding a new coat of paint to the exterior of your home can have a big impact.

If your property is looking a little dull or the exterior is suffering from weather damage or peeling paint, a splash of fresh colour can inject some increased kerb appeal.

If paint does not suit your property, jet washing dirty brickwork will work a treat.

By ensuring the façade of your home is presentable and fresh you can really improve kerb appeal.

Cleaning window

Clean Windows

71% of homeowners claim that well-preserved widows were the most important factor in improving kerb appeal.

Clean windows not only look attractive but also allow more light into your home, creating an overall brighter space.

Cleaning windows does not have to be a difficult task.

Whilst higher windows can be tricky to reach, many hardware stores now offer some great tools for those hard to reach spots!

Ensuring that road facing windows are sparkling clean will undoubtedly add to kerb appeal.

collection of window frames

Do Not Forget Window Frames

Whilst you are cleaning your windows be sure to pay attention to your window frames!

If you have uPVC window frames be sure to get some specialist cleaner to ensure they are in top condition.

Wooden window frames are a little trickier to clean.

If they have seen better days, your wooden frames may need a new coat of paint.

When picking a new colour for your window frames consider matching them to your front door.

Creating a theme really adds to the charm of your home and will go a long way to improving kerb appeal.

What is in Your Windows?

Whilst talking about kerb appeal it may seem redundant to consider the interior of your home.

It is important to remember that your windows are a portal into the home.

What you place in your windows can be seen from the outside and will have an impact on kerb appeal.

Window features such as potted plants and flowers can add a level of charm to your property and are very affordable.

You could also consider updating your curtains or blinds.

Blinds and fitted curtains will provide the simplest look from the exterior, ensuring a neat look.

Shutters are an extremely popular feature, giving your property a modern twist.

Retro Exterior Lights

Brighten Things Up

Adding some outdoor lighting to your property can add to kerb appeal.

A set of matching wall lights add warmth to your property and can accentuate the features of your home in the evening.

Be sure to select light fittings that match your property and always employ a trained electrician to install your lights!

Placing your lights either side of your front door creates a welcoming atmosphere, making your home more inviting.

You could also consider fitting solar-powered lights; these will help to reduce electricity costs whilst also increasing kerb appeal.

The correct exterior lights can really add some extra allure to your home.

Keep on Top of Your Garden

It is extremely easy for your front garden, if you have one, to become overgrown.

67% of homeowners claim that a neat and tidy front garden was important to increasing kerb appeal.

Overgrown grass and shrubs will seriously detract from kerb appeal, with potential buyers seeing extra work they will need to undertake.

Cutting your grass, trimming hedges, and adding some colourful plants to your space can go a long way.

The front of your house reflects the interior, so maintaining a neat green space will give buyers a good impression.

Keep on top of your weeds!

It is easy for weeds to spread throughout your garden.

To ensure they do not become overgrown tackle them early on before their roots spread.

If you are an avid gardener, consider more elaborate landscaping ideas.

Hanging baskets, garden accessories and wooden edging will spruce up your garden even more.

A well-maintained front garden will really add to your kerb appeal, especially in the ‘sunny’ summer months!

Natural stone pathway improves kerb appeal

Clean the Pathway

A cheap and easy way to add to kerb appeal is to ensure your pathway is in pristine condition.

By simply jet washing your path you can add a rejuvenated feel to the whole area.

Ensure that there are no weeds sprouting from between paving stones, they can look messy and show a lack of care.

If any of the paving slabs in your path are broken be sure to replace them.

Not only do they take away from the overall look, they can be a trip hazard!

Making sure your path is even will mean your property is still accessible to buyers with buggies and wheelchairs.

Good pathway maintenance is sure to add to your home’s kerb appeal and is easy to achieve.

Driveway Maintenance

Access to a driveway and plenty of parking space is a huge draw to a property.

If your home has a driveway it is advisable to ensure a high level of maintenance to increase kerb appeal.

It is easy for driveways to become untidy, weeds love to emerge from between paving stones!

To get the maximum kerb appeal be sure to remove those ugly weeds.

If your driveway is gravel, laying some fresh gravel can go a long way to refreshing the look of the space.

Whilst simply having access to a driveway can bring in more buyers, if yours is well presented it will further help your cause.

Painting wooden fence

Refresh Your Gates

Garden fences and gates help to create a lovely perimeter around your property.

However, if they become worn out they can take some of the appeal away from your home.

To ensure you have the maximum kerb appeal, a lick of paint on your fence is advised.

Ensure your chosen colour fits with the theme of your home.

If there is any damage to your gate or fence replace them!

Whilst the broken gate may not bother you, buyers have a keen eye and may be put off by the prospect of repairs.

Ensuring your gates and fences are in good shape will improve kerb appeal.

Gutters and Roofing

Whilst a damaged roof or broken guttering may not stand out, buyers often pick up on these little problems.

To ensure the best kerb appeal, it is best to address these issues.

Experienced buyers will often take the time to check the roof of your home.

Having a damaged roof often loses homeowners a sale and should be addressed as soon as possible.

If there are any issues with your roofing or gutters be sure to consult a professional.

These can often be tricky to replace due to the location and the danger of dealing with this yourself is evident.

MyBuilder.com suggests that clearing and restoring gutter can set you back around £30 per meter.

Whilst this is may seem unnecessary, it could add some serious value to your property and increase kerb appeal.

Hidden Bins and Storage

Ensuring the exterior of your property is neat and tidy adds to kerb appeal.

Wheelie bins are an extremely ugly element of every home.

Where possible, installing a storage location for these cumbersome bins is a great idea.

These convenient storage locations will go a long way to decluttering the front of your home and shows a high level of thought and care has gone into your property.

Doormat to increase kerb appeal

Doorstep Décor

Making sure that your doorstep is clean and well-kept will improve kerb appeal.

Sweat the small things!

Homely details sit well with prospective buyers, especially on the doorstep.

As the entrance to your home, your doorstep will give visitors an impression of what awaits inside.

Swapping out your old doormat with a new one will refresh the front of your home.

Be sure to select a doormat that fits the theme of your home!

Hanging baskets or potted plants on your doorstep can add some vibrant colours and create a welcoming entrance to your home.

An inviting doorstep will go a long way will all visitors, boosting your kerb appeal.

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